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"These are our gods, and we are the coin with which they play their ineffable game."

A thousand years ago, the five gods of Anora defeated one from their ranks. Aderyn, the god of free will and creation was abolished in a war remembered as the Soulfire Crisis. His followers were routed and his works destroyed. Eventually, Aderyn and his realm, the Cradle, were erased almost entirely from Anora.

Today, you are an exiled traveler in flight from the wrath of Ostia. Pursued and cursed by the god of hunger for defying his will, you seek refuge in the last of Aderyn's shrines. There, you take up arms for Aderyn, and begin a journey to return his Cradle to Anora. This land, once the center of technology and culture for the world, stands empty. Its inhabitants have either perished or become twisted parodies of who they once were. Only a few managed to retain some of their sanity.Your victory depends on the advice of these last few survivors and their tenuous grip on reality.

Fight your way through these ravaged lands, journeying to diverse environments and defeating a wide array of enemies. By uncovering the mysteries of the Cradle you will ensure not only your own survival, but help Aderyn return to the world with his promise to the human race: free will.

  • Cradle features a groundbreaking fast-paced system for melee combat driven by your intent and purpose.
  • When you attack in Cradle it is not a stand-in for a random number generator, the actual strike of your weapon is what determines damage.
  • With deterministic animations we will provide immersive attack animations that always make sense for the part of your opponent you're aiming at.
  • Cradle's highly responsive attack and movement systems provide unprecedented control and fluidity in player movement and combat.
  • We intend to give the combat a feeling reminiscent of the fluid firefights of the best first-person shooters with a hint of the first-person melee combat from classic first person-fighting games.
  • In Cradle, you fight with your wits and your reflexes, not dice.

Maintaining your health and stamina in Cradle will require exploration. You will need to forage for plants and herbs to make life saving salves. Discovering combinations of ingredients and finding the right recipes is the key to survival. Regenerate your health in the heat of battle, or create poultices to permanently enhance your resilience. Learning your environment will save your life.

Cradle, Mana is not just a bar that refills over time or when you chug a potion. It's a direct connection between you and the environment. As the physical manifestation of the damage done to Aderyn's realm because of its removal from Anora, mana is a powerful resource. Harnessing this energy can greatly enhance your defensive and offensive capabilities, but only if you can tap into the magical corruption of the world around you.

What's a good adventure without a few good secrets?
Cradle's exploration will be driven not only by the search for weapons and tools to aid you in your journey, but also by your own quest to uncover the hidden history of the Cradle. As you explore the vast world, you can expect to find hidden stories and treasures that reveal the past, present, and future, of the Cradle.

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Hello All!
Pelakalaka here with some exciting new : Aderyn's Cradle has just launched an Indiegogo Campaign! With this campaign we are seeking funds to build a proper vertical slice of Aderyn's Cradle along with a Multiplayer Alpha for another Kickstarter Campaign in the near future. During this campaign, we have an exclusive reward that offers the Multiplayer (Alpha and Full) the Story Campaign, as well as some of our digital rewards for only $25, but be quick, this reward is only available for the first 1000 backers, and is exclusive to this campaign!

Based in the fantasy land of Anora, you are an exiled youth, driven from his village by a vengeful god, is thrust into a epic adventure in the long forgotten realm of Aderyn's Cradle. Working with Aderyn, you will bring his land back into reality and decide which to favor: Nature, Humanity, or the Gods.

Please go and check out our campaign here: Aderyn's Cradle Indiegogo Campaign Page

Every donation, share, and like counts, so come join us in building the future of gaming!

Mojo Love,
Community Manager.

Announcing our new Video Series for Indiegogo!

Announcing our new Video Series for Indiegogo!

1 month ago News 0 comments

Starting soon, we will release a series of four video updates on its approach to developing Aderyn’s Cradle starring Lead Designer, Hank Zwally. These...

UE4 Reveal, Combat, and the State of Development

UE4 Reveal, Combat, and the State of Development

5 months ago News 2 comments

A brief update on the State of Development of Aderyn's Cradle, along with some exciting announcements!

Kotaku leads the charge to breathe life into Cradle's Kickstarter

Kotaku leads the charge to breathe life into Cradle's Kickstarter

1 year ago News 1 comment

Kotaku shares their opinion of Cradle, while the Tartan examines two of Cradles biggest features: Combat and Exploration.

An inside glimpse of Cradle

An inside glimpse of Cradle

1 year ago News 0 comments

An inside look into Cradle as Jump Start interviews Mojo Game Studios CEO and lead designer.

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Guest Jun 16 2015 says:

So, just recently discovered this project, and goddamn do I regret not finding out earlier. The concept is very promising, and the recent videos are intriguing - a bit rough, but it's early work, so understandable. Plus, apparently you guys had to rebuild the whole thing from scratch after changing engines or something?

Anyway, good luck, and I'll be watching closely!

+1 vote     reply to comment
ElfFriend Jul 5 2014 says:

I just noticed this but Warhorse backed you guys during the days of the kickstarter. I know I'm a bit late on delivering the news but better late than never right? Kickstarter.com

Also I hope you guys continue with this even though you didn't meet your goal...

+3 votes     reply to comment
Kokumotsu Feb 7 2014 says:

im just scared, but whats going to happen to Cradle if it doesnt meats its fund. this game has tooo much potential to disappear.
its the only RPG im exited about

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kokumotsu May 23 2014 replied:

Glad to see this game is still kicking :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
lnsanity Feb 16 2014 replied:

Us other RPG indie devs are sad to see your statement :c

+6 votes     reply to comment
yahiko24 Feb 4 2014 says:

this reminds me of dark souls

+1 vote     reply to comment
AudioGhostX Feb 2 2014 says:

Oh cool, now there is 2 upcoming games named Cradle.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Epoch_MEB Jan 25 2014 says:

Hey, do you mind if I make a suggestion?
With the latest new post on here, you've actually hidden the direct link to the Kickstarter, at the moment you either have to find the last news post or go through youtube. If you want to properly drive traffic, stick a large link on the latest post as well. ;)

+3 votes     reply to comment
MojoGameStudios Creator
MojoGameStudios Jan 25 2014 replied:

Thanks friend

+1 vote   reply to comment
Jetcutter Jan 24 2014 says:

Will you add 3rd person view?

+1 vote     reply to comment
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