In claustrophobic, puzzle-riddled, dangerous mazes, surrounded by countless enemies, you hunt the Evil Masters down with the purpose of eliminating them and the pain they brought. Determination, concentration, and quick reflexes will be your only allies in your desperate quest...


BOH is a dungeon crawler where you need to solve puzzles, collect items, open passages, avoid traps, kill the Evil Mastersand the creatures they generate endlessly, and ultimately come out of the mazes in one piece. Keep cool, avoid the enemies as much as possible, focus on the labyrinths, and eventually you'll make it to the end.

BOH, thanks to its unique aspect and gameplay, is an immersive experience that makes you feel as if you were actually lost in those treacherous dungeons.

You can play any (unlocked) mission any time, and you can also decide how they look and sound by choosing freely one of the several themes available...

soundtrack stuff

... not to mention that, if you're the creative type, you can even create your own missions and themes (!) thanks to the developer's manual, which provides all the information needed.

developer's manual

And once you're done dispatching the baddies, you can also see how you fare against the other players in the world by submitting your records to the online standings!


The best way to really appreciate BOH is to play all the missions included in the demo. But if you want to get quickly an initial idea, enjoy till the very end this video, which shows six of the easiest missions played from start to finish, using all the available themes.


  • immersive & thrilling gameplay
  • 63 missions + 30 missions to unlock + 7 training missions
  • missions divided in 5 levels of difficulty
  • multi-phase missions
  • multi-floor battlefields of any size/shape
  • mind-blowing puzzles and deadly traps
  • many power-ups/items
  • 7 kinds of enemies
  • hand-pixelled retro 2D graphics
  • 360° character-centric top-down view
  • real-time field of vision and lighting
  • context-sensitive sound effects
  • rich soundtrack
  • 6 audiovisual themes
  • optional CRT/LCD filters
  • online world standings
  • possibility of creating missions, themes, and translations
  • interface in Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish


Besides the game itself, you also get all the music tracks in CD quality and the artwork to produce a professional-looking audio CD with jewel case booklet and inlay.

soundtrack stuff

Listen to the menu tracks of all the themes now!


BOH runs natively on AmigaOS, AROS, Linux, MacOS, and Windows.
MINIMUM: 500 MHz CPU · 32 bit graphics card · 16 bit sound card · 20 MB RAM · 30 MB disk · 32 bit binaries support · AmigaOS 4.0(PPC) / AROS (x86) / Linux (x86, SDL 1.2, SDL_mixer 1.2, SDL_net 1.2) / MacOS X 10.4 (PPC/x86) / Windows XP (x86)
RECOMMENDED: 800+ MHz CPU · joypad · internet connection


BOH comes as a CD ISO image that contains the latest versions for all the supported systems and the soundtrack, or as system-specific packages.
Also available is the original professionally-produced CD-ROM (containing the first AmigaOS and Windows versions) with a 24 page color printed English manual in a shrink-wrapped DVD box.

package strip


itch.io page
Online Standings


BOH is part of a saga that, as of writing, includes five different games.
BOH opens the story, with the Evil Masters bringing chaos to Earth. Huenison focuses on the fight against one of them, the eponymous character. Eventually the Evil Masters were repelled, but, as seen in QUOD INIT EXIT IIm, during their retreat, Huenison and his companions happened to pass by planet Suinio and decided to cause trouble there as well. In MAH, years later, the danger came from the Apocalypser, the weapon that had been developed against the Evil Masters and that the Purifiers activated to destroy the Earth. Finally, KOG assigns a new task to the hero who turned the Apocalypser off.

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BOH update18 released


Today BOH receives the 18th free update, a massive update that closes its almost 11 years long development life, brings new features, new missions (for a total of 100!), and countless other improvements, and earns the game the ADVANCE tag.

BOH ADVANCE can be purchased from itch.io. The current owners of a copy can download the updated version for free from the same address (who does not have an itch.io key can get one from Retream.com, where CODE is the personal copy code).
The update is performed by installing the new version over the old one using the supplied installer.

This update:
* adds 23 new missions:
* most of them are very easy to average;
* many of them are based on unusual and different design/logic;
* some of them make use of the new features introduced by this update;
* some of them are multi-phase and multi-mission;
* fixes/improves pre-existing missions (also making use of the new features);
* increases the chances of finding a recharge in explosive objects from 25% to 33%;
* adds levels labels;
* adds the disabling of message points;
* avoids the teleporting of the EM to the same square of the RM or a square too close to it, even when the RM is on a square which does not have walkable squares around (this avoids multiple consecutive collisions that quickly drain the shield);
* avoids that damage is done to the shield while an enemy is hit (this, in practice, fixes for good the repeated EM-RM collisions issue that, in rare cases, might have caused an almost instant death);
* makes the auto-orientation of connected staircases choose the best orientation context-wise and RM-wise;
* adds a rendered-on-the-fly background to mission information and pause screens;
* excludes the video modes with dimensions bigger than the desktop's;
* replaces the stars with thumbs-up icons for resolutions;
* allows the handling of special events/keys while displaying a notice;
* removes the joypad analogue axis support;
* reworks controls reconfiguration:
* adds an end notification;
* changes the joypad actions;
* removes the aborting by means of [ESCAPE];
* removes the overlapping of button and keys flags;
* makes other changes;
* improves the themes settings:
* reworks the configuration handling;
* adds [F2] for quick switching;
* improved the themes:
* touches up the wallpapers of the themes "Sci-Fi" and "Underground";
* fixes/improves the rotating lamp graphics in the themes "C64" and "Sci-Fi";
* optimizes/improves:
* the handling of levels lighting;
* the allocation and referencing of enemies objects;
* the EM spawning and AI;
* the universal function for the interpolated rotation of BGRA graphics;
* the tiles handling module;
* the controls handling;
* the screenshot grabbing;
* the SDL initialization;
* some code bits here and there;
* replaces Mix_Volume() with Mix_Pause() + Mix_Resume() to (un)pause sounds when the game gets (un)paused (this hopefully fixes the occasional sounds corruption on Windows);
* fixes the picking up of the aiming device (the check was broken, so it was possible to pick it up multiple times);
* fixes the printing of the levels number (the last digit of levels (-)100-109 was not printed);
* fixes the loop counters usage in m_CreateMap() to allow more than 65535 permanent animations;
* fixes the disappearing of information in the menu when an alphanumeric key was pressed (the handler returned an action insted of doing nothing);
* fixes the error message and the log file name reported by records submission;
* fixes the work path on Windows (%TMP% was statically expanded at compile time);
* adapts the code to the latest version of the custom framework the game is built on;
* improves the icons:
* adds more icons;
* touches up graphics;
* adds the icon size choice to the AmigaOS and AROS installers;
* fixes the MacOs and Windows icons sizes;
* fixes/improves/updates both the user's and the developer's manual;
* reworks/updates the artwork;
* fixed/improves the installers;
* brings other minor changes/improvements/optimizations.

BOH update17 released

BOH update17 released


BOH gets the 17th free update and finds a new home.

BOH 5th Anniversary Edition released

BOH 5th Anniversary Edition released

News 2 comments

4/4/2014: easy remember, the date of the 5th anniversary of BOH. There is no better way to celebrate the event than releasing a brand-new edition that...

BOH 5th Anniversary Edition announced

BOH 5th Anniversary Edition announced

News 1 comment

This year BOH will turn 5, an event that will be celebrated with a brand-new, special edition that majestically closes the incredible evolution the game...

Fan-made mission "stay a while" released

Fan-made mission "stay a while" released


The true BOH fan John Scolieri did it again: he created a brand-new mission that will for sure entertain all the gamers that crave for more exploration...

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BOH demo (Windows)

BOH demo (Windows)

Demo 4 comments

Feature-packed demo of BOH, including 7 tutorial missions and 3 real missions.

BOH demo (Linux)

BOH demo (Linux)

Demo 7 comments

Feature-packed demo of BOH, including 7 tutorial missions and 2 real missions.

BOH demo (MacOS)

BOH demo (MacOS)


Feature-packed demo of BOH, including 7 tutorial missions and 2 real missions.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 60)

Are there any fansites out there? Seeing that BOH was pretty much designed with user made levels and themes in mind, i don't understand why there isn't much of a community out there. I would love to download some usermade stuff...
(Don't get me wrong, BOH comes with a lot of content- but it would be nice to see what the fanbase can do with the tools you provide.)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
saimo Creator

You're perfectly right: I designed BOH with user-made content in mind. Unfortunately, few have showed interest in creating content. I think the most impressive input I got was from an Amiga user who created an online level editor (see Amiga.org), although he didn't have the possibility of finishing/updating it.
As for your initial question: as far as I know, there are no fansites - BOH is too much out of this world and hype-less ;)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Never heard of this game, there are only one or two videos of it on youtube and even on greater gamingforums like "neogaf", nobody talks about BOH. How come?

I found BOH to be surprisingly fun! Hope you can earn some money on it saimo.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
saimo Creator

Hey, Fennrick, thanks for the nice wish!
I'm glad you discovered BOH and that you're enjoying it - and with the upcoming update you'll enjoying it even more (it was planned to be released much earlier, but real life got into the way...)!
If you deem BOH worth to be talked about, feel free to mention it here, on Facebook (BTW: Facebook.com), Twitter, gaming forums, among real friends, wherever you please ;)

Reply Good karma+2 votes
saimo Creator

There'll be one more update ;)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Game looks/plays great (for the intended style :D) but really needs a strafe key (got annoyed having to rotate all the time).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
saimo Creator

Thanks for the compliments :)
As for strafing, it's missing for a design choice - please refer to the FAQ on the website (http://www.bohthegame.com/faq.html) for a comprehensive explanation.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I've got a product key of this game (bought trought the website) Can I redeem it here?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
saimo Creator

Sorry, it isn't possible (see my private message for the details).

Reply Good karma+2 votes

So now that Desura's Linux support is in place I finally bought a copy...seems like the missions are missing though. The only entries in the game menu are the options and exit buttons.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

The files have been updated and there should be no problems now. If you notice any more problems please let me know.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
saimo Creator

Thank you for the prompt assistance!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
saimo Creator

I have discovered the problem: by mistake the missions from the demo version, which are not compatible, have been included in the build.
Again, I'll ask them to fix the problem, but still send me an email, so that I can provide you with the correct mission files.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
saimo Creator

Hey, thanks for keeping your word! :)
I'm sorry to hear that. I have no idea of what might have happened, since I just provided the archive to the administrators and I can't even test the build (I don't have a Linux machine at the moment). I'll inform them about the problem, so it gets fixed.
In the meanwhile, can you please send me an email to support@bohthegame.com? I'll provide you directly with a working copy.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
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