Currently running Desura on Linux Mint 11 (x64) - Core i7/920, ASUS Sabertooth X58 MB, Gigabyte GTX 570 & 12 GB Ram.

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Desura is a community driven digital distribution service for gamers, putting the best games, mods and downloadable content from developers at gamers...

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Modifying, tweaking, changing Desura app and web profiles.

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The group for gamers dedicated to Linux. No matter if game developers or game players all are welcome interested in Linux as a gaming platform.

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Zarius Creator
Zarius Nov 4 2011 says:

CaptainLagfail wrote:

Zarius wrote:Cool - that's where I kinda expected it - Linux is similar right? Ie. always been Desura/.settings?

Just out of interest... Why bother with such a powerful system on Linux when the only games that need such hardware are on Windows? (Assuming games as it is a gaming site)

Development / video / folding?

I've never really bothered too much with Linux , why Mint?

It's still my primary system with a dual boot to Windows for those powerful games (Oblivion at full res + mods/extra textures :D) of which I have many (200+ games on Steam) however when I'm not playing games I operate in Linux - I actually find it more productive for me.

It's many small things that make a difference - eg. I love being able to hold ALT and left click a window anywhere to drag it - much easier to rearrange the desktop. I often use highlight and middle click to paste and I also love the "Synapse" launcher - quick and easy access to applications and recent documents/folders and most importantly it learns your preferences so you can type less (eg. if I type T I might screen "Take Screenshot" as the first option but if I select "Terminal" a few times then that becomes the first option - eventually you can start most applications with one or two letters).

Linux Mint just because I'm not keen on the new Unity interface - used Ubuntu 10.10 prior to installing Mint 11 but I've bounced between Ubuntu and Linux Mint a few times over the years as I like to update my system regularly. As Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu there was previously not much difference (personal preference) but not with newer Ubuntu versions using the Unity desktop the difference is a lot larger.

*continued next post*

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Zarius Creator
Zarius Nov 4 2011 replied:

*continued from previous post*
I'm tempted to move up to the new version Kubuntu soon - I've always liked KDE (very snappy in performance for me) but often found a few quirks that sent me back to the Gnome desktop. I'm hoping the new version will work better for me :D

I save my home folder on a separate partition and only need to install a few select apps (easy to do from the Ubuntu repositories) to have a new system up and running so updates are not generally a problem.

Back on the performance: I did upgrade from 8gig to 12gig RAM purely for Linux though - at the time I was running two Minecraft servers (live and test, both heavy on plugins), development of several plugins in Eclipse, 100's of open tabs in browser, music playing and a few other programs on the side - funnily enough I ran out of RAM a few times :D

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CaptainLagfail Nov 4 2011 replied:

I've never quite understood how people can have more than 10 tabs open in a browser at the same time, let alone a hundred xD

How heavy do minecraft servers get? :O A few of us in college are planning on setting up our own server and were discussing our options, eventually leaning towards a VPS rather than a specific minecraft host.

Could you give a few pointers on a decent starter server for ~12 regular players?

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Zarius Creator
Zarius Nov 5 2011 replied:

A raw minecraft server isn't too bad and a 24Mb/sec ADSL2 connection should just handle 12 players (though it'll get a little laggy when full) but lacks a lot of features. The Bukkit server with heaps of plugins will do almost anything you want but chews up the RAM if you use a lot of plugins (I'm using 70+ :D) - not sure how a VPS would go, I ran my server on my PC until I had an opportunity to put on a dedicated server. I have a list of plugins on my server wiki ( - halfway down under external pages) that you might find useful - haven't updated it in a while though.

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Zarius Creator
Zarius Nov 5 2011 replied:

Yeah, I tend to be a bit of a "pack rat" my tabs - I like to keep them open until I've finished with them but I'm often doing several things at once. At the moment I've got about 22 tabs open - a few Desura game pages, about 15 forum threads I've reading through (I open "active topics" and middle click on everything interesting then read through the threads and close them one by one - sometimes leaving one open if I intend to refer back to it), twitter, email and a few pages on vacuum cleaners (ever tried finding a manual online for those?). Then if I'm programming I might have several reference tabs open as well.

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