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Long forgotten... now desired!
Who will you be in the scramble for Africa?
The hungry Empires?
The African nations?


Age of Empires III Wars of Liberty Intro Video - Mod DB

Image The wait is finally over! After 10 long years, the mod reaches its final version. Say hello to Age of Empires III: Wars of Liberty. This is a free fan-made modification for Age of Empires III and requires both expansions to work. Wars of Liberty is an update of our previous mod, War of the Triple Alliance. All contents from WotTA can be found in WoL.

The Team & friends

uncited wrote: Founder

Tahattus, Hoop Thrower, Dayoftheninja, Musketeer925, danielpereira, Tzommar, Will

Textures and User Interface
Tahattus, Alex Julio, Jangomango, Sziggi, Huanglukuzhu, Matthew Sher, Tilanus Commodor, Betelgeuse77, Peugeot407, Kingstiven, Will, PredatoR, Tzommar

Tahattus, Alex Julio, Arcalion, Zany76, Jangomango, Peugeot407, PredatoR

Random Maps
Sufjanfan, Tahattus, RF_Gandalf, Shayne Thiessen, Felix Hermansson, Will

Research and Bug Finding
Christos, Takatmo Yereoc, Musketeer925, Jutlander


Intro Theme
Jeremy Ng - YouTube Channel

Image Welcome to the 19th century: The American colonies have revolted, gained their independence and they are now nations, the Natives have resisted colonization and struggle to keep their identities, the ancient Asian civilizations are now an active part of the world scenario and have to play their cards right to protect themselves, and in the Balkans, people fight for their independence from once powerful empires. There was one spot on Earth, however, that was ignored for a long time... We're at the modern era and all empires have focused their attention on this long forgotten, but now desirable, region.


ImageLet the scramble begin!

This mod is set in Africa. The new continent has several new random maps, wild animals, vegetation, coin sources. Enter into business with the local African Commodity traders. Explore these new environments with unique gameplay elements, such as Congo's fog of war that resets all the time and River Nile's water trade route. Read more about Maps

ImageMeet the new Cultures!

We once had the Europeans, the Native Americans and the Asians. Now, five new cultures, each with unique gameplay systems, unique units and buildings join the scramble!
- The Africans
- The Latin Americans
- The Anglophones
- The Balkans
- The South American Natives

And more to come! Read More about the Civs


ImageEveryone wants a piece of it!

All previous civilizations have been improved somehow with new units and/or new bonuses. But unfortunately for them, now they will have to dispute the new continent with several new nations! We have added Egyptians, Ethiopians, Zulu, Brazilians, Paraguayans, Argentines, Colombians, Chileans, Mexicans, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Serbians, Romanians, Koreans, Tupi, Inca, Mapuche, Danes, Habsburgs, Italians and Belgians. Read More about the Civs


ImageLots of new content!

WoL not only includes tons of stuff from Africa, but also the entire world! Check out dozens of Random Maps from every region, like Verdon Gorge, Australia and Asuncion. Our new religion system makes priests much more interesting. Spies are now extremely dangerous and tricky. Reach the ultimate age, Great War, and crush the enemy with top-of-the-line tanks, biplanes and others. In WoL, every single civilization gets a theme song that plays at the beginning of the match. Every civilization and every scenario becomes a different experience! Read More about Gameplay


ImageGrows over time!

The mod never stops growing and balancing itself- and we will be releasing free content over time, including new civilizations and random maps.

ImageEasy to install and to keep updated

WoL's installer allows you to easily install WoL and to keep it patched, that allows for a more fulfilling experience because you no longer have to worry about tricky installations. You can jump right into action!

ImagePlay team games like never before!

Wars of Liberty is more fun online! Team games become a compelling and competitive alternative to 1v1s. Create team compositions that exploit and combine the aspects of every civ, there's always something new to try. Get creative and win games!



If you tried installing previously and had issues, remember to Uninstall the Throne Room. It also is advised to delete the ''Wars of Liberty'' folder in your AoE3 installation directory from the previous attempt.

Wars of Liberty Setup v1.01

Having trouble? read this Tutorial

On Mac or other OS than Win? Read this Tutorial

Download latest patch for Windows!

For Non-Windows OSes

Remember that you need a fresh copy of AoE3, all updated (Steam will do that for you) in order to install the game. After that, you just download the patches to get the game up to date.
Make sure to keep the updater somewhere, because every once in awhile we will patch the game and you will have to run the updater to get the patch.


Check our Facebook page for screenshots and videos!

Check our Twitter for quick news and fun!

Join our Steam Community Group!

Join our Discord Server!

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ImagePerguntas frequentes

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Now Available

The Caribbean Update

Siege of Santo Domingo

Yes, for those of you that didn't already figure it out, Wars of Steven Universe was an April Fools joke! This team is here to stay, whether you like us or not. That said, if you did run your updater yesterday you may have noticed that there was a real update available: The Caribbean Update, featuring the Haitian civilization!

Along with numerous bugfixes and some new voicesets, the Caribbean patch brings with it the Civilization of Revolution: the Haitians! If you haven't already, run your updater and get online to test out this new civ!


Rule through Revolution
Leader: Emperor Faustin I
Home City: Port-au-Prince


  • Expansive Empire. The further away your military units are from your Town Center, the stronger they are. This bonus does not stack, so it will only work with the closest Town Center.

Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital

  • Poverty. The cheapest age-up option is even cheaper and slower than usual. Conversely, the most expensive is even more expensive and faster.

A selection of Haitian Politicians

  • Rule through Revolution. Each age, the Haitians have access to a revolutionary politician; a new set of presidents to rule your empire. They are more expensive than other politicians, but research extremely quickly and bring powerful military advantages.

Haiti's Age I Politicians

Units & Buildings:

  • Sevite: Unique villager. Works as a normal villager, with the exception that instead of dying, they collapse.
  • Affranchi: Coronel with new texture and new name.
  • Picket: Conscript counterpart. It's large line-of-sight makes it useful for penetrating deep into enemy territory.
  • Caco: Escopetero counterpart. Has a bonus against villagers in Melee.

The Haitian RG, the Zinglit

29354675 342953039548450 3840231

  • Voodoo Monument: the Haitian unique building is an unassuming landmark with the powerful ability to convert enemy units to your cause.

Also included in the patch:

  • Numerous new voicesets including unique Peruvian, American, and Bulgarian voices. Special shoutouts go to Condor, Iron Kaiser, and GideonAI for providing these!
  • Even more improved AI thanks to AlistairJah!
  • Numerous bugfixes, especially focused on cheese revealed in the ongoing tournament. Full changelog coming soon!

Polish Immigrants

Polish Immigrants

Feel free to discuss the patch here and, in the meantime, we'll see you on the battlefield!

⛵ 🇭🇹 ⛵

A Whole New Universe

A Whole New Universe

News 5 comments

The Wars of Liberty team is moving on and the mod will now be focused on popular cartoon Steven Universe. Just run your updater to try out the first new...

Soviet Revolution

Soviet Revolution

News 26 comments

This week, we've got something new! Many fans have heard of the secret Soviet Revolution in WoL, and a few have even figured out how to achieve it!



News 3 comments

With another New Year coming, we are looking forward to the exciting changes in store for this mod!

Surprise! Hotfix 1.0.9f!

Surprise! Hotfix 1.0.9f!

News 1 comment

In preparation for our upcoming tournament, we have released two new hotfixes to fix some of the bugs remaining in the coldfix!

RSS Files
Wars of Liberty Installer

Wars of Liberty Installer

Full Version 34 comments

War of the Triple Alliance Team proudly presents... WARS OF LIBERTY!! The Official Full installer for Wars of Liberty

Wars of Liberty Updater

Wars of Liberty Updater

Patch 22 comments

Wars of Liberty Patch official updater for Windows OS

Building Rotation Mini-Mod

Building Rotation Mini-Mod

GUIs 7 comments

Mini-mod that will allow you to rotate your buildings when being built ingame.

Wars of Liberty Updater UNIX-like Operating System

Wars of Liberty Updater UNIX-like Operating System


Wars of Liberty Patch official updater for Non-Windows OSes. (like Mac OS or Linux)

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Big problem or bug for me, whenever i make a home city from the Warchief’s expansion home coties(inca, sioux, aztec etc.) the home city does not show up for selection, and i cannot create a new one with the same name as the home city (it says the same name already exists even tho’ i cannot see it on selection)

Is this supposed to be a bug?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

go ~\Documents\My Games\Wars of Liberty\Savegame

and ~\Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Savegame
they go with name sp_~_homecity.xml
see if you can find them , if so,delete

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Thank u for reply. I will try it out andngive feedbck

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I did this, and I am able to delete the previous home cities.
But similar problem exists. The Sioux, Iroqouis and Aztec civs are not available on the "Select Home City" screen.

I'm still able to use them tho', by making a new one.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

It does however shows up in mine, so
It can be just bad luck, reinstall
You may not be running the latest version, try the updater
you may not have the warchief expension so it didn't show up

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

if you mind the work you can make a copy of the file and rename it to LastHomeCityY.xml so it became your default home city, you can also modify values in the file so you can get full deck right away

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

No es agradable la soberbia con la cual responden a las ideas que aporta la comunidad

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Hoop_Thrower Creator

Si aportaran ideas que valgan la pena las respuestas serían agradables.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Tengo una pregunta. Es posible cambiar el nombre del explorador Argentino?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

puedes cambiarlo en el archivo homecity.xml con el nombre de tu ciudad o civilización que se encuentra en Mis Documentos (o equivalente), buscas el parámetro HeroName y lo cambias

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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Highest Rated (6 agree) 9/10

A mod which adds 24 new nations that are unique, fun and very well made along with tweaking base nations. A ton of new maps are included too. There is soo much to discover and most of it is balanced aswell.

The only reason why i didn't give a 10 is because numerous bugs and glitches. But i know these are inevitable with such a huge mod and will be fixed fairly soon.

Aug 8 2016 by Kloefklaffer

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