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Long forgotten... now desired!
Who will you be in the scramble for Africa?
The hungry Empires?
The African nations?


Age of Empires III Wars of Liberty Intro Video - Mod DB

Image The wait is finally over! After 10 long years, the mod reaches its final version. Say hello to Age of Empires III: Wars of Liberty. This is a free fan-made modification for Age of Empires III and requires both expansions to work. Wars of Liberty is an update of our previous mod, War of the Triple Alliance. All contents from WotTA can be found in WoL.

The Team & friends

uncited wrote: Founder

Tahattus, Hoop Thrower, Dayoftheninja, Musketeer925, danielpereira, Tzommar, Will

Textures and User Interface
Tahattus, Alex Julio, Jangomango, Sziggi, Huanglukuzhu, Matthew Sher, Tilanus Commodor, Betelgeuse77, Peugeot407, Kingstiven, Will, PredatoR, Tzommar

Tahattus, Alex Julio, Arcalion, Zany76, Jangomango, Peugeot407, PredatoR

Random Maps
Sufjanfan, Tahattus, RF_Gandalf, Shayne Thiessen, Felix Hermansson, Will

Research and Bug Finding
Christos, Takatmo Yereoc, Musketeer925, Jutlander


Intro Theme
Jeremy Ng - YouTube Channel

Image Welcome to the 19th century: The American colonies have revolted, gained their independence and they are now nations, the Natives have resisted colonization and struggle to keep their identities, the ancient Asian civilizations are now an active part of the world scenario and have to play their cards right to protect themselves, and in the Balkans, people fight for their independence from once powerful empires. There was one spot on Earth, however, that was ignored for a long time... We're at the modern era and all empires have focused their attention on this long forgotten, but now desirable, region.


ImageLet the scramble begin!

This mod is set in Africa. The new continent has several new random maps, wild animals, vegetation, coin sources. Enter into business with the local African Commodity traders. Explore these new environments with unique gameplay elements, such as Congo's fog of war that resets all the time and River Nile's water trade route. Read more about Maps

ImageMeet the new Cultures!

We once had the Europeans, the Native Americans and the Asians. Now, five new cultures, each with unique gameplay systems, unique units and buildings join the scramble!
- The Africans
- The Latin Americans
- The Anglophones
- The Balkans
- The South American Natives

And more to come! Read More about the Civs


ImageEveryone wants a piece of it!

All previous civilizations have been improved somehow with new units and/or new bonuses. But unfortunately for them, now they will have to dispute the new continent with several new nations! We have added Egyptians, Ethiopians, Zulu, Brazilians, Paraguayans, Argentines, Colombians, Chileans, Mexicans, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Serbians, Romanians, Koreans, Tupi, Inca, Mapuche, Danes, Habsburgs, Italians and Belgians. Read More about the Civs


ImageLots of new content!

WoL not only includes tons of stuff from Africa, but also the entire world! Check out dozens of Random Maps from every region, like Verdon Gorge, Australia and Asuncion. Our new religion system makes priests much more interesting. Spies are now extremely dangerous and tricky. Reach the ultimate age, Great War, and crush the enemy with top-of-the-line tanks, biplanes and others. In WoL, every single civilization gets a theme song that plays at the beginning of the match. Every civilization and every scenario becomes a different experience! Read More about Gameplay


ImageGrows over time!

The mod never stops growing and balancing itself- and we will be releasing free content over time, including new civilizations and random maps.

ImageEasy to install and to keep updated

WoL's installer allows you to easily install WoL and to keep it patched, that allows for a more fulfilling experience because you no longer have to worry about tricky installations. You can jump right into action!

ImagePlay team games like never before!

Wars of Liberty is more fun online! Team games become a compelling and competitive alternative to 1v1s. Create team compositions that exploit and combine the aspects of every civ, there's always something new to try. Get creative and win games!



If you tried installing previously and had issues, remember to Uninstall the Throne Room. It also is advised to delete the ''Wars of Liberty'' folder in your AoE3 installation directory from the previous attempt.

Wars of Liberty Setup v1.01

Having trouble? read this Tutorial

On Mac or other OS than Win? Read this Tutorial

Download latest patch for Windows!

For Non-Windows OSes

Remember that you need a fresh copy of AoE3, all updated (Steam will do that for you) in order to install the game. After that, you just download the patches to get the game up to date.
Make sure to keep the updater somewhere, because every once in awhile we will patch the game and you will have to run the updater to get the patch.


Check our Facebook page for screenshots and videos!

Check our Twitter for quick news and fun!

Join our Steam Community Group!

Join our Discord Server!

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ImagePerguntas frequentes

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Now Available

The Maori Patch

Waka Taua

Waka Taua

After a long voyage, the MAORI have finally arrived! They bring with them a huge patch, complete with new maps, new scenarios, and countless balance changes, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements! Take the helm of the pilot civilization of a brand new culture, the Polynesians, who feature a very unique unit upgrade system and an age up based on voyages to foreign lands. How far will you voyage? In the Maori patch you can shoot for the moon!



flag maori large normal

''The power of Iwi'

Leader: Te Rauparaha

Te Rauparaha

Home City: Parihaka


  • The unique Pā replaces the Town Center, and works additionally as a Fort, being able to train units, and more than capable of defending itself. Instead of building houses, Maori increase their population limit by upgrading their Pā, and can build an additional Pā every age up.


Maori Village

  • Maori units train in batches of up to 10 units at a time. Moreover, training units gives you a temporary map-wide speed boost on all units.

War Party

War Party

  • Every unit Maori kill temporarily increases the attack of their own nearby units, making for a deadly snowball!


  • Purukumu Marksman: The long range version of the Marksman. Good against heavy infantry and light cavalry.
  • Tupara Marksman: The high damage version of the Marksman. It compensates for its lower range with an area of effect attack when in close quarters.
  • Tewhatewha Spearman: The slower but higher damage version of the Spearman. Its attacks deal area of effect damage.
  • Taiaha Spearman: The long range version of the Spearmen. It can deal melee damage from a short distance.
  • Mere Fighter: The faster version of the Fighter. When massed, it can chase down any target with ease.
  • Hoeroa Fighter: The heavier version of the Fighter. It deals area of effect damage.

1 23

Fighters running towards the enemy


Maori siege force

But wait, there’s more!

The Maori have arrived, but they have not arrived alone! With this patch, you can now enjoy:

  • New maps! In honor of the Maori’s extensive voyages, this patch adds dozens of new maps to Wars of Liberty, including the entire ESOC map pack. Another highlight is the much-awaited Moon, with unique treasures and other secrets to uncover.


Moon awaits!

  • Diplomacy in multiplayer! You can now team up with other players to take down a powerful common enemy, or betray your allies to end up as the sole winner!

unknown 1

Diplomacy UI

  • A brand new set of 19th century historical scenarios for you to play! Fight pirates off the North African coast in Barbary Coast (1801), become Italy’s greatest freedom fighter in Laguna (1840), and sweep away the last remnants of the old Japanese order in the Hakodate (1869). More to come!

campaign copia

WoL Mission selection

Feel free to discuss the patch here and, in the meantime, we'll see you on the battlefield!

Playing the Maori Part I: The Voyage

Playing the Maori Part I: The Voyage

News 7 comments

When building the Polynesians, the team decided to try out a lot of new concepts - some of which worked, and some of which we’re still trying to figure...

The Nordic Patch: Featuring Denmark and Sweden!

The Nordic Patch: Featuring Denmark and Sweden!

News 12 comments

1.0.12 has arrived! The Wars of Liberty team is very happy to announce that Winter is coming to Age of Empires 3 by the hands of the enlightened DANISH...

The Future of WoL - PART 1

The Future of WoL - PART 1

News 12 comments

Series of posts explaining the future of WoL in many aspects.

The Missing Pieces Update: Featuring Belgium and Korea!

The Missing Pieces Update: Featuring Belgium and Korea!

News 29 comments

IT'S FINALLY HERE! Wars of Liberty Team is proud to announce the release of PATCH 1.0.11. Enjoy our new civilizations; the expansive BELGIANS and the...

RSS Files
Wars of Liberty Installer

Wars of Liberty Installer

Full Version 51 comments

The Official Full installer for Wars of Liberty, updated to version 1.0.12b! Simply download, extract, and run and you'll be ready to play!

Wars of Liberty Updater

Wars of Liberty Updater

Patch 25 comments

Wars of Liberty Patch official updater for Windows OS

Building Rotation Mini-Mod

Building Rotation Mini-Mod

GUIs 9 comments

Mini-mod that will allow you to rotate your buildings when being built ingame.

Wars of Liberty Updater UNIX-like Operating System

Wars of Liberty Updater UNIX-like Operating System

Patch 1 comment

Wars of Liberty Patch official updater for Non-Windows OSes. (like Mac OS or Linux)

Comments  (0 - 10 of 2,881)

when installing wars of liberty, should it be installed in aoe3 main directory? will i still be able to load the original campaigns if ti doesn't overwrite it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

WoL overwrites everything. If you want to keep the original game, install the mod in a copy.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey guys! Question about the European factions, why do they have archaic units like halberdiers and pikemen in the 19th century? Wouldn't they be outdated weapons and tactics?
I would suggest replacing them with Grenadiers, but not the ones who throw grenades, but like an elite line infantry regiment being also good at melee, but more expensive than regular line infantry.
I don't know if you guys are planning to rework those things in the near future, but here's my suggestion

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Hoop_Thrower Creator

You'd think that, but no, they fit the period perfectly.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Will the Italian civilization got a rework? because during half 19th century Mafia don't have a considerable role in espionage.
Mafia during 19th century exsisted only in north west of Sicily.
Mafia was important only during Operation Husky and allies invasion of Italy in Second World War.

Thank you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The revolutionary countries in DE stole a lot of stuff from this mod. Which just confirms how good this mod is.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

my game is kinda laggy.. what do lol??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Will this be ported to the AoE 3 HD Edition released today?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote



Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Are there plans for a campaign with the mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

They removed original campaign scenarios because they were buggy. I dont think they will work on them for the time being. However new wol historical scenarios were introduced..check them out in game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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Fun mod! Awesome maps and new game features. Many many nations, but still there some serious balance issues. Is good to see that patches come sort of often, and is a very alive mod. Would be nice to have better balance methods, but in general very fun, best mod for Age of Empires 3 ever with a very devoted team.

Aug 18 2016 by carlosbarano

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