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Blur the lines between FPS and RTS

Real-Time-Strategy and First-Person-Shooter, Abatron is the next evolution of hybrid game-play. Create armies, then switch to FPS and play any unit at anytime! Truly, get into the battle and turn the tide of war.


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fps abatron icon First Person Shooter

Get into the action and feel the battle first hand. Take control of any unit on the battlefield to unlock FPS only special abilities!

rts abatron icon Real Time Strategy

Become the Supreme Commander of large armies, research and scavenge new technologies, or engineer defensive wonders.

blueprints Construction Blueprints

Experience an unconstrained approach to base building with Planned blueprints. Layout your base quick and easy.

abatron Multiplayer ue4 first pe 1 Online Multiplayer

Intense online battles for up to 8 players! Play Free-For-All, Team DeathMatch, or Cooperative modes.

...and more...

  • Switch between FPS or RTS at Anytime
  • Command Large Armies
  • Scavenge & Research Technology
  • Build Tower Defenses
  • Experience Dynamic Environments
  • Get Eaten by Alien Bugs


abatron hybrid fps rts Bar3 grey

What is the story of Abatron? Eons ago, two technologically advanced races disputed territorial rights over a neighboring solar system. The dispute turned to widespread war and destruction, killing innocent lifeforms inhabiting nearby worlds.

In the aftermath, the remaining advanced races came together in an attempt to prevent this tragedy from ever happening again by forming the Council of Abatron.

Abatron resolves disputes with controlled combat at the galactic level. Each faction brings forth its best warriors and technologies to battle it out, gladiator style, atop celestial remnants of the tragic past. Pick from several races to play.

Haagenti Characters

abatron hybrid fps rts Bar3 grey

Get your freak on by launching rockets from your belly, playing as the Haagenti. Spawned from the most distant corners of the galaxy and demon-like in appearance, they believed that guns were better than hands. Thus, using cyborg technologies, they transformed their bodies into weapons of mass destruction.

Rocketbelly -- Blubbering Gutz

Rocketbelly by abatron on Sketchfab

Primary Attack:

Long Range Siege. Plant this behemoth to grab the ground as he launches rockets at distant enemy forces. Not effective for short range attacks.

Secondary Attack:

Toxic Spray. When not in siege mode, the Rocketbelly emits an acidic jet stream from its slimy tongue. If you see tongue, run!

Special FPS Ability:

Rocket Guidance. Hold on to your shots, cause shit just got intense. Fly through the battlefield controlling a high speed death present courtesy of you.

Check Back Often for More Reveals!


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Thrasher Updates!


"The Thrasher leap ability just got 10 times better. Fixed, you can now leap up very steep inclines. And leaping towards small units like critters is much more effective.

We also felt the ability wasn't strong enough in comparison to the other units being played. A new shock wave component has been added along with its new effects. Play it and let us know how you like it :)"

Read more about these changes in our blog here.

So what's been happening?

Lots! Mainly programming and coding stuff to tweak gameplay and make it smooth like butter. However, it's hard to SHOW that visually. But trust me, it's pretty sweet.

On the visual end, our artist has been making some changes to the walls for your base. Since you can choose your team color, this will effect how all your buildings look. This way you know who you're attacking. :P

Here's a sample of a new BLUE wall:



We've also finally changed how the resource icons look. In Abatron, there are 3 different types of resources to collect: Essence, Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Each have their own color on the Mana Sphere to help identify quickly which ones you have built. There's also the icons in your HUD that displays how much you have collected for each.

The new icons:


Snazzy looking no?

Alpha Playtest Survey Final Round!

enchantress desktop 1920

In our next newsletter, we will be sending out a playtest schedule survey to all of our subscribers to determine when all you alpha testers can get together to play a few rounds. Since we do not have any bots in the game yet, you will need at least one other person to play with. And we want to make sure nobody is waiting around for somebody to join.

IMPORTANT! We also want to note that there will be no NDA for this playtest. That means if you enjoy streaming, or posting videos on Youtube, you are allowed to do so while you play Abatron.

Remember! If you want to be apart of this playtest, you MUST subscribe to the newsletter. If you haven't yet, you may do so by clicking below. Hope to hear from you soon!

banner alphatester 1

Leveling, Objectives, and Playtests. Aw yeah!

Leveling, Objectives, and Playtests. Aw yeah!

News 1 comment

create stronger units by leveling up your buildings. get into the game quickly and easily with simple objectives. And of course, sign up to play the Alpha...

DEATH SCREAM! I mean... Screen...

DEATH SCREAM! I mean... Screen...

News 2 comments

We are updating everything under the sun trying to get Abatron ready for playtests. That includes UI designs! Take a look at what we've been playing around...

Sign up for our first Playtest!

Sign up for our first Playtest!

News 1 comment

Subscribers to our newsletter will be sent a playtest schedule survey to determine a good time for everyone to play together. So if you want in on our...

Natural Defenses

Natural Defenses

News 0 comments

New! Now if an enemy sneaks into your base and starts wailing on your mana sphere, it will automatically trigger a wave of pulsating radiation, damaging...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 39)

I love this RTS + FPS idea !! It makes every RTS so much better :)
Keep up the great work guys :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey, do you guys need any music for this game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Abatron Creator

Hi! We're currently all set for music. Thanks :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Yes Abatron is back !!! Thank you for the news, it looks really good.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Abatron Creator

You're welcome and thanks! We're excited to finally share what we've been working on. Glad you like it!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

There hasn't been an update for a long while, it's kinda making me worried. I really want this, so please throw us a bone once in awhile, please?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Abatron Creator

Quiet just means we got consumed by our work =) Updates are incoming and will start to get more frequent again as we ramp up. Thanks for the support!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

i hope it got rts building like command and conquer you know barracks warfactory walls ect.
multiplayer with AI players.
and easy moddability.
steam lol(easy to buy)
well if all that is in that game i will pay like 50 euros (and belive me i dont have them)

i was waitng like 100 years for a game like this
battlezone 2 it was close but no infantry bad controls just ruin it for me. so i hope this game will be the ONE

btw some games that promise rts that i dint like
1)empires mod=no AI,you have to build buildings your self(in fps)
2)renegate=no rts at all(why westwood why??)
3)natural selection to build a turret under a house\cave\building? no thanks,no AI(like build soldiers and tanks)
4)Savage=only 5 workers,no AI soldiers only the workers,players vs players ok but no AI soldiers to command? pffff
well the list is huge of disappointments so i will stop here

dont downvote me for my list i just dont like the fulse idea of rts elements they give
but they are all fantastic games and i mean it.but not fantastic rts\fps games.

sorry for the large comment,i just wanted to share my thoughts.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I completely agree with you. I want to see more games like this, maybe some medieval/fantasy would be nice. But this looks to be a fairly good start! Say... how moddable will this be? =P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Abatron Creator

thanks for the comments, we will try to please for both play styles. We have a cool dynamic base building idea to show, or if you just want to play fps only, you can specify a base template and go off to war.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

wow outstanding!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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