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Poll: Favorite SNES classic (45 votes)
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juicytoot a street fighter
Nov 3 2011, 11:55pm Anchor

i have an old snes and im buying games for it. i already have dkc2, super metroid, mario allstars, street fighter 2 and chrono trigger. any suggestions would be great.

SinKing bumps me thread
Nov 4 2011, 2:48am Anchor

Joe and Mac


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Gibberstein Generic Coder Type Thing
Nov 4 2011, 5:25am Anchor

Contra 3/Super Probotector (same game, just different player sprites. Which one you'll be looking for depends on what region your hardware is from)

It's possibly the greatest side-on platformer/shooter ever, and great with two people. The boss designs are pure insane genius :D


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Nov 4 2011, 9:38am Anchor

My favorite SNES game is "Kirby's fun pack", I really enjoy playing it. It's just great 10/10. Great music, sweet graphics and amazing gameplay. It's even possible to play it coop.

Niteshade 3D Artist and aspiring Technical Artist
Nov 4 2011, 3:33pm Anchor

Final Fantasy VI

juicytoot a street fighter
Nov 4 2011, 4:25pm Anchor

i have played final fantasy 6 on the game boy. it was ok but i preffered trigger. is kribys fun pack superstar? because if it is i have the ds remake.


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Nov 6 2011, 5:53am Anchor

-Chrono trigger (I do not vote on the poll because I haven't tried the 2 others in it, but Chrono trigger is excellent. In fact, I should play it again. :) )
-any mario games
-Zelda: A link to the past
-Final fantasy 6
-Ninja Gaiden trilogy (very difficult, not so great)
-Super metroid
-Donkey Kong (not sure which version I played, nor whether I ever finished it)

-Puyo puyo
-Micro machines

Potentially good (did not have time to play through them yet):
-Alien 3
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the one with a top down view outside and sidescrolling view in the sewers, might be NES)
-Rock'n'roll racing
-The lost vikings

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Nov 6 2011, 9:05pm Anchor

EARTHBOUND. It is one of the best rpgs EVER.

Also, Super Mario world and Super Mario RPG are awesome too.

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juicytoot a street fighter
Nov 6 2011, 9:31pm Anchor

earthbound... i think my brother had that. mario rpg is cool but at the toy vault its 70 bucks! anyone tried secret of mana?


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Docm30 Snuffy
Nov 7 2011, 12:03am Anchor

Not having Ogre Battle is a waste of a Super Nintendo. Getting an actual cartridge in North America can be pretty expensive, though.

juicytoot a street fighter
Nov 7 2011, 11:38pm Anchor

looked up contra 3 on youtube and remembered the nes one. defineately gonna get it


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Nov 16 2011, 2:08pm Anchor

I absolutely recommand you to get Soul Blazer. This is the best game I've ever played on SNES along with Super Metroid and Street fighter 2 turbo. The wonderful music you'll listen to on the final sequence will haunt you forever, trust me.

You can see what the game looks like here:

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Nov 17 2011, 4:25am Anchor

Another one: Lemmings. :)

juicytoot a street fighter
Nov 17 2011, 7:19pm Anchor

k has anyone tried earthworm jim? looks fun on youtube.


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Ambient_Malice Ultraconservative Hippie Freak
Nov 21 2011, 7:54am Anchor

I was just about to recommend Star Ocean. Then I remembered it was never officially released in English. :(

I liked Chrono Trigger. Translation was a tad compressed in places, but still gold.


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Dec 1 2011, 4:52am Anchor

Chrono Trigger is definitely best from this list. My all time favorite though is Terranigma.

Dec 1 2011, 6:22am Anchor

Chrono Trigger is my favorite game period, so it has my vote.

Dec 1 2011, 7:13am Anchor

Donkey Kong 1-2-3
Super Mario All stars
Contra 3
Sonic Blastman 2
Sunset Riders
Killer Instict
Mega Man X

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Dec 3 2011, 9:12am Anchor

The Obvious Choices
Super Mario Kart
Donkey Kong Country 1 & 2
Super Mario World
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Street Fighter II Turbo
Super Tennis
Chrono Trigger
Zelda: A link to the past
Super Metroid
Street Racer
Super Smash TV

Less known choices
King Arthur's World (only get if you have the SNES mouse)
The Firemen
Secret of Mana
Illusion of Gaia/Illusion of Time
Rock 'n' Roll Racing
Terranigma (very hard to find, but great RPG. the cart alone goes for upwards of £50, boxed version £100+)

The best SNES game (and one of my favourite games of all time)

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Ambient_Malice Ultraconservative Hippie Freak
Dec 4 2011, 1:13am Anchor

In my opinion, Secret of Mana is boring. Excellent music and art, but middling gameplay.

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Is there any point in public debate in a society where hardly anyone has been taught how to think, while millions have been taught what to think?
-Peter Hitchens

Dec 4 2011, 9:51am Anchor

Final Fantasy 3, Secret of Evermore, Gemstone, Donkey Kong, I have about 25 more. Chrono Trigger too. And all the Super Mario games.
I started on the old NES games. went up to the SNES. Now compared to what we have today, these are basic. But still fun.

Mar 22 2012, 7:48pm Anchor

A link to the past
Final fantasy franchise
super mario world

Mar 23 2012, 4:20am Anchor

Megaman X pewpew

juicytoot a street fighter
Mar 23 2012, 2:08pm Anchor

heh love mega man x. great game


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Mar 24 2012, 6:38pm Anchor

I can't believe no one has mention Kirby's Dreamland 2! (A great gaming classic, with an amazing soundtrack)

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