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Poll: Favorite SNES classic (45 votes)
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juicytoot a street fighter
Mar 25 2012, 3:46pm Anchor

M4uesviecr wrote:I can't believe no one has mention Kirby's Dreamland 2! (A great gaming classic, with an amazing soundtrack)

umm hate to burst your bubble, but thats a GB game XD


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Mar 28 2012, 9:45pm Anchor

StarFox/Lylat wars

juicytoot a street fighter
Mar 29 2012, 3:40pm Anchor

i actually just ordered starfox yesterday lol


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Apr 1 2012, 6:39am Anchor

Earthworm jim =]

Apr 2 2012, 11:30am Anchor

Super Mario world and Kart are two great ones, F zero, The3 best ones are the rpgs though you said you had Chrono trigger so good start ;)
Final fantasy III/VI
EARTHBOUND (expensive though)
look abovve really.

Apr 2 2012, 2:57pm Anchor

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

Oh yes... I was master at this :D
Loved it... One of the best games I've played and definitely best puzzle game (oh multiplayer...) :))
(a puyo puyo game from Sonic universe)
This was name for Mega Drive (european version of SNES)

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Apr 5 2012, 3:37pm Anchor

Terranigma is realy good game

ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Apr 5 2012, 6:11pm Anchor

HumbleLinux wrote:Mega Drive (european version of SNES)

Errr, no. The Mega Drive is something *completely different*...

Apr 28 2012, 3:06pm Anchor

Megaman X 1 2 AND 3 ... good luck finding them from my understanding all 3 are rather rare and expensive

zekio309 Student
Jun 2 2012, 4:57pm Anchor

Super Mario World, Ninja Turtles: twist in time? ( i think lol), Megaman X, Super mario rpg, and of course starfox =)

Jun 2 2012, 7:22pm Anchor

Gradius III
R-Type III
Super Nova
Wild Guns
Tetris Attack(which has nothing to do with Tetris and is actually Panel de Pon)
Cybernator(which had its story significantly butchered for the English release, but it's still worth playing)
Metal Marines(the only SNES RTS released outside Japan?)

Hagane(one of the nicest games nobody's ever heard of)

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Jun 2 2012, 11:36pm Anchor

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.

That game is my favorite SNES game, and I don't care that people hate it. It's a fun awesome game. Plus the music is amazing!

juicytoot a street fighter
Jun 8 2012, 6:04pm Anchor

my favorite games are donkey kong countrey 1-2, mega man 7,x,x2,x3 aaaaaaand the best is Earthbound! Master Belch is really hard tho...


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Jun 8 2012, 11:55pm Anchor

Spin Dizzy is a very uncommon game and it's pretty fun if you like puzzle type games.

Definitely try Starfox, Killer Instinct, and Super Castlevania IV.

juicytoot a street fighter
Jun 13 2012, 1:32pm Anchor

I recently just played through final fantasy V. eh wasnt that good. I wonder if the other final fantasy SNES games are good.


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Jun 13 2012, 7:07pm Anchor

As PeachyAenne suggested Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. It is quite enjoyable.

juicytoot a street fighter
Jun 19 2012, 12:46am Anchor

hmm, im thinking of getting the other earthbound games. did any actually get released outside japan?


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Jun 19 2012, 2:30am Anchor

Secret of Mana

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