The libgdx project is a cross-platform game development library written in Java, with some JNI code for performance hungry sections. It abstracts away the differences between writting desktop, Android and HTML5 games based on standards like OpenGL ES/WebGL. Applications can be prototyped and developed entirely on the desktop, then only 6 lines of code are needed to run your app on Android or HTML5.

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42 Light Years
42 Light Years

42 Light Years Indie

11 months ago TBD Single Player Adventure

We want the player to feel like something is about to happen at every turn. As the player, you will stand on the edge between a casual, easy-going game...

60 Seconds
60 Seconds

60 Seconds Indie

11 months ago Released Apr 30, 2013 Single Player Rhythm

I started a project to remake of the classic Amiga game Vital Light. I soon realised that the smaller displays and touch controls were completely unsuited...

aMazing Andy
aMazing Andy

aMazing Andy Indie

3 months ago Released Nov 30, 2013 Single Player Puzzle Compilation

No more lives in Candy Crush? It's time to play aMazing Andy ... Meet Andy, a normal greenish small guy, that likes one thing - fresh shiny red apple...

Angry Joe: Prehistoric
Angry Joe: Prehistoric

Angry Joe: Prehistoric Indie

6 months ago Released Oct 10, 2013 Single Player Platformer

Angry Joe is a free jump & run platformer game in the style of Super Mario Bros or Lep's World. It contains 5 worlds with 10 levels each which gives...

Angry Sharks
Angry Sharks

Angry Sharks Indie

2 weeks ago Released Mar 2, 2014 Single Player Arcade

Angry Sharks is an arcade style game that gives homage to the arcade game "Whack-a-Mole" of old. In Angry Sharks you have to tap the Sharks to make them...

Apple Picking Season
Apple Picking Season

Apple Picking Season Indie

1 month ago Released Feb 23, 2014 Single Player Point and Click

Help the old farmer Jeremiah picking apples and filling the barrels. * Simple 'One Click' game play. * Endless fun.

Asteroid Runner
Asteroid Runner

Asteroid Runner Indie

8 months ago Released Jul 29, 2013 Single Player Arcade

Welcome to the world of Asteroid Runner. This arcade style game takes many of the elements of an old time space shooter and combines them with many RPG...


Balance Indie

1 year ago Released Jan 30, 2013 Single Player Arcade

The concept is a year long challenge, a new year’s resolution per say, the aim to create one game, every month. I considered doing it, but decided I probably...

Bat Potato
Bat Potato

Bat Potato Indie

2 months ago Released Feb 11, 2014 Single Player Family

This is my first Game that makes it on the Play Store.Its an "Helicopter" like game with cute pixel Art.Where the Player navigate the Bat Potato through...

Beat Barrage
Beat Barrage

Beat Barrage Indie

3 months ago Released Jan 1, 2014 Single Player Arcade

Tap your way through your favorite songs! Beat Barrage is a fun, exciting, new way to experience your music. Beat Barrage combines Arcade style rhythm...

Beat Blast
Beat Blast

Beat Blast Indie

3 months ago Released Jan 12, 2014 Single Player Arcade

Beat Blast is an arcade rhythm shoot 'em up that generates gameplay via the users music library, fusing your love for music and fast paced on-the-go action...


BetaMax Indie

5 months ago Released Sep 30, 2013 Single Player Platformer

Help Max travel across his candy filled world to crush Mittens and save his beloved Min! ★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★ ✔ Press the Left/Right arrows to move Max and...

Bird's Killed v1.0
Bird's Killed v1.0

Bird's Killed v1.0 Indie

1 year ago Released Mar 30, 2013 Single Player Arcade

Be the first, who kill all of the birds! Shoot at them and get the highest score you can reach in 75 seconds. Try to aim at the head and shoot many of...


blockadillo Indie

2 weeks ago TBD Single Player Arcade

Blockadillo is a arcade game for Android currently in development. It is a mixture between the classic break out and a platformer.

BRIK Brick Breaker
BRIK Brick Breaker

BRIK Brick Breaker Indie

1 day ago Released Apr 15, 2014 Single Player Arcade

BRIK Brick Breaker is a modern twist on a classic arcade game of smashing bricks. Flex your skills and test your brain in an adventure of a breaker through...


Bumpy Indie

1 month ago Released Mar 17, 2014 Single Player Arcade

Bumpy is an addictive game that's simple yet hard to master. Bounce off the walls as long as you can and try to beat your high score. Avoid the icy spikes...

Burger Party
Burger Party

Burger Party Indie

1 day ago TBD Single Player Family

Burger Party is an addictive burger game for Android. You just opened a burger restaurant, let’s see if you can put together burgers fast enough to satisfy...

Carrier Squadron
Carrier Squadron

Carrier Squadron Indie

10 months ago Released Apr 9, 2012 Single Player Arcade

Carrier Squadron is an arcade-style space shooter with a tactical twist. Launch and guide a swarm of fighters in frantic battle against waves of enemies...

Catventure puzzle
Catventure puzzle

Catventure puzzle Indie

2 months ago Released Jan 12, 2014 Single Player Family

Catventure is a puzzle-maze game. In this game you need to help the cat get to milk bottles. You need to go through the maze levels. On the way to milk...

Chuu Slime
Chuu Slime

Chuu Slime Indie

8 months ago Released Jul 29, 2013 Single Player Third Person Shooter

Chuu slime, a fast-paced action game where you fight against slimes. 360 degrees of shooting action! Shoot them with normal attack or use special skills...

Clash Tune
Clash Tune

Clash Tune Indie

3 months ago TBD Single, Multiplayer & Co-Op Real Time Strategy

Clash Tune is a customizable block-based Real-Time Strategy game. Configure your army, build units and fight enemies in epic block parties ! Everything...

Clicky Pixel
Clicky Pixel

Clicky Pixel Indie

4 weeks ago Released Feb 23, 2014 Single Player Platformer

Click or tap your way through 4 levels Flappy Bird Style. Each gate you pass adds to your progress and hit 100% to unlock the next level. Buy hearts and...

Comet Command
Comet Command

Comet Command Indie

1 week ago Released Apr 5, 2014 Single Player Arcade

Check out my first game. "There are tons of comets and asteroids on dangerous trajectories. Luckily the Earth has giant lasers and a shield, but for how...

Cube Overlord
Cube Overlord

Cube Overlord Indie

9 months ago Released Jun 20, 2013 Single Player Arcade

Beat the evil Cube Overlords to free all cubes from domination in this original Vertical Scroller, loosely inspired by Ikaruga

Danger Joe - escape from the Jungle!
Danger Joe - escape from the Jungle!

Danger Joe - escape from the Jungle! Indie

1 month ago Released Mar 12, 2014 Single Player Arcade

A cute little endless Jumper where you help the Hero to escape, avoid annoying Animals ( yes i mean you Monkeys! ) and Arrows. And don't let you fool...

Defender Story
Defender Story

Defender Story Indie

8 months ago Released Jun 27, 2013 Single Player Tower Defense

A hybrid tower-defense/RPG (Role Playing Game) game setup in a dark and gritty fantasy medieval world. Drop colored gems on your base units in different...

Doge Run
Doge Run

Doge Run Indie

2 weeks ago Released Mar 28, 2014 Single Player Platformer

Join Doge in this simple side-scroller to reach the highest score you possibly can!


Dot.Stop.Run Indie

8 months ago Released May 1, 2013 Single Player Platformer

Dot. Is an auto running game with a unique twist. Your character, the aforementioned Dot. Is running from *something*. She has the ability to stop time...

Drone Invaders
Drone Invaders

Drone Invaders Indie

6 months ago Released Oct 22, 2013 Single Player Arcade

You're in control of a laser gun turret, the last defense against incoming invasion of alien drones. The game is like Space Invaders, but without the...

Dumb Dog - A Dog game
Dumb Dog - A Dog game

Dumb Dog - A Dog game Indie

3 months ago Released Dec 23, 2013 Single Player Family

Dumb Dog is an Android Game which takes a unique approach to the way games are usually played on mobile devices. It will certainly interest the casual...

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