The Blender Game Engine is a component of Blender, a free and open-source comprehensive 3D production suite, used for making real-time interactive content. The game engine was written from scratch in C++ as a mostly independent component, and includes support for features such as Python scripting and OpenAL 3D sound.

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I have used before many engines, such as Dark Basic, game maker, rpg maker, Blitz3D and Panda3D. The Blender game engine has an excellent workflow(inside the 3d program), has a easy, acceptable fast(not fast as C++ thought) and largely supported programming language(python); is free; packed with features; is still actively maintained(more by the community than devs thought); has many kind users and exports the game to Windows, Linux and Mac, and maybe in the future Android.

I constantly check if I should use a different engine, and I always end up seeing which the BGE is still fit for my needs.

One Awesome piece of software, I just wish they would have kept the dual licensing for the game engine.

Pros: very powerful and free Cons: hard to use

The BGE is actually quite good - the advantages of being easy to code in and having possibly the best workflow in a 3D game enine far outweigh the fact that it isn't extremely fast or powerful. The fact that it is free and open-source also makes up for any lacks in its capability.

2/14/11 EDIT: @AndrewIsGreen - The screenshots are fooling you. Check out the newest images uploaded.

A true master game engine that is so well done and so easy to use.

This is the game engine that I use, and it's SO user-friendly. It's got a soft feel to it and it gives you descriptions of what the thing you are hovering over does. It also uses logic bricks along with coding to cut back on your total scripts with internal scripting without even needing to code it. You just connect the logic bricks together in a certain order and you have simple game mechanics. For example, you can connect a mouse sensor which detects whatever you want to detect (left click, right click, middle mouse, movement, etc.) and connect it to an actuator that maybe picks up and item or turns on a menu using a button. It makes it so simple than write all of the code out. Another useful thing about Blender is that you don't need to use Maya to model things. You can model anything your mind comes to all inside of Blender. In my opinion, Blender is the best game engine and modeling program I've ever come across. Not to mention, it's absolutely free!

Blender is a free open source tool , with powerful functions with easy logic bricks and python commands , maybe it has bad graphics processing by default , but using shaders and screen filters do job

Having used it for 3 years, I very much recommend it! Between its ability to support a project's entire workflow, including a built-in game engine, to its support for Python scripting, support for 3rd-party plugins, cross platform functionality and generous licensing (completely FREE!), there is little more one could ask for. Add to that an active community and endless resources readily found on the web and it's a no brainer go-to solution.

Blender with 3d engine and OpenGL + modeller integrated + Python make huge powerfull and fast making games, all in most interactive in visual so it can make better prototype as well.

Happy Blending !

Simple to use, many features, lots of good games, great GUI... The best part is that you get a good program for free, also you don't need other programs to make models and textures because everything is already in Blender. Try it now!

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