Monochrome LLC (also known as Monochrome Games or just Monochrome) is an American video game development company. It was first founded by Brian "Tatsur0" Comer (CEO) and is currently helped by Josh Lennen (COO) in the development of their first game "Contagion". Contagion is the spiritual successor to the popular HL2 Modificiation Zombie Panic: Source and best fits the Co-op Survival Horror genre. In Contagion you return as both Eugene and Marcus and a whole new cast of characters in an attempt to survive the initial outbreak where Zombies are the real deal and a real threat.

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Indie of The Year 2013

Indie of The Year 2013

Dec 27, 2013 2013 Indie of the Year Awards Event Coverage 51 comments

Merry Christmas, announcing the best indie games of 2013 as selected by you the players! Short Story Competition Winner - Herr_Alien
Contagion Short Story Competition Winner - Herr_Alien

Sep 16, 2011 Contagion Competition 9 comments

Congratulations Herr_Alien on winning's Short Story Competition and winning a copy of Dead Island! Short Story Competition
Contagion Short Story Competition

Aug 30, 2011 Contagion Competition 18 comments run by Joe aka Zomb0 is holding a Short Story competition for fans of the genre and the winner takes home a copy of Dead Island or... - Josh Interview
Contagion - Josh Interview

May 23, 2011 Contagion Interview 7 comments

The guys over at take the time to ask Monochrome's lead character artist about his work on Contagion and his inspiration.

ZPS Competition
Half-Life 2

ZPS Competition

Apr 29, 2011 Zombie Panic: Source Competition 6 comments

S.T.A.R.S/RAWCG are holding their 6th ZPS competition. If you want to be a part please read more. Interview
Contagion Interview

Apr 8, 2011 Contagion Interview 6 comments

The guys over at the newly created Contagion fan site contagion-fans (dot) com were kind enough to request an interview and hopefully answer some of the...

Players Choice - Mod of the Year

Players Choice - Mod of the Year

Dec 24, 2010 2010 Mod of the Year Awards Article 117 comments

Mod of the Year 2010 Players Choice - Mod of the Year

Contagion Developer Blog - Josh Lennen

Contagion Developer Blog - Josh Lennen

Sep 6, 2010 Contagion Article 10 comments

Here is a look at the work of Josh Lennen. In this Contagion Developer Blog Josh explains some of the stages in creating our view model hands that you...

Feb 10, 2010
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