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Here comes some big news, The Pilot episode/chapter A Walk to The Battle Core release date has been *giggles* Released.

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Hello Everyone!
Craftan99 here to bring you some kick ass news!
The release date of the Republic Commando Mini Series has been revealed!

Or has it?!
No, But I will tell you as soon as we get 10 or so watchers of the Dev Group.
You might ask "you SOB i hatez yousa mesa gonsa kill yousa" or "I got a bad felling about this" or maybe one of the classical "Your part of the Rebel Alliance and A Traitor, take him away".

Then I'll ease your minds, We do this because we want to increase our fandom and actually see if anyone is interested in this Project.

Then you might say "Well how important can A release date be? You are going to release it someday"

And of course I'll say "Damnit the only loophole in my plan! NOOOOOOOOOOO!" No but seriously, I know I will release it eventually but I just want your support to continue working on this awesome project.

So how 'bout it? Come on 10 Watchers :) I don't wanna be a Death Watch. *cough* Bad joke! *cough*

So come on, click on the Track this group button.
And I will give you a cookie!

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