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This update brings changes to the melee hit detection, as well as new animations and items for the Militia.

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Hello everyone! We have just released a new small update fixing a number of bugs and adding some smaller additions. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to join our Discord Server!

Here are some of the more important changes in detail:

New Animations!

We have implemented a large set of animations for the Militia and all the Troops included in the Age of Napoleon mod. All of the new animations are based on the Gilhams Manual of Arms. Gilhams Manual was widely used and adopted by the United States Militia and a number of Confederate Infantry Regiments.

What's interesting about the Gilhams Manual of Arms is the fact that it is directly based on the French 1791 Manual of Arms which was used by the French Army during the Napoleonic Wars. As such, the new animations will be used both by the Civil War Era Militia as well as all troops included in the Age of Napoleon Mod.

New Gear for the Militia

To go along with the new animations, all Milita classes will be receiving a new set of civilian Sack Coats.
There isn't really much else to tell, so here is a render of the two new Sack Coats we added to the game.

In addition to the Sack Coat, the Organized Militia will be receiving a set of hunting bags and powder horns.

New hitbox system and improved hit detection

We have massively improved the hitbox system in the game and consequentially improved melee and shooting hit detection. The Old System did not account for player movement and different animations at all, so the new system should be a lot more accurate. The system is not yet finished and still needs more work, but even in its current state, it should massively improve melee gameplay.

Official North American Monday Event

Every Monday at 8pm EST we will be hosting a weekly Official Event. The Event will rotate between different game-modes and maps every week. Anyone is welcome to attend. The Event will be open to the public.

Rules can be read here: Link

Signups will be done on our Discord Server. in #event-signups 20 minutes prior to the event. All Regiment Leaders or Reps. must be present at minimum 15 minutes prior, so that we can figure out team balance in a timely manner and can start the event on time. Specialist roles such as Sharpshooters or Artillery will also be assigned then.

The event will start Monday the 11th July. First Event will probably be rather small due to the short notice, but we will see. If you have any questions feel free to contact Olafson on Discord or on Steam.

Full Changelog

New Features:

  • Made an all-new system for player hitboxes, should improve hit-detection.
  • Hitting Q/E while holding F1 will quick rotate the hold position command by 45 degrees.
  • Scene Editor: Setting max health of a prop to 9998 will make it unkillable.
  • Added 2 new Civilian Sack Coats to all Milita Classes.
  • Added 5 hunting bags and powder horns to Organized Milita for CS and US.
  • Added new set of Shoulder arms Animations to all Milita and all Age of Napoleon troops.
  • Added a new animation for using Baloons.
  • Updated to new Unity version. Should fix various crashes and improve performance slightly.
  • You can now run around on your own map in the Scene Editor to test it without having to upload it to Server.
  • Added a button to the Change Map UI for Server Admins to transfer all players to the All Modes Server.

Changes and fixes:

  • Fixed a bug on map change causing weather effects to break.
  • Increased immune time in Commander Conquest to make spawn camping more difficult.
  • Changed Groupfight mode to make guns start loaded, which should help with Event Admining.
  • Fixed a bug causing players helping bots reload to accumulate insanely high score.
  • Fixed a bug with Capture the Intel gamemode causing players to gain too much score.
  • Tweaked some of the score values that lead to super high score accumulation.
  • Healing friendlies now gives the healed health divided by five for score.
  • Bots and players no longer get assists for bots.
  • Fixed a bug with flipping sides causing servers to lock up and not accept any new players.
  • Rogue bots that are commanded by a player will now be treated like rankers for position commands.
  • Leaving the server or changing team will now return commanded rogue bots back to their normal selves.
  • Hitting the role-play keybind will now cancel saluting and parade rest animations.
  • Typing the wrong password will no longer kick you back to the match making menu.
  • Alt-tabbing should no longer cause you to break your reload.
  • Fixed a bug with the spawn timer when joining late.
  • Fixed that the best player UI would lock in when transferring from one server to another.
  • Fixed a couple of other bugs with the best player UI.
  • Bot polls cant exceed max bot count allowed.
  • Dead players can now talk to living players when the round is over.
  • Fixed a work around for changing scale of props that are not allowed to be changed.
  • Added Enfield Rifled Musket to CS Infantry.
  • Added Enfield 2 Band Rifle to US Infantry Enlisted.
  • Reduced sway of the Sharps Rifle by 10%.
  • Slightly changed scale of nametags and banners in the best player UI.
  • Increased accuracy of the Baker Rifle.
  • Reduced memory usage of the game.
  • Fixed that Engineers could build Civil War Era Ammo and Weapon crates in the Napoleonic Era.
  • Competitive mode no longer adds deaths for Teamkills.
  • Changed Ragdolls, should look slightly better.
  • Fixed a bug with crates being spawned on the wrong position on the server.
  • Fixed that pushing through a bush would cancel the push.
  • Commander Conquest is now available on all Official Maps.
  • Fixed that the Springfield 1842 was not selectable as 20th GA.

Are you interested in attending huge organized Linebattles with hundreds of players? Then join our Discord and enlist with one of the Regiments (Clans) hosting organized events!

Thank you! Stay tuned!
/Flying Squirrel Entertainment

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