Iron Europe is a World War I mod for the Mount&Blade; Warband Napoleonic Wars DLC. Our goal is to immerse players in the brutal battles of WWI. Players will have the opportunity to fight it out, for France or for Germany, in the trenches and in no man's land. Play as an expendable rifleman grunt, a brave officer leading from the front, an artillerymen supporting your comrades from afar, or an elite assault trooper, spearheading attacks.Use bolt-action rifles, machine guns, and pistols to take down enemies from a distance or close in and engage in brutal hand to hand combat with knives, clubs, and the trusty bayonet. A host of features, including whistles, bleeding, bandaging, and grenades have been added to bring the WWI experience to life.

-Two Factions: French Third Republic, German Empire. Fight for the French Third Republic or the German Empire. These mighty titans of Europe have different strengths and weaknesses which players can discover and use to their advantage.
-Wide variety of classes: Each class is unique, with it's own advantages, disadvantages and equipment sets. Apart from typical, expected classes such riflemen, officers, and artillerymen, you'll have the opportunity to play as a support trooper, helping your comrades with ammunition and bandages. Or instead, be an elite Stormtrooper, serving the Vaterland by overrunning enemy defenses and striking deep into their territory. Yet more opportunities await you as a French trench sweeper, a Chauchat gunner or an armored German sentinel.
-Tons of New Weapons: A wide range of killing instruments are at your disposal including bolt-action rifles, revolvers, semi-autos, machine guns, sniper rifles, knives, clubs and bayonets.
-Grenades: Use grenades to assault enemy positions. There are several different types, including both fuse and percussion grenades. Each has unique characteristics, for example, the M16 Stielhandgranate has long range but is awkward to carry while the F1 grenade can be carried in great numbers but cannot be thrown very far. Several Stielhandgranates can be bundled together to form a concentrated charge. There are also place-able grenade launchers and rifle grenades.
-Medical System: Taking a large amount of damage causes bleeding which can be stopped with bandages, carried by support troopers and medics. Medical classes can provide treatment with morphine.
-Ammunition Crates: Support troops can carry ammo crates around the battlefield, allowing comrades to resupply.
-Heavy Machine Guns: Heavy machine guns can be carried around the battlefield and are highly effective in holding positions. Cut down advancing enemy forces with automatic firepower.
-Whistles: As an officer, rally your men and sound the charge with a whistle.
-Binoculars: Binoculars come in handy when you're a sniper, artilleryman or officer. Locate enemy positions and plan accordingly.
-Artillery: Rain fire on your enemies with infantry support guns, field guns and trench mortars.

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Installation Instructions
To get the latest version of the mod, first install 1.0 and then install the 1.21 patch.

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RSS Articles

Devloper Blog 30
Hello there everybody! First of all, apologies for the EXTREMELY long wait. We know that going without ANY information for a very long time can be annoying, confusing and disappointing, but we felt like spending time on game development instead of writing blogs would be worth it. Regardless of that, we finally took some time to prepare a blog… So here it is!

Due to the long wait, there is a lot to talk about and we do not really know where to start. So we have decided to divide the content into several blogs. In the coming weeks we will be talking about Gameplay, Graphics, Sounds, Historical Accuracy, Planned Features and more. So, let’s start with the most important part of any game…

Gameplay Part 1/4
Most of you will probably be familiar with the kind of gameplay we offer in Napoleonic Wars. As you probably also know, BCoF is intended to copy this type of gameplay while simultaneously expanding on it. As such we are not going into extreme detail on how the game is supposed to play and will instead talk about some of the more unique or different features of the game. This blog entry will cover the very basics of our system.

Stance/Mode System
To start with, we would like to talk about our “Stance/Mode System”. In BCoF players will be able to switch between 2 stances for melee only weapons and Revolvers/Pistols and 5 stances for Rifles/Muskets. Each stance will be graphically distinct, which will make it easier for enemy and friendly players to recognize what stance another player is in.

For example, stances for Rifles/Muskets are:
- Charge Bayonet/Guard against Infantry
- Guard against Infantry without Bayonet
- Shoulder Arms
- Right Shoulder Shift Arms
- Kneel

Additionally, there are 2 modes a player can be in. Firing Mode and Melee Mode. Melee only weapons (Swords etc.) will be locked to Melee Mode, and Rifles will be able to switch between Melee and Firing Mode.
Some stances can only be accessed when in a certain mode, while others (Kneeling) can be accessed in both Melee and Firing Mode and currently have no visual distinction. However this will be changed in the future, so that no matter what stance a player is in, it is always easy to tell what mode he is in. It is “just” a matter of getting the animations for it...

Movement System
Just like the stance system, we wanted players to be able to do more. In BCoF, players now have access to 4 different movement speeds.
Ranked from slowest to fastest they are: Crouched Walking < Walking < Running < Sprinting.
We have also designed a movement system with movement momentum. This means that players will not be able to immediately speed up and/or slow down. Instead if a player wants to go from idle to sprint, he has to go through walking and running first, which means that it will take him 2 seconds or so to reach full movement speed. As as side effect, wheeling your company left or right will now look slightly better, as players can adjust their speed more gradually.

Crouched walking and sprinting are purely intended for movement. While players will be able to shoot while walking and use melee weapons while walking or running, they will not be able to perform any other action while crouchwalking or sprinting. Crouched walking is intended for sneaking and/or staying in cover and sprinting is simply meant for quickly getting from point A to B. When sprinting, players can not strafe and will have to steer their character with the mouse.

We have removed jumping from the game, as it serves no real purpose. Instead, players will be able to climb over/on certain objects.

Obviously there is plenty more stuff that any game has to have, like using doors, dropping items etc. so we will not go into more detail about that. We allow zooming in and out in the 3rd person view, and the tilde key will allow you to look at your player from all angles.

We have added a few purely cosmetical features for roleplaying, like presenting arms or surrendering. We will add more in the future and hopefully we will also find ways to actually implement some gameplay functionality for them.

We are extremely thankful to all the donators we have had over the years. You have helped us a lot and your support over the years means a lot to us. However we have decided to no longer accept donations. This has several reasons.

When we announced BCoF, we still were in the belief that we not only could finish this game in just 1 year, but also that 60k would be enough to fund the entirety of the game. At the time, Kickstarter was extremely popular and we thought that we could do something similar. However, we were more than unprepared and we should not have announced the game in such an early stage.

By today we have received slightly more than 17k of donations, of which we have refunded a large amount. We have spent FAR more on the game than we received in donations and even if we would have reached the funding goal, it would not have been enough. It would have helped, but the fact is, that large sums of money would still have to be invested from our personal funds.

Donations are an hassle to keep track of and the donation rewards we have set up are not only silly, but are difficult to realise. Who the hell wants or can use a physical disc nowadays? As such we have decided to no longer take donations. We will still keep the Donator Subboard up and anyone that has donated will get his reward or can request a refund. However, we will no longer accept any money from the community. From now on, the game will be completely funded by our own personal funds.

Thank you for reading this weeks Developer Blog.
In the next blog will be talking about Gameplay and Historical Accuracy.

Flying Squirrel Entertainment

Take part in the discussion here:

New Development Team

New Development Team

News 6 comments

A new development team has been formed and development on the development has begun once again.

Napoleonic Wars Patch 1.2 released!

Napoleonic Wars Patch 1.2 released!

News 11 comments

We have just released Napoleonic Wars Patch 1.2! The new patch is going to be the largest Napoleonic Wars patch we have released so far. Besides a HUGE...

We're back!

We're back!

News 9 comments

Good news from the front. Although we are choosing not to show any eye candy to you yet, we thought we had better let you know what’s going on. The...

Developer Blog #4 - Balloons, Bullets, and Bombs

Developer Blog #4 - Balloons, Bullets, and Bombs

News 4 comments

Today's blog comes from our main coder, Baillie. Welcome to developer blog number four, 'The Baillie Blog'. Within this short piece, I intend to show...

RSS Files
Patch 1.21

Patch 1.21

Patch 50 comments

Patch 1.21 fixes some issues in 1.2 and adds a couple new animations.Install 1.0 before this patch.

1.22 Patch

1.22 Patch

Patch 4 comments

Change-log: Code • Shooting bots • Map changes - Somerby Farm, added more props & detail for cover - Canal Du Nord (Bot), fixed spawn and more detail...

Patch 1.2 (OLD)

Patch 1.2 (OLD)

Patch 25 comments

Patch 1.2 is here. We apologize for the long wait for the patch. We have identified and fixed what we believe was the main issue causing the serious lag...

Iron Europe - WW1 Mod Patch 1.1 (OLD)

Iron Europe - WW1 Mod Patch 1.1 (OLD)

Patch 30 comments

- Added some active and alive agent and players checks to a few client side events - You can no longer attach bayonets to the Chauchat - Fixed the bandages...

Iron Europe - WW1 Mod Released! 1.0

Iron Europe - WW1 Mod Released! 1.0

Full Version 76 comments

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: To get the latest version of the mod, install this file, and then install the 1.21 patch. Greetings everybody! The day you've...

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Finally updated

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When is this mod updating? There are player events right now with 20-40 players growing quickly. Would be awesome if we get an update to play on and it would inspire a lot of people to come back.

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What days are the events? I would like to join :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Mondays & Tuesdays,
check out those links.

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May God bless this mod,

p.s can someone add bot support

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

it will be added in the next update. More news on that in the next week. (that's what the developer said)

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Hello there, not sure where to contact you all, so I'm just posting it here. If you need any help with scening, or modelling, or anything mod related (except coding, still pretty bad at that) feel free to contact me by either replying here, add me on steam (BNS Mark) or my Discord (Mark#3291). I'm currently Lead Dev of Bear Force II so I can't fully commit to the development but I can squeeze in some work here and there.

I'm glad to see this mod is getting a revival. While I was never really active in the community because of other things keeping me busy, I always really liked this mod. Thanks for your time!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I vouch for Mark's developing. Nice guy with way too little workload.
-Hans GutenTag

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"This modification requires the Napoleonic Expansion for Warband."
I Have Warband and Napoleonic Wars...Zip file, pls?

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From my time with the press copy, I've found that this game is absolutely next-gen. Taking the already astounding M&B engine and taking it to all new heights. This includes the DirectX11 beard physics. I found the opening cutscene very emotional, it struck my soul and immersed me into the story-driven world of Iron Europe. The only downside to this game so far, is the lack of a download link. Edit: Download link has been released, as well as an update to the game platform to enable Oculus Rift…

Feb 14 2014 by IllusiveCam

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