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Even more parks, decorative block that can be built on and info on upcoming 3x3 residential buildings.

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Still working on a few things that will go into the upcoming version, hoping to have it up next sunday!

The park roster is being expanded. Here's the park that was WIP last week:

I've also added in a 3x2 sized park:

I've also changed pricing and effects of parks so that they're based on the size of park rather than (for example) the 4x4 all having different prices and effects. That way, which specific park you pick is more about design, rather than an attempt to maximize certain effects.

Also added in a new decoration that also functions as a stepwise block that can be built on:

I've started working out some of the 3x3 residential buildings, I'm hoping to have the first and second tier ones in by the next update, but could possibly get a few more of them in if creativity strikes. :)

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