One man development studio located in Sweden. Currently I have two games on Steam, Brink of Extinction and Twinstack. Projects that I'm working on are Project Battlespace, Atmocity and CubelinsTD. Prototypes in the works rCo and P5. Aside from game development, I enjoy listening to music and of course playing games. Currently playing Uncharted 4 and Witcher 3 (late to the party I know...) and the odd mobile game. Recommendations welcome!

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It's been a while since I updated the blog section of the site. I am chronically bad at keeping my online presence updated (aside from Twitter pretty much).

The past few months I've spent mostly working on Atmocity. I have to say the game has come a rather long way and has gone from a rough alpha/tech demo to more of a functional game with most of the UI-work complete, and many of the systems implemented and functional.

As for the near future for the game, I plan on releasing a "demo" for streamers. Hopefully this will help garner some interest in the game and make people see what it's all about. The demo won't be feature complete of course, missing half of all planned buildings and only getting a barebones local and global economy system implementation. It should still show off enough to, hopefully, peak the interest of gamers who love city building games.

As for my other developments, Battlespace now has a functional vertical slice featuring three cards and online play. We should get around to pitching this to publishers soon, to hopefully get some funds.

I've put Brink of Extinction for portable on the backburner, because I couldn't reconcile with how simplistic I want to go. Being a bit of a perfectionist I have a hard time simplifying stuff and finding the proper level of details for things I work on. It will happen, but later than I first expected. Given the amount of work I need to put into Atmocity to hit my December EA release window, this is not unexpected either.

I am however, working on Twinstack for portable. This should be finished within a few weeks, and you should hopefully be able to play the game on portable platforms starting september or shortly thereafter.

On a final note, I will be using this space to post some prototype stuff I'm working on. Among them the P5 prototype fairly soon.

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Thanks :)

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