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🆎 We're back with the new article on our blog about new movement system, other new features, updates and what we're working on right now. Also, Kamil decided to make a quick vlog for you with Alder's Blood played in the real-time. Hope you'll enjoy it! Remember – this is a very early build. Please, be understanding, we'll improve the quality of our videos. :)

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Hey! Here’s our first devlog with Alder’s Blood played in the real-time. As you can see, we did it in a video form. We hope you’ll like it! Remember – this is a very early build. Please, be understanding in terms of quality of this video, we will get better soon.

What’s new?

1. We changed movement system to deliver faster game experience. Hunters use now specified movement points – they can spend them freely before they run out of them. After that, Hunter’s turn comes to an end. You can move, use skill or a an item because of this system. Remember, that some skills can immediately end a turn of one of your allies. After all these actions, you will (probably) be able to move your character once again.

2. Stamina system also had been changed. After the latest changes, the numer of stamina points determine the number of useable attacks that a character can receive before a Stun. Stun ends the turn immediately for a afflicted character, but the damage dealt by foes’ weapons is still a problem for our Hunters after a Stun. Furthermore, stamina’s got a few different mechanics, just to increase the depth of combat system; but that’s a topic for another time.

3. The Sixth Sense – something completely new. Every Hunter, aside from his “standard senses”, has this special ability of “feeling” the monsters coming. Far away from the field of view we will receive information, that “something” can be lurking in the dark part of map. We want to focus the “stealth aspect” of Alder’s Blood, giving the player a possibility of avoiding opponents that are not mandatory to fight with.

4. All these changes affected also Hunters’ abilities. Changed stamina system reduced the UI, decreasing the number of available skills, but without negative impact on the depth of gameplay. To sum up: gameplay is a bit more fast-paced, more smooth and much more enjoyable. :D

What we’re working on right now?

1. We’ve got a very expanded map editor. It looks a little bit like a process of building a house in sim games. :D We can drag and drop different things or items on the map and if something is already on a map in a specific place, it will be nicely highlighted in red colour – it means we cannot put something in this place, because something is already there. Our map editor is divided into categories, you can also edit already prepared items.

2. We change controls for more context-paced approach. Cursor will change its shape depending on situation (for example: it will look like a hand if we would like to pick something up; it can also looks like “pluses” in healing situation or crosshair when character’s aiming at a foe). We deliver lots of smaller changes to prepare intuitive and convenient controls.

3. Strategy layer got a big boost. We want to create a situation, in which people – inhabitants of a main city – alone can bring some initiatives to the table. If people would have enough strength as mankind, they will be able to attack neighboring region. If they will take over this region, we – the players – will also get bonuses to our economy. By Hunter’s actions, we can support initiatives of a city for mutual benefits.

4. We systematized combat system, more precisely – we added different types of damage and resist mechanics; basically every important thing that you can encounter throughout the game. This is definitely topic for a whole new article. Just to mention a little – because of that changes we can introduce armours for our Hunters. Weapons also will be different in a case of different models of a same weapon.

We’ll get back to you soon with some new updates. To be up-to-date with out new stuff, follow our social media – we post new things pretty frequently.

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