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Elite's Conflict Mod v1.2 demo #2 will be released on July 4th, 2019! HEROIC Studios is proud to bring you an updated demo of the biggest update this mod has ever seen. New models and textures for every vessel within the Imperial and Rebel armadas is the feature of this version, but gameplay and balancing has been our focus too. There's so much for us to show you and we can't wait to see you in the game!

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  • Elite's Conflict Mod Overview
    • Aimed at providing a modern gaming experience, Elite's Conflict Mod gives players that great feeling they had when they watched a Star Wars movie or played a Star Wars game for the first time.
    • Focusing on the conflict between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire, ECM features new galactic campaigns, units, models and textures, compositions, effects and particles, and so much more!
    • Our mission is to create a memorable and fun experience for everyone who enjoys strategy games or simply loves Star Wars, just like us. Our teams love and care for this game has only grown and we want to share this fantastic adventure with you.
    • We look forward to seeing you on the front lines. Check us out on:
  • Development Team Applications
    • We are also looking to bring more people onto our development team. Please message {HEROIC}Elite or CNKommander on any of our platforms for more information!
  • Elite's Conflict Mod Vision
    • For the past few months our team has been discussing a new vision for this mod. It is still being tested as we throw ideas around but the mod's direction is changing to become more immersive, tactical, and enjoyable.
    • Right now we want to rework the gameplay of starfighters and capital ships. We want to make war feel like war. When an X-wing is lost it means something, they aren't just a dispensable unit that is irrelevant, at least not for the Rebel Alliance. Just as well, when an Imperial-class Star Destroyer jumps into the battle, the enemies of the Galactic Empire should cower in fear, knowing they are doomed.
    • We are brainstorming new ideas and we want to develop a unique gameplay that makes every loss and every victory meaningful. If you have ideas or comments, please let us know on our Steam page, here, or on our Discord.
  • Elite's Conflict Mod: v1.2 Demo #2 Upcoming Release
    • Before the launch of the full version, we are releasing a v1.2 Demo #2 to everyone! We know you'll enjoy our next demo and we hope that you look forward to our next update, the full version, just as we do.
  • Developer Streaming, Commentaries, and Multiplayer
    • Soon HEROIC Studios would like to begin hosting developer meetings, Q-and-A sessions, and multiplayer matches. We want to address any development questions you have and be available for multiplayer matches, as we all want to sit down and actually play the game.
    • Steam is the best place to leave ideas, suggestions, and feedback, but anywhere we can find it is still appreciated.
  • Screenshots
    • New ECM v1.2 Demo #2 Teaser
    • EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate
    • Tartan I-class Patrol Cruiser
    • MC80 Wingless-class Star Cruiser engines
    • Space Battle


Tartan I

MC80 Engines


  • Like What You See...? Elite's Conflict Mod

HEROIC Studios

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