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Our last news post was back in early April. Since then we've released 3 updates with a lot of fixes, improvements and additions. Let's explain them.

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Firstly, we have made some significant improvements to the game balance, preventing scouting with Chrono tanks, making it easier to scout early on as Soviet and improving naval unit balance.

  • Changed: The Laser Corvette now gets a 44% weapon range increase when it's deployed, its cloak-detection radius was increased by 67% and its hitpoints were increased by 17%.
  • Changed: The Project 941 now does a lot more damage.
  • Changed: The Soviet Mammoth Tank's firing range has been decreased by 11%.
  • Changed: The Attack Dog no longer receives damage from walking over tiberium.
  • Changed: The Chrono Tank's sight range has been reduced to 1 cell.

DTA Statistics

The client has also been improved, with multiple fixes and new features. The most significant one of the new features is the new Statistics window that you see above. Other changes below:

  • Added: The main menu now also uses themes (Credits: Bittah Commander, tomsons26, Rampastring).
  • Changed: The default theme's main menu's background now animates every 15 seconds (Credits: Bittah Commander).
  • Fixed: Spectators are no longer counted when checking whether the amount of players doesn't exceed a map's max players (Credits: Rampastring).
  • Fixed: The client's options menu didn't show any check marks if you were using one of the Tiberian Dawn themes (Credits: Rampastring).
  • Fixed: The checkboxes for "Borderless mode" and "Back buffer in video memory" were always cleared after re-opening the options menu, even if these options were enabled (Credits: Rampastring).

FrostbiteDivided CompositionChrono Hazard

You can never have too many Multiplayer maps, Co-Op missions and Singleplayer missions, right? Within the last 4 months we've added one new Singleplayer mission, one new Multiplayer map, and two new Co-Op missions. Click on the previews above to see them in better detail.

We've also made a massive amount of smaller bugfixes and changes, including map bugfixes (like overlapping civilian buildings), graphical bugfixes, map editor bugfixes, AI bugfixes, and the like. There's dozens of them, so I won't copy them here, but you can read them on our change log page.

If you like making custom maps for DTA, you should also be happy about these updates. We've added the Tiberium Floater and Tiberium Fiend from TS to our collection of usable mutated monsters, and we've also added a civilian light house and windmill.


That concludes our updates for now. If you have friends to play with or want to make new ones, hop on to CnCNet to play the new Co-Op missions. There's also new the new singleplayer mission, and it's likely that you haven't completed all of DTA's other 30+ singleplayer and co-op missions yet. We also have 93 classic Default mode multiplayer maps, and more are coming. So, good luck on the battlefield!


That lighthouse looks really ******* good.

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Indeed, I love it too! But it moves really too fast in the picture here :o

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Rampastring Author

That's because we play and record at 60 FPS (Faster in offline games, Fastest in online games).

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Hmm.. can't you make it turn slower from the beginning on, so it would be barely noticable in "slow gameplay mode" but who plays on slow anyways...

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The animation has too few frames for that, so it wouldn't look smooth anymore at slower speeds.

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Ah okay, yes I understand.

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