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Experience the Authentic Sound of History with the Battle Cry of Freedom 2.0 Update and the Supporter Pack DLC.

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Welcome back to our Developer Blog for the highly-anticipated 2.0 Update for Battle Cry of Freedom! Today, we want to share with you one of our most exciting new features: Brass Music.

Supporter Pack: Brass Music

With the launch of our 2.0 Update, we're also thrilled to announce the availability of an optional Supporter Pack DLC. It's completely optional and won't impede your ability to fully enjoy the game.

The Supporter Pack DLC offers an exclusive collection of historical brass music instruments, including the Saxhorn, Tuba, Trombone, Cornet, and more. You'll also have access to the US Marine Corps Band, the Virginia Military Institute Band, and both the US and CS Cavalry Brass Bands, providing a diverse range of musical options to enhance your gaming experience.

All of the new brass instruments are fully synced with existing instruments in the game, so you can enjoy the 22 included songs in combination with other instruments such as the Piano or Fife. All the new music was recorded by professional musicians using real instruments to ensure authenticity and high-quality audio.

Features of the Supporter Pack:
• Access to the US Marine Corps Band
• Access to the Virginia Military Institute Band
• Access to the US and CS Cavalry Brass Bands
• Play the Tuba, Saxhorn, Cornet, Trombone, and more.
• Use the Tambour Major Baton and lead your band.
• Experience historically accurate, professionally recorded music.

Here's a video that gives you a preview of the US Marine Corps Brass Band, exclusively available through the Supporter Pack DLC for Battle Cry of Freedom. This video showcases actual in-game and gameplay footage, bringing to life the authenticity and high-quality sound of the brass instruments.

Why is this a DLC?
The DLC will deliver a significant amount of new content that otherwise would not have been possible without additional funding.

We believe that the additional cost for the DLC is justified only if it provides a significant amount of new and unique content that would not have been possible without it. In this case, recording 6 new music instruments, each with 22 songs, was a costly and complex undertaking. By offering the Supporter Pack DLC, we're giving players the opportunity to support the development of this new content and add it to their gaming experience if they choose to do so.

Think of it as a way to crowdfund the new content. By purchasing the optional Supporter Pack, you'll be contributing to the development and expansion of the game while enjoying an extensive collection of historical brass music instruments and songs.

Stay Informed!
If you're looking to stay informed about the upcoming 2.0 patch for Battle Cry of Freedom, our Discord community is the perfect place to do so. Our Mini-Blog channel is dedicated to providing in-depth information and sneak peeks about the new features and changes. You can also join the conversation and ask any questions you may have directly to the development team.


If you are excited for the upcoming update and are wondering what else might be coming in it, check out our roadmap here:

Thank you for reading this week's Developer Blog. We shall be returning to show you more exciting new content soon! Keep an eye out for more information and development in the future.

Thank you!
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