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DCI: Last Alliance 1.0 Release information. DCI:LA is a submod for Third Age: Total War focused on the War of the Last Alliance in the Second Age of Middle-earth.

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DCI: Last Alliance 1.0 Requirements:

'DCI:Last Alliance 1.0' requires the 'Medieval II Total War Kingdoms Expansion' and the mod 'Third Age Total War 3.2'. A fresh working installation of 'Third Age Total War 3.2' is strongly recommended.

DCI Last Alliance installer instructions:

1. Download and extract/unzip the contents (link below):

2. Run DCI_LA.exe, it will automatically find your Medieval II Total War folder. If it doesn't you can manually browse and find it. Proceed with the installation and when prompted accept and overwrite any files and folders.

3. At the end of the installation a cleaner will delete files that need to be auto-generated at game launch, you'll be prompted to 'press any key to continue...'

4. Likewise, a shortcut for 'DCI: Last Alliance' will be created and added to your desktop, you will be prompted to 'press any key to continue...'

5. Launch the mod by double clicking the 'DCI Last Alliance' icon on your desktop or the DCILA.bat file (DCILA_NoBaiSwitcher.bat will run DCI:LA without the battle AI switcher).

Optional: delete the Third Age Total War shortcut from your desktop if you have one.

Optional: open your configuration.cfg and switch the [log] level from trace to error.

DCI Last Alliance manual installation instructions:

1. Download the file below:

2. Extract/unzip the downloaded DCI_LA.7z file into your '...\Medieval II Total War\mods\' folder. Accept overwrite and/or merge folders when requested.
This process will overwrite your TATW files, meaning that you will not be able to play TATW.

3. Run DcilaCleaner.bat - located in your '...\Medieval II Total War\mods\third_age_3' folder. This is absolutely necessary.

4. Run CreateLauncher.bat - located in your '...\Medieval II Total War\mods\third_age_3\dcilaOtherFiles' folder. This creates a shortcut on your desktop and deletes tatw start.bat.

5. Launch the mod by double clicking the 'DCI Last Alliance' icon on your desktop or the DCILA.bat file (DCILA_NoBaiSwitcher.bat will run DCI:LA without the battle AI switcher).

Optional: delete the Third Age Total War shortcut from your desktop if you have one.

Optional: open your cfg file and switch the [log] level from trace to error.

prominent generals

prominent generals and units

Optional Music Addon

  • Additional music tracks (some Med2/Kingdoms tracks as well).
  • Reshuffled existing music tracks.
  • Separated HotN and WoE music types, HotN has more viking and WoE more tribal vibe


Tôl Acharn and DCI mechanics:

The "Tôl Acharn" is a 'counter invasion', the Medieval 2 Jihad-feature renamed; just as TATW has the "Invasion" for the evil factions, which in turn is the Crusade-feature renamed .
Factions with the culture 'Hosts of the West' [religion islam] can join the Tôl Acharns at will.
The unique DCI mechanics allow factions of other cultures [religions] to temporarily join the Tôl Acharn, if allied to the calling faction of the 'counter invasion'.

Main Features:

  • Third Age campaign map adapted to Last Alliance era * Video *
  • New battle map settlements * Part1 * Part2 * Part3 * Part4 *
  • New UI (interface, menu, loading screens, units cards) * Preview faction symbols *
  • Entirely new faction rosters and unit models * Boldogs *
  • All new unit stats, prices and recruitment system
  • Custom prominent generals on the battlefield like Elendil, Isildur, Elrond, Galadriel, Glorfindel, Cirdan
  • New buildings
  • New and extensive mechanics for the One Ring, for good and evil; if wrested from the hand of Sauron! * Video *
  • Palantiri, truly useful palantirs, now without drawbacks, and Galadriel's Mirror * Video *
  • Cross-religion 'jihad' enables joint counter-invasions for good factions
  • New scripts (example: Immortal Nazgûl)
  • Extensive AoR system for the Númenórean Kingdoms * Roster *
  • Corruption-balancing for the Númenórean Kingdoms, the Kingdom of Khazad-dûm and the Kingdom of Lindon
  • Ample lore credibility * Backdrop of the Campaign *
  • Updated content * Preview *

Faction Leaders

faction leaders

Playable Factions:

League members that can call and join the Tôl Acharn

Non-League members (can join the Tôl Acharn if player)

Sauron's followers (can call Invasions)

Invasion, Tôl Acharn or neither depending on player choice (Oathbreaker, Oathkeeper or Neutral)

evil generals

evil generals and units

Additional Notes

  • DcilaReference.pdf located inside your third_age_3 folder has more information on in-game shortcuts and faction features.
  • Creatures such as wolves, spiders and ents no longer cause crashes. Creatures are very powerful units so if you would like you can still disable them with the CTRL+X shortcut.
  • Tol Acharns called on Barad Dur might cause turn times to be much longer. The Tol Acharn can be cancelled by using the shortcut SHIFT+J.
  • Moving the camera in the campaign map with a general selected will cause the camera to lag, deselect the general for smooth camera movement.
  • Mod stability may be an issue. Lowering graphics settings and restarting your computer after a crash might help. Additional information on how to improve stability can be found here
  • Detailed crash reports such as units present during a battle and save-game files might help the team identify and fix problems. Use the DCI to report bugs and crashes.

Thank you for playing our mod. If you've enjoyed the mod so far please leave a review, we appreciate it.

Permission Policy

People can distribute copies and modified versions of assets and scripts made for DCI:Last Alliance as long as these conditions are met:

  • The derivative work credits the DCI: Last Alliance team in every release and preview material that contains DCI:LA assets
  • The derivative work is a Medieval II Total War modification.
  • The DCI:LA team is informed the name of the modification and the DCI:LA assets used, either on twcenter or on discord.
  • The derivative work is released with the same DCI:LA Permission Policy attached to it

Disclaimer: The DCI:LA permission policy does not extend to third party 3d assets, images and music listed in the credits e.g. TATW, The Sundering and EB II assets. (more information in the Credits below).


anumen - - 32 comments

How difficult would be a standalone version like Divide and Conquer?

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Louis_Lux Author
Louis_Lux - - 341 comments

I discuss it in the installation video. I would need to evaluate which third age files are still being used and which can be deleted. It would take a long time and I prefer to focus on new content for the mod. Plus it takes just a few minutes to download and install TATW 3.2.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Eärendil_Ardamírë - - 1,870 comments

Gratulations to the new release!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Guest - - 692,772 comments

is 'very hard' difficulty required to play the campaign, and why is there a warning if difficulty is lower than that?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Louis_Lux Author
Louis_Lux - - 341 comments

The mod is balanced for very hard but you can play on lower difficulties. The AI gets less bonuses on lower difficulty that's all.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,772 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 692,772 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

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