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The project is now shifting in priorities and it is now on a slow schedule.

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𝕲unshi's layering is underway and changes to my schedule.

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So I just spent the last month simply creating the mask layer for Gunshi. Turns out that I no longer have the luxury of working on this game as often as I used to. My time is now being compressed as changes in my life are taking place.

First, what is the status of the game currently? Before, I used to work on this game every day for hours. Now the reality of my situation has set in. This game may not be the big game I was hoping for, at least not in the short term. It's going to take a while before this game gets traction, especially since the schedule to work on it has diminished. I am so far only finding time to work on it in the mornings and I'll be lucky if I can get 3 hours a day. There may also be some other task I have to attend to, shrinking the amount of time I have to work on this game. The rest of the day, I have to work on other projects that will actually bring in much needed funding. Not just for this project but other expenses as well, so priorities have been shifted.

The biggest dilemma I have is coming to terms that this is a passion project, and those kinds of projects are not meant to be profitable. After trying to figure out how to promote this game, something I'm still trying to figure out, I have come to the conclusion that Child Arms was not designed with this in mind. It was always meant to be my own personal project, and those don't exactly fit well with trying to promote it in a way that audiences will gravitate to. This game just doesn't attract many people, and that is a challenge I must figure out without compromising the vision of the game.

Overall, the project is now currently in a slow schedule as I try to figure out how to continue supporting this project, trying to figure out how to promote it, and get my life together.

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As for development news, not much has happened. As I said, I'm now in the process of layering Gunshi, and this is very time consuming. Layering the mask layer, the overall layer that covers the entire body, took 12 hours and that's the first of 17 layers. The next task is to layer the rest of the individual parts, so I'm going to work on Gunshi for a while.


It appears that there has been a rampant amount of hacking and reporting on my accounts. Looks like I lost both my Twitter and Facebook accounts. The Discord Server is also about to be deleted due to inactivity. New profiles will be created right before the next update, so please continue to follow the game here or on Steam.

Child Arms version

Altillra - - 2 comments

Just played the demo, really like the atmosphere of the game.
Do you consider adding an option for the arcade mode where you can
only see the enemy ( fullscreen) since, at least in my case, I only
focus on the enemy while playing ?

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Toolkitz AuthorSubscriber
Toolkitz - - 116 comments

Thank you for checking out the demo. Glad you enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, the game is being designed with this split screen format in-mind due to the artist drawing only half of each screen. This is to save time when drawing the backgrounds. I hope to one day actually implemented a single screen option when there is enough support for the project, so it is not out of the question.

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Altillra - - 2 comments

Then I hope the game will get a lot of support.^^

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