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This weeks patch is rather small and mostly focused around Quality of Life changes, Regiment (Clan) additions and bug fixes. You can read the Full Changelog at the bottom of the Blog Post. As usual, here are some of the more important changes in detail:

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Welcome to Battle Cry of Freedoms' 5th regular update. As usual, we implemented a number of community-requested features and changes. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to join our Discord Server!

This weeks patch is rather small and mostly focused around Quality of Life changes, Regiment (Clan) additions and bug fixes. You can read the Full Changelog at the bottom of the Blog Post. As usual, here are some of the more important changes in detail:

Player position Desync and Melee changes

We have hopefully fixed an issue causing others players to heavily desync when bumping into each other. This patch should significantly improve this problem and should result in much better melee gameplay. In addition, we have also added a number of Melee changes. Please take a look in the Changelog for details.

Regiment Requested Features

Using the Modded Troops (Enable under Player Settings on Server), Regiments now will have access to two fully customizable placeholder units for the Union and Confederates. Regiments therefore will be able to use these placeholders to create their own uniforms with. The Confederates have access to various Butternut, Grey and EAC uniforms while the Union has access to Frock Coats, Sack Coats and Hardee Hats.

The placeholder Units provide standard Infantry bonuses, so they should be good to use in Linebattles too! Players can even edit the Display name of these Units by modifying the Moddable Troops.txt in the game folder.

Commander Conquest

As mentioned in an earlier Blog, we ran into some unforeseen issues with the new game mode and had to delay its release. We are still finalizing and testing the new game mode, and therefore have decided not to release it just yet. Instead, Commander Conquest will go live next Monday the 11th April!

To celebrate the addition of the new Commander Conquest game mode, Battle Cry of Freedom will be participating in a Weeklong Steam Sale from the 11th to the 18th of April.

Battle Cry of Freedom Sale!

From the 11th to the 18th of April, you will be able to pick up Battle Cry of Freedom for 25% off of the retail price of $19.99 (€19.99).

Full Changelog

New Features:

  • Added 6 new Community request banners.
  • Added non-assigned key bind to make the mouse sensitivity in Scene Editor as low as possible while it's being held.
  • Added a setting to scale the compass/score UI.

Changes and fixes:

  • Hopefully fixed various desync issues relating to corrupted or missing packets.
  • Hopefully mostly fixed players desyncing when running into each other.
  • Fixed an issue causing some of the banners not to be displayed correctly.
  • Updated 2 Community Banners.
  • Decreased Gatling Gun turn rate by 10%
  • Apple trees should now fall to the ground when chopped down.
  • Fixed incorrect scabbard of the Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre.
  • Reduced backwards Walk and Run Speed.
  • Fixed an issue with player colliders, causing players bumping into each other to desync more often than they should.
  • Reduced musket bayonet melee downstab damage by 5%.
  • Fixed that the reload animation would not play when moving while reloading was enabled.
  • Added a cooldown to blocking and attacking after pushing.
  • When crouched and in melee mode, players now deliver 30% less melee damage.
  • After blocking an incoming attack, players now will have a 0.1 second long melee attack cooldown.
  • Fixed that you could push while executing a melee attack.
  • Decreased speed of block and attack direction changing slightly.
  • Slightly reduced the stun length of low damage hits.
  • Reduced the block cooldown after successfully executing a melee attack by 0.1 seconds.
  • You now take more damage from melee if you are hit while reloading.
  • Reload bonus and NCO bonus were increased to 10% from 5% per buff.
  • Calling out militia should no longer yell “Engineer!”.
  • Lieutenant now stands more to the left in the bot formation.
  • Lieutenant will now only fire at targets that are close.
  • Changed some of the code for randomly spawned props in the map editor.
  • You now get notified if a spawn is no longer valid
  • Added a new UI letting players know for how long they have to hold the Key-Cap in King of the Hill, Battle, and Commander Battle.
  • Added a small delay timer on your bots spawning after you spawn if spawned in late or no one is on the other team.
  • Made fog less likely to occur.
  • Removed hardcoded melee penalty for skirmisher bots and replaced it with a setting we can adjust on a per-company basis.
  • Server should no longer load large maps if there is a small playercount.

Are you interested in attending huge organized Linebattles with hundreds of players? Then join our Discord and enlist with one of the Regiments (Clans) hosting organized events!


Thank you! Stay tuned for next Monday!
/Flying Squirrel Entertainment

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