The newest build of ALIENS: ERADICATION TC with many improvements and additions. After testing and tweaking the Eradication mapset, my attention turned to improving gameplay with the Doom/Doom2 iwads and custom maps/pwads.

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The original goal of this project was to simply make a set of maps using assets from Kontra Kommando's Aliens: Trilogy/Ultimate Doom mod. While making these maps I would get an idea or two and edit the original Mod to implement the idea. A few ideas turned into dozens and the result is what I present to you today. This latest update focuses mostly on the Total Conversion when playing with the original Doom and Doom2 maps and custom maps that use mostly vanilla assets. The edits made to the mod in order to implement the ideas used in the Eradication mapset kinda broke the balance in these other maps/wads. After many hours of playtesting I am very happy with the game play experience. After testing wads like Scythe, Base Ganymede, Doom and Doom2 the way id did, Lunar catastrophe, and many others (see readme for a comprehensive list of wads that work well with ALIENS: ERADICATION TC) on all difficulty settings, I felt it was time for an update release. Enjoy and Thank you.



Screenshot Doom 20200218 163132

*New changes in this update*

  • Added ALT fire "Burst shot" to SHOTGUN that fires 3 shells in quick succession.
  • Added an adrenaline speed boost that last for 30 seconds and then recharges after a short time. This was added to compensate for the slower player speed in the mod. Some doom platforming
    in various wads was impossible with this slower movement speed. This feature will help with wads that disable jumping allowing the player to use speed and possibly strafe running to
    traverse these sections. It can also help with nukage areas and to help in particularly hard fights.
  • Rebalanced boss level (ERADICATION MAPSET) for all classes. The challenge was too much and felt cheap.
  • More balancing for iwad/pwad item placements and amounts.
  • Human enemies have a burning death animation when killed with fire.
  • Player can run while reloading from iron sights. Previously, player speed would remain reduced until reload finished.
  • Weapons revert to normal sights after reloading from iron sights. Pressing the iron sights key during reload animation will return to iron sights after reloading.


Screenshot Doom 20210103 224848Screenshot Doom 20210103 225517

The Aliens have risen again on planetoid LV426 at Weyland/Yutani corporation's best kept secret...A second colony! They still want the creature for research.

1. (ERADICATION DEDICATED MAPSET) Four unique player classes with there own stories, enemy encounters, item placement, side/bonus missions, and even some maps exclusive to the class you have chosen to play.
2. Weapons and enemies from the Aliens Trilogy PS1 game, the Aliens films and more.
3. Play the single player, 8 map campaign (ERADICATION DEDICATED MAPSET) or load up the mod with your favorite iwad or pwad to give them the "Alien treatment".
Works with most Doom and Doom2 wads (not tested with other mods).
4. Deploy auto turrets and drones (class specific) to set traps or create defensive choke points.
5. Take advantage of environmental hazards (fire and electricity) to help even the odds.


The Colonist:
-Evade hordes of aliens, saving as many fellow colonist as you can, along the way. Once found, they can be ordered to follow you or stand in place to guard an area.
The colonist is vulnerable to the face huggers attack. If they get close, run (don't walk) and they will likely miss their initial attack.
If they are allowed to linger at your feet they will insta-kill you.

The Mercenary:
-Raid the colony as a space-faring pirate, intent on obtaining valuable research and materials from the site.
The constant rumors about alien genetics and ground breaking weaponology have peaked your groups interest in the new colony on LV426. The Mercenary is vulnerable to the face huggers attack.
If they get close, run (don't walk) and they will likely miss their initial attack. If they are allowed to linger at your feet they will insta-kill you.

The Yutani-Operative:
-As a member of the Special Operations Force (a Japanese arm of the Weyland/Yutani corp) you are tasked with wiping the site clean.
All human witnesses must be eliminated. Other members of your team will collect genetic samples and possibly live specimens of the known Xeno elements.
Full body armour and a helmet protect the Operative from face huggers, but beware of their acid blood.

The Combat Synthetic:
-You are a security asset for the colony, activated in emergency situations.
The colony's systems are disabled when a band of mercs assault the site and, as a result, release the specimens in the labs. Now you must destroy all Xeno elements.
Face huggers recognize that the Combat Synth is not "alive" and, therefore, will abort its attempt to impregnate it.


Screenshot Doom 20210103 234023

ALIENS: ERADICATION MAPSETScreenshot Doom 20210103 234041

ALIENS: ERADICATION MAPSETScreenshot Doom 20210103 234111

ALIENS: ERADICATION MAPSETScreenshot Doom 20210103 234215

ZikShadow has a series of videos on his YouTube channel. Check it out.

*Previous updates (just in case you missed them)*

Changes from RC2 to RELEASE:

  • Added IRON SIGHTS to pistol.
  • Player movement is slowed when using iron sights.
  • The FRIENDLY COLONIST now shows up in IWADS/PWADS as a cocooned human. You can rescue him with the "use key" or leave him to his fate.
    Once released, he can be ordered to follow or stand ground.
  • More xeno CEILING BEHAVIOR. Previously, the standard ceiling Xenos would not jump back up to the ceiling after dropping the initial time.
    They do now...randomly jumping back and forth between ceiling and floor.
  • Red border on MOTION TRACKER only appears when a facehugger is within range.
  • More sprite work (improved iron site on Pulse Rifle, Pistol iron sights, etc)
  • Fixed dynamic rotating emergency lights. They previously stopped working for some reason.
  • Keys represented on HUD when found. (forgot this from last update log)
  • Fixed smartgun tracer when playing with IWADS/PWADS. (was slightly bugged before)
  • More BRIGHTMAPS. Lots more...
  • Fixed BFALL1 and SFALL1 textures with appropriate dripping slime/acid.
  • Fixed some texture patches and alignments.

Changes from RC1 to RC2:

  • Alien BLOOD/ACID COLOR is a dull yellowish/green instead of neon green which is used for the Predator.
  • MOTION TRACKER signals are no longer color coded for individual actors and are now represented by simple white dots. Facehugger warning has been removed.
  • MOTION TRACKER audio is closer to the movie audio.
  • Under water counter for remaining oxygen added to hud.
  • FLAMETHROWER prevented from firing under water.
  • Various sound improvements.
  • KNIFE added to starting weapons (except the Colonist, who must find it).
  • PISTOL no longer has infinite ammo.
  • PISTOL can be switched from FULL AUTO to SEMI AUTO for Yutani-Operative and Synthetic classes.
  • FLAMETHROWER fire rips through multiple enemies.
  • FLAMETHROWER has alternate fire which tosses a fuel canister that can be detonated when shot. It can be picked up again and the fuel added back to your inventory.
  • SHOTGUN now has proper frames when reloading.
  • Player dismounts the POWERLOADER when changing weapons. You can get back in it.
  • Player's view height raises when using the POWERLOADER.
  • FLARES can be thrown at any angle with mouse look and leave behind a burnt out flare when expired.
  • Various sprite improvements.
  • TRACER FIRE speed increased for all weapons.
  • Map 7 now has a timer until exit lift arrives for the Yutani Class.
  • Various other map fixes.

Changes in DEMO 2:

  • Hud scaling is fixed for all resolutions.
  • Hatched eggs no longer count towards the total monster count.
  • Flares no longer pass through unbroken vents and no longer break windows.
  • Aliens behaviour is slightly more aggressive.
  • Smart gun locked behaviour improved.
  • The COLONIST has access to the colony's electrical and fuel systems creating opportunities to set fire and electrocution traps.
  • The MERCENARY must fight colonist, conducting a raid to steal valuable research and material related to the xenomorphs (who have gotten out, of course).
  • The YUTANI OPERATIVE must fight mercenaries, colonist, and xenos in a sweeping "Kill Them All, Leave No Witnesses" mission.
  • The COMBAT SYNTHETIC must find repair/replacement stations located through out the colony to heal and cannot use the standard (human) health kits.
  • The COMBAT SYNTHETIC has a data base of schematics for the colony compound, providing it with the full automap on start up.

Honestly? It looks like an actual "off-the shelves" game, not a mod.
Great Job.

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Payload4367 Author

Thank you for playing it and commenting. It was a lot of fun making.

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Hi Payload, first exceptional work, honestly one of my favorite aliens experiences... that being said, without posting spoilers, I'm having some trouble at literally what I believe to be the end of the colonists campaign. I think a sequence is bugged. How do I contact you? Thanks again!

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Payload4367 Author

I'd be happy to help. I sent you a friend invite. You can message me. Does that stand for a Custom ESP guitar? Just curious.

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Thanks! Yes, I am a big guitar fan and collector. ESP is my favorite company! Do you play?

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Payload4367 Author

Yep. Played a few ESPs over the years. Never owned one but loved the ones I played. I am mostly using an Explorer now, but the LesPaul has been my fav...until it started to ruin my back. haha. Kind of a Gibson guy but I own a Fenders and Jacksons and stuff too.

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Looks like all of my previous gripes have been answered, thanks for this! Will try out the new version soon!

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Can you test this mod with a wadsmooshed doom_complete.pk3 file? The game works but the title screen map seems to be missing skies and objects.

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Payload4367 Author

Hmmm... Make sure to load the pk3 file first, followed by the wad file. I recall that if the correct load order wasn't used I would encounter that same problem. Then again, someone told me that the reverse worked for them, so try both ways and see what happens. I'll get wadsmooshed and see what happens. Thanks.

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This looks rad!

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The game won't start. I am using zdoom. It says "Script error, "ERADICATION_MAPSET.wad:DECORATE" line 12:
"floatbobstrength" is an unknown actor property"

I tried using lzdoom and it loads the game but it's not loading the weapons, sprites, textures, ect.

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