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Hello, All!

Here are some thoughts and decisions concerning various changes/improvements for the FINAL release version of ALIENS: Eradication. This is not a comprehensive list.

  • After hearing suggestions, I will be adding a Motion Tracker sound that is closer to the Trilogy game and Aliens movie.
  • The monster spawns while playing with iwads/pwads will be lessened slightly. After testing with Dozens of mapsets, it feels entirely too hard. The quick melee nature of the aliens makes tipical Doom closets and traps an absolute nightmare. Had to play most of them on the easiest setting. Will be adding the colonist to the roster as easy fodder for the player among other fine tuning.
  • More brightmaps and correction of some texture alignments for switches, etc.
  • Under a certain set of circumstances (usually involving in-fighting) an enemy won't show on the Motion Tracker. Must fix this.
  • After unequipping the Loader, the players' speed does not return to full when playing with iwads/pwads. This will be fixed.

Just a few things I've run into while continuing testing. Let me know what you've found and what you liked and didn't like. Thanks!

Get ALIENS: Eradication here


Have a safe day All!

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