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Hello there and Merry Christmas! In this blog we will be talking about the various music instruments in the game and our most recent 300+ Player Server test.

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Hello there and Merry Christmas! This weeks blog will be rather short as I am sure most of you are very busy with Christmas Celebrations.

Music Instruments

As many of you are probably aware, Battle Cry of Freedom features a playable Musician class, able to use music instruments such as the Fife, the Drum or the Bugle. However, as usual, we went one step further and added usable Pianos, Banjos and Violins to the game.

Players can choose from a large variety of different songs, all of which can be performed by any of the music instruments in the game. The music system is designed with cooperation in mind; players can perform tunes together in perfect harmony and beat. In addition to the Fife, Drum, Bugle, Piano, Banjo and Violin we also added a usable songbook to the game, which will allow players to sing along to all the songs in the game. All instruments were played and recorded by award-winning musicians in professional sound studios, ensuring both quality and accuracy to the source material.

Check out the Christmas themed preview we have prepared for you below:

300+ Player Server Stress Test

Last weekend on the 18th December we hosted a large-scale 300+ Player test. The test went very well, providing us with valuable Server and Client Performance data. The collected data will be used to improve both Server and Client-side performance. However, we are already very happy with our current Server Performance, outperforming many other games on the market. From our current estimates and calculations, 400 players should be achievable without further tweaking of the game, and 500 players is likely reachable with only minor adjustments. As such, we have bumped the officially supported player count from 300 to 400.

The event was recorded by several YouTubers, so if you are interested in checking out their perspective from the event, here are some videos:

Pixelated Apollo



Nobleman Asa

Stay tuned for future updates here or on our Social media, as we have a lot more content coming in the near future. We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield very soon!

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