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Celebrating the first 1000 downloads of Chyrkyan Trial

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And finally, after beating it on GameJOLT, our little first mini-game Chyrkyan Trial got its 1000 downloads between its profiles on ModDB and IndieDB: this is a small but great goal which means a lot for us, so thanks everyone who supported us as "real" game developers and not just as modders (we are the "creators" of the Rush to Supremacy mods' series).

Chyrkyan Trial is, however, just a very small and simple serial game and we bet most of you are expecting something with more action...

For those who still follow us for these mods

we wish to advice you that there will be no more updates, since we're now working exclusively on our own indipendent games such as STAR QUORK Cyoven'Hant, which can be already played through a public OPEN ALPHA multiplayer map downloadable both on ModDB, IndieDB and GameJOLT, where you'll find a sip of all the action you may need to have!

Have a fun time,


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