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I like amazing FPSs like Doom/Blood and retro and pixelated games !
My music ranges from Jack Stauber to Death Grips xd

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Absolutely incredible. I'm 29 years old and I was ADDICTED to this game as a kid, probably around age 7-9. I remember playing it on my parents Sega Genesis so much, and getting so into it, that they actually had to ground me from the game!! Needless to say, despite my love for the game I never got much past level 20. It wasn't until I was an adult that I learned if you kept it up you could KILL the snakeoids (makes sense in hindsight, but I didn't have the internet back then to look up the walkthrough). ANYWAYS, This is incredible. The sounds, the animations, the movement and characteristics. Even the hidden bonuses like the bonus level 1a hidden in the bush on level one (had to be VERY lucky to get a bazooka on level 1, super rare in the real game). I played through til the very end and only lost my first neighbor on level 7 to the wearwolf who literally spawned right on top of them (reminiscent of the real game).

Taking damage on the trampoline was a change for me, those areas used to be safe zones. The "destroyable hedge" markings are a bit hard to see, but most hedges, especially in level 4, were destroyable so I pretty much guessed and was right.

Overall phenomenal work and totally fun to play, and i'm coming for that Patreon once I hit submit.

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Dude27th Creator

I'm glad you are enjoying it ^^
I didn't get too far when I was a kid neither, it's a kind of hard game and if you don't understand the mechanics and quirks of the gameplay.
I played more the snes version than the sega genesis one, but I really liked the sega genesis ost because it sounded more "videogame-y" to me at the time xd

And thank you! I want to recreate the mechanics of zamn as close as I can in the GZDoom engine for this mod ^^, with exception on those cases when something can be more flexible or less restrictive than in the original implementation of course.

About the feedback:
- The taking damage on the trampoline is something I've been trying to tweak with latest releases.

- Also the item spawning are more common in this mod, as well as the Boogeyman. Principally because that there's not too much levels at the moment so balancing that wouldn't become an issue unless there's more maps in the future, also it is kinda more fun having a higher risk/reward factor in them.
I did make an item spawner that is more accurate to zamn tho, so if neccesary I could switch them to that easily.

- About the destroyable hedges, yes is in my todo list to make them more noticeable. The leafs on top is an indicator but I've got comments before that for some people the shadows was an indicator as well so I'll try to improve that.

Thanks for your comment and support! ^^

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I love the mod zamn it is very nice and nostalgic when you will update it, keep it up crack

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Dude27th Creator

I'm glad you like it! ^^
I've been working on it more secretly on my patreon, because of that new release of Zamn, I've been avoiding to draw too much attention to the project lately in case that there's a risk of cease & dessist now that the ip is more active.

I'll try to update it near Halloween or Christmas if I have to skip Halloween for this same issues :/

I'll be back more active once this becomes less of a risk ^^

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Dude27th Creator

Hi everyone! ^^
If you want to follow closely the progress on ZAMN TC consider supporting me on Patreon!

Is just 1$ and I do montlhy updates of wip content, and I post screenshots and videos in there as well c:

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I absolutely LOVE the ZAMN mod! So much nostalgia for an underrated gem. Thanks for taking the time and effort to bring this to life <3

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Dude27th Creator

You are welcome! :D

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