The Allied victory over the Soviet Union was swift, hasty, and not at all total. Crawling back from the brink of defeat by a daring chrono strike into the heart of the Soviet Union - Moscow - the Soviet leadership was apprehended in mere minutes, and peace was declared in mere hours.

The red armies, still occupying war-torn Europe, retreated to the east - ready to be sent west by the next premier. Oh, the USA kept watch over the Soviet Union, at first, but the bear was never declawed, and the USA could hardly occupy three continents.

North America was a place of peace and prosperity, and, though perhaps with too much grumbling, the USA saw fit to invest mightily into Europe, seeking to create a strong community of allies on the Soviet Union's border. But this drained the USA's resources, and more men and materials were redeployed to the west side of the Atlantic, as tensions in South America reached a boiling point.

Communist insurgents rose up all throughout the continent, and after a taxing and brutal struggle for years, peace was about to be declared on Isla Contadora. It was there that the Allied officials met an early grave, though it is unknown which side shot first. No matter who started it, the war was on again.

Was it Yuri's work? He was certainly behind the various independence movements in Africa and the Middle-East, speaking out against the imperialists and the neo-imperialists, the colonists and the capitalists. Soon, the Hurria movement, meaning 'Freedom' in Arabic, wrestled with both the Soviets and the Allies in the region. Which, inevitably, caused the two to clash in places such as Libya and Iraq.

As the powers that be occupied themselves with proxy wars, a Psychic Dominator rose up amidst the pyramids of Egypt. In the far east, untold billions were unknowingly poised to unite under Yuri at the push of a button. Even spy satellites couldn't catch the covert operations Yuri committed deep within Allied territory.

And then, one day, Yuri revealed himself to the world at large. His PSI Corps was ready to ascend to virtual godhood and govern the entire world. The ultimate peace, an era of prosperity for all, of science, of wonders and miracles undreamed of ever before. And it only required the activation of a dozen Psychic Dominators.

How easy it seemed - and how miraculously Yuri's plans were undone, thanks to time travel. But, suppose that the Allied airforce didn't disable the Psychic Dominator on Alcatraz Island. Suppose that the Allies weren't able to travel back in time. Suppose that all these years of hard work would have paid of, resulting in a humanity free of aggression, free of violence, free of anything negative at all?

Take a look at Yuri's hard work, culminating in this final glorious moment, and ask yourself: Is it not better to live in eternal happiness, with the great Yuri caring for you, as a father would, as humanity's very own god is wont to?

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To do list


- Grand Cannon is above Prism Tower in sidebar:
- Soviet MCV is grey, not brown (but the filenames are correct and it is in XCC Mixer...?)
- Soviets currently have no way to heal infantry
- Check Repair Crane:
- Fix Confederate supply crates: (didn't work)
- Foundation of Arsenal of Democracy - needs one row more at the back
- Rework Black Eagle
- Make Surge's speed boost weapon work
- Add main menu loading screen
- Add Venezuela, Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan loading screen pictures
- Modify Great Britain loading screen picture
- Add Harrier anti-air capabilities
- Modify AI: Add Yugoslavia and Saudi Arabia
- Modify AI: European Union and Allied Nations (and Pakistan?) use aircraft oddly
- Modify AI: European Union and Allied Nations do not use Chronosphere
- Modify AI: Pridwen, Riptide, Kite, Guardian Medium Tank, IFV, Guise (don't use AI-only versions of these units with initial passengers, make the AI load units inside)
- Modify AI: Nighthawk, Flak Track, Flak Tank (make us of transport functionality)
- Add 'take vehicle' script for Engineers to hijack neutral vehicles ( / update Ares):
- European sidebar uses Soviet layout (inherent 'feature' of Ares, needs a completely new sidebar)
- Improve Airbase buildup
- Improve Landing Strip buildup
- Add navy
- Rework Tech Secret Lab
- Add stolen tech
- Add singleplayer campaign
- Noosphere Tether should get an occupy animation
- Brainchamber should get an occupy animation (but this is currently impossible)
- European Chronosphere and Weather Control Device appear to be too blue
- Fix FLHS
- Exclude / change appropriate unit in gamemodes
- Add unique sounds for:
;EVENT HORIZON HOVER SOUND (currently uses Cryo Copter)

Hurria units & buildings

Hurria units & buildings

News 1 comment

The units and buildings of Hurria (to be updated).

PSI Corps units & buildings

PSI Corps units & buildings

News 1 comment

The units and buildings of the PSI Corps.

Contadora Confederation units & buildings

Contadora Confederation units & buildings

News 1 comment

The units and buildings of the Contadora Confederation (to be updated).

World Socialist Union units & buildings

World Socialist Union units & buildings


The units and buildings of the World Socialist Union (to be updated).

Browser_Travel - - 162 comments

Is it still develop?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
krisavi - - 11 comments

This mod seems quite nice, I hope development eventually continues and it will get the to-do list done. Seemed like most of the things were cosmetic and mod was quite ready for release.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AlexDaLegend - - 69 comments

hey, how's the mod progressing?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
VEngencus - - 16 comments

looks very interesting from the very beginning, good job

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
nlspeed911 Creator
nlspeed911 - - 9 comments

Thank you very much! :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Meyerm - - 1,186 comments

An ambitious and exciting project. I'll be interested to see where it leads.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
nlspeed911 Creator
nlspeed911 - - 9 comments

Thank you! I just added a to do list, here: - as you can see from there (and from the images and articles), the mod is 'sort of almost ready' for a first release, but I will go on a holiday tomorrow, and I really don't work much on it (I have a fulltime job as well), so a first release could be months away anyway. :P

Reply Good karma+1 vote
mike89200 - - 181 comments

wow that could become a great and show what yuri where doing between red alert 2 ending and the begining of yuri revenge is it done with arès engine ? (like mo or red ressurection) ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
nlspeed911 Creator
nlspeed911 - - 9 comments

Probably Westwood / EA Games made Yuri's Revenge begin right after the end of Red Alert 2... But there is no proof for this, so I decided to have fun and pretend that the introduction movie of Yuri's Revenge actually takes place decades after the end of Red Alert 2. I've always liked worldbuilding, and I have a huge campaign thought up in my head (will it ever be made? That is highly doubtful), ending with Yuri failing to defend the Psychic Dominator on Alcatraz.

And yes, the mod uses Ares. :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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