Latest version to run on the F!R Predator and Wicked Witch's one and only WTS World Server 4.20 (IP178.84.155.203::2302)
Please check always the forum about the latest IP or news!

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  • Ship Archive and System Map (made by Wicked Witch):
  • and join the Teamspeak at IP:
  • If you played Freelancer for years and come to the WTS WORLD CCN
  • Server, than you will be a newbie again

Main features:

  • a variety of 600 different planes and ships,and some of them are cloakable
  • a large variety of equipment and weapons
  • totally new equipment possibilities (powerplants, scanners, tractor beams, upgrades for shields and reactors, armor, radiation shields, ....) to outfit your ship with
  • a lot of new systems to explore, some incredibly big with more than one "solar system“ and the possibility of entering the atmosphere of a planet
  • special reputation settings for clans and clan bases, where you can start your own space imperium,including the chance to conquer and destroy your enemie's bases
  • really unfriendly NPCs, which are a challenge for any pilot meeting the best NPC-killers in the world, the [974] clan, which blast those like nothing
  • a world wide multiplayer community with some of the best pilots around are waiting for you to PVP with them
  • special server features include player cloaking, bounty hunt, special death messages, bumper wars, and more
  • give also a chance and visit the site
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WTSWorld CCN 4.20


Some future's from the 4.20 mod:

- as you guess it will get harder again:

  • shields will eat up power depending on capacity + regeneration

    and the shield effects and modifiers have been reworked completly

  • cruise engines will eat up power depending mostly on size of ship
  • npc got tweaked once more


  • you will need 'Security Passes', which will be sold depending on your reputation with LG and SSY

    to dock bases, which sell those big ships, cloakable ships, bombers etc.

  • you will need 'Gate Activation Units' to pass certain JumpGates.

Also there are some goodies:

  • pilot licenses won't be lost and

    will be sold depending on reputation with LG + SSY and

    give power

  • you will be able to earn 'medals of honor' which also give power


  • every NPC will at least drop 1 "kill token"

    5000 of those (or an ACE license) will give you the chance

    to dock Mr. Crabtree's Yacht, where some special equipment

    and the lowest level 'Medal of Honor' is 4 sale.

    BUT be aware that the guarding Marsian Mafia will still shot ya

    and you might need a few attempts, to leave

    - so shoping 4 friends with a big freighter might not be the best idea.

  • Also there are special bases with special goodies,

    you can dock if you got

    • an ACE License
    • a Base Owner License
  • NPCs will randomly drop spare equipment parts and Credit Tokens on high level missions

Some more specials 4 events

  • special 'Racing Flags', which can be collected during race events
  • special 'Event System' with no encounters and only 2 bases
  • 'Pod Races' possible in our all new 'Planet Tatooine' system
  • 'Lightsailor Races' possible with our all Bajoran Lightsailing ships'

    (just activate 'engine kill' on those)

And some more specials 4 clans

  • bases can only be destroyed by using a Carrier type ship,

    which comes equipped with a 'Planet Killer' weapon.

    Depending on the type + size of base, this will need 2 to 5 direct hits.

  • Carriers are only sold to Base Owners.

    Those need to get a special 'Security Passes' at the Base Owner's only base.

  • ammo for that 'Planet Killer' weapon has to be request by [ASF].

    Delivery will take a few days and every request will be published in the forum.

  • to fire that weapon you will need a hugh amount of power capacity,

    which can only be provided by a special CARRIER REACTOR.

    This will have a very low recharge - but you will be able to

    charge it with a special power (gun) unit, which burns 'Antimatter'.

    'Antimatter' can only be gained by mining in high risk areas.

  • There are new mining ships 4 those mining activities,

    highly shielded against radiation - but extremely slow.

  • If your base gets heavily ***aged, you won't be able to dock.

    Also the admin team will raise the price of your clan restart


    But you will be able 2 repair it with a special repair ship.

    The 'repair gun' will need 'Quarks' to work.

    'Quarks' can also only be gained by mining in high risk areas.

    Also you might want to pay [ASF] for immediate repair.

    Repair fee is transfered to attacker.

  • To keep war fair, the CARRIERs won't die and respawn

    - but just loose their equipment and render unusable.

    If the attackers commit, they lost, [ASF] will kill (and respawn) the carrier against a fee.

    Fee will be transfered to defenders.

  • Fees
    • repair of base type1 - 500.000.000
    • repair of base type2 - 750.000.000
    • repair of base type3 -
    • repair of base type4 - 1.500.000.000
    • repair of carrier - 250.000.000

    Go for more info to: or visite our homepage:

New Trailer and News Feature on WTS World

New Trailer and News Feature on WTS World


Ace's High has provvided the community a selfmade trailer with ingame footage - in the meantime Pablo Barral's GNN News Network has been released with...

WTS Screenshot Contest II is over

WTS Screenshot Contest II is over


After a small period of time, where the WTS Members have posted the best screenshots of the Mod, the Winner have finally been chosen.

Solar Surfing comes to WTS

Solar Surfing comes to WTS


New deadly Sports now back in Sirius Sector

BiPlane Contest Invented

BiPlane Contest Invented


A new contest with BiPlanes (petrol airplanes n Planet Earth) as been invented.

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WTS World CCN 4.20 Final

WTS World CCN 4.20 Final

Full Version 5 comments

The new WTS World CCN mod is final. Confince yourself to feel a newby again! Please read the forum for install instructions. Try before you die.....

WTS World Wallpaper Pack

WTS World Wallpaper Pack

Wallpapers 2 comments

Small Wallpaper Pack includes 4 Images with different Sizes

WTS World: Freelancer Wallpaper

WTS World: Freelancer Wallpaper

Wallpapers 2 comments

This rar contains the Freelancer Scene of the Intro in three Variants.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 70)

can you play on lan with this?????

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I cant update this, YOU HAVE 404 ERROR!
What to do? I installed this, I cant found you server too, maybe its offline?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


hey, the download links are not working for me

I can't download this! is this still online in the year 2013?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Wow, This Looks amazing! So many Sci-Fi Universes in ONE mod! :D Please tell me there is a community of active players. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey I downloaded from the link and now I am gettting this strange error message from the mod manager: (version 1.3)

"The centeral directory was not found in the archive (or you were trying to open the not last disk of a multi-disk archive)"

What am I doing wrong here?

I tried to save and open on those files and no matter what I get the same message.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Wait nevermind I fixed that,turned out I needed the newer Mod manager (v1.5 Incase anyone else has that same problem) which I didn't know existed until now.

And now however, there is a new complication... I can get the mod all the way to the screen that says
WTS Freelancer. (Right after the Microsoft Games, Anvil, and the little Freelancer intro plays) to show for about ten seconds and then it crashes. Still no clue on what I am doing.

Also how to I connect to the servers? The IP address and such?

Any help would be great, thanks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Predator-WTS Creator

The best way if you use window's 7 i guess is to activate the mod and than install all the files from modmanager to your Freelancer directory.

It looks like the mod is activating well, but window 7 doesn't overwrite the files okay.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

The Server-IP change currently.

And please check the forum 4 the latest changes.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Thanks. Fixed that and now started. However I am still crashing, but this time it's everytime I launch from a certain star base.
(Where you can purchase the three Jedi Starfighters:Plo Koon, Regular, and the red Jedi Intercepter type)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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