A First World War modification for World in Conflict with a greater focus on realism than WiC, and detailed historical accuracy. The campaign is set during the German spring offensive of 1918, the "Kaiserschlacht", translated "Emperor's Battle". It was the last and largest single offensive of the the war, Germany's gamble to knock Britain out of the war before the the Americans could arrive in force.

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Our goal is to form a relatively small but highly productive and tight knit team that is more likely to release, and would release faster than an unwieldy and scattered large team would.
If interested, E-mail me at RJL90808@hotmail.com

We are looking for:

3D modelers, Texture Artists/UV Mappers, and Animators. Must have the skill to replicate the level of quality seen in WiC models. Pre-existing knowledge of how to work with the World in Conflict mod tools is not a requirement, as this can be taught or performed by others after the model has been made according to specifications.

Individuals who have a strong grasp of the WiC scripting language, as there will be high demand for pushing the limits of what can be done with scripting to accomplish certain things.

Individuals who are skilled in map making and level design with the WiC tools, and have examples of completed maps. Pre-existing knowledge of WW1 is not a requirement, as I can provide all the information you'd need, but it definately helps if the mapper has the drive to do their own research to suppliment what I outline with ideas of their own.

Sound designers/engineers. A lot of sound has to be created;. Gunfire, flames, explosions, destruction sounds, vehicle engines, plane engines, ambient tracks, etc.

Actors. German speakers and British actors (Or those who can do a proper accent), to give voice to the units confirmations and status reports in-game.

Also interested in 2D artists for the Campaign Cutscenes, Splash Screens, and User Interface.

WiC1918 kicks off.

WiC1918 kicks off.


A total conversion for WiC. I'll outline what our goals are, and what the gameplay and units will be like.

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Guest - - 692,230 comments

this pile of dead donkey poo needs to be vanished from earth by the big ban hammer

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Guest - - 692,230 comments

еееее Love

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removethisprofile - - 431 comments

please read and sign this petition:

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Guest - - 692,230 comments

Nice! I hope you will finished it!

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N3uR0m4nT3 - - 408 comments


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Astra213 - - 95 comments

Mods should be rembered, so that people get an idea for them in the future. Though this may be dead, maybe an old vetran of WiC will pick up his mouse and make his own.

Mods should stay were they die, in a matter of rembrence, so that people can look upon them to give themselfs hope.

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nightovizard - - 1,462 comments

its a sheme that its dead, because that trenches looks sooo goood!

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Sgt_V3n0m - - 106 comments

Damn, it's deader than Franz Ferdinand.

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Oh damn ;D

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Aniettem - - 625 comments

dead ?

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