'The First True Cold War, 1939-1949'

Winter Warfare is a modification set during a fictional version of World War 2 were a new Ice Age has begun which covers much of the Northern Hemisphere. Austria-Hungary never disbanded after WW1, the Battle of Britain is lost for the British and Operation Sealion is a success, the Soviets are defeated and Japan invaded the US. This mod tells the story after the main Allied Powers have fallen such as the United States, Britain and the Soviets, instead it focuses on the remaining allies as they fight in brutal winter weather against a huge Axis force.

-Set in the fictional extension of World War 2 called "The Cold War"
-New weapons and vehicles from the era
-New snow and ice winter environments
-New Factions
-New Maps
-Suppression when shot at
-Vehicle and Weapon jamming/unreliability
-New In-game HUD
-Realistic Winter weather effects

-Australia and New Zealand (ANZAC)

-African Commonwealth (Remnants of Britain's African protectorates e.g South Africa)
-Latin-American Forces

-Nazi Germany

(More may come)

Confirmed Maps (Not all in first realese)

Eastern Front (Russia, Ukraine)
The Ukraine - Nazi Germany vs China
Lennigrad Streets - Nazi Germany vs China
Dnepropetrovsk - Austria-Hungary vs China
Volga Crossing - Nazi Germany vs China
Crimea - Romania vs China
Spring Thaw - Nazi Germany vs China
Operation Whiteout - Nazi Germany vs China

British Front (Great Britain)

Operation Hellstorm - Nazi Germany vs ANZAC
Counter-attack - Nazi Germany vs ANZAC
Attack on Hill 398 - Nazi Germany vs ANZAC

Asian/Pacific Front (China, Korea, Pacific)
Cherwoon - Japan vs China
Xinjiang - Japan vs China
Pyongyang - Japan vs China

American Front (Canada, USA)
171st Parallel - Japan vs Canada
Canadian Wilderness - Japan vs Canada
Battle for Juaréz - Japan vs Latin-American Forces
San Miguel - Japan vs Latin-American Forces

Scandinavian Front (Norway, Finland)
Norwegian Forest - Finland vs Iceland
Operation Blue Dragon - Finland vs China
Lapland Offensive - Finland vs China

Western Front (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands)
Operation Firefeet - Nazi Germany vs Iceland
Attack on St.Vith - Nazi Germany vs Canada
Battle of Santie-Enimie - Italy vs Canada
Operation Gladiator - Nazi Germany vs Canada
Battle for Bastogne - Nazi Germany vs Canada
Downpour - Nazi Germany vs Canada

Balkans/Mediterranean Front (Balkans)
Greek Farmlands - Austria-Hungary vs ANZAC
Battle of Bucharest - Romania vs China

African Front (Africa)
Abyssinia - Italy vs African Commonwealth
Kongo - Italy vs African Commonwealth
Invasion of Somaliland - Italy vs African Commonwealth
Battle of Mokolo - Italy vs African Commonwealth

(More May Come)

Leader, Tweaker, Mapper, Music, 3D Modeling: MagnúsTheCat
Co-leader, Mapper, Tweaker, Mesh Hacking, 3D Modelling:
Concept Designer/Research: MasterofMetal
Concept Designer/Research, 3D Modelling: Battlebro19

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Here at CAT Mod Studios and Winter Warfare especially, we need animators for our guns and we need them now! If you think you are up for the job and are intrested, message ethier me or NinjaTheCat!


Full Storyline with Timelines

Full Storyline with Timelines

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The full storyline with timelines for the Winter Warfare modification for Battlefield 2.

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the link?

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Really cool idea, I love everything about it. Too bad it seems dead.

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Sure, maybe, I dont know

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its dead the mod?

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Where the download link?

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make this mod with ultra setting like forgotten hope 2

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Its dead or will be released ?? Steam group exicts ?

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As of January, there is currently little active development on this mod. Our personal lives have taken over since Christmas. However, this doesn't mean that the mod is dead or in hold.

And no we don't have a steam group

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Is this based on WW2?

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Nah the Crusades

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