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Hello everyone, this is my eighth mod for Medieval Engineers and today i'm publishing a set of new voxel materials to the game. The new voxel material have just decorative purpose, but if used with your castles and villages can give a new nice looking! I hope you will enjoy it, please rate it, and fell free to comment anything below. Suggestions and bug reports are really appreciated too. :D

Farm seen from far

Wheat Field

Mod Features (Set of voxel materials):

  1. Tall Grass 1m
  2. Tall Grass 1.5m
  3. Wheat


Where to download it? Here

Other mods for Medieval Engineers: TCW ...on steam: MEMods

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News from The Construction Workers, on Friday 16th October 2015.

Last night we have published a new mod that wasn't expected to come out so early, the Wheat Mod (LINK), that adds wheat as a new voxel material bringing a new look to your maps, creations, villages and castles... Now with the possibility of modding textures and models (Just got the right tools to do everything we could do), there is a large scale of work that we could do and there are many plans for modding. Anyway let's share the current list of the Available Mods and Other Stuff:

Mods (Steam Workshop Collection):

  • Heavy Barbarians
  • Static Tools
  • Survival Improvements*
  • Disabling Stats Mod
  • Reduced Deconstruction Time Mod
  • Scaffolding Blocks Mod
  • Digging Tools
  • Wheat Mod

* These mods are outdated

Wheat FielsStone between the fieldsEngineersSoldier Engineers

Maps and Blueprints: (still to be added, stay tuend ot get the list!)

Work In Progress: (Spoiler Ahead)

  • New Castle Siege Map (Another one beside the Selfmade CS)
  • More Mods like new Furnitures and Flags...
  • Other Huge Maps and Many new Blueprints

Thanks for reading, for any questions comment below and we will answer you, and if you want to join our team and help creating stuff, simply contact us.

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