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(Everything below this pertains to version 1.1.3 only)



  • Left-clicking with empty hands while highlighting nothing will attempt to bring up the last held item.
  • The game now notifies you if there's an empty weapon in a corpse.
  • Ammo HUD now displays rounds instead of clips remaining.
  • Doors and cameras and various things now show minimum damage threshold.
  • You can now lift things with other things on them.
  • Inventory item swapping: You can now swap between an item and any other item(s), the feature will try to sort the items to make the best out of available space.
  • NEW optional save mechanics: Forward Pressure
    • Saving now costs a full "pressure" bar. Loading is free, but resets the bar to 0.
    • You can build pressure through various gameplay activities.
    • The rates at which you build pressure scales with difficulties.


  • Starting skill points from 5000 to 6575. Nothing is prelearned so all points are available.

All weapon skills give the same 20%/50%/100% damage bonus and 5%/12.5%/25% accuracy bonus just like vanilla. These won't be listed for they're not new changes.

Weapons: Destructive

A merge between Demolition and Weapons: Heavy.

Covers: GEP Gun, LAW, Flamethrower, Plasma Rifle, PS20 and grenades.

  • TRAINED (1575): PS20 deals 200% damage to doors and lids.
  • ADVANCED (3150): Flamethrower's ammo efficiency increased by 100%.
  • MASTER (5250): Flamethrower's ammo efficiency increased by 400%.

Weapons: Precision

A collection of marksman weapons.

Covers: Sniper Rifle, Mini-Crossbow, Stealth Pistol.

  • T (1575): Flare Darts ignite enemies on hit.
  • A (3150): Stealth Pistol's headshot damage increased by 12.5%.
  • M (5250): Stealth Pistol's headshot damage increased by 25%.

Weapons: Ballistic

Deals with the rest of the guns.

Covers: Pistol, Assault Rifle, Assault Shotgun, Sawed-off Shotgun.

  • T (1575): let's be real man
  • A (3150): the guns are already too good
  • M (5250): like i buffed the assault rifle and shit

Weapons: Low-Tech

Still mostly the same.

Covers: All melee weapons, Prod, Pepper Gun.

  • T (1350): Crowbar deals 500% damage to doors and lids.
  • A (2700): Combat Knife's headshot damage increased by 25%.
  • M (4500): Combat Knife's headshot damage increased by 50%.

Environmental Training

Now includes swimming and all swimming bonuses.

Covers: Ballistic Armor, Hazmat Suit, Thermoptic Camo, Rebreather, Tech Goggles, Swimming.

  • T (900): Tech Goggles have infravision.
  • A (1800): Tech Goggles have close range sonar imaging.
  • M (3000): +100% Tech Goggles sonar range.


Now includes bioelectric cells.

Covers: Medkits, Bioelectric cells.

  • T (1125): Heals for 20 more, recharges for 10 more. More from base.
  • A (2250): Heals for 50 more, recharges for 25 more. Not from last skill level.
  • M (3750): Heals for 90 more, recharges for 45 more.


Covers: Multitools.

  • UNTRAINED: Each multitool bypasses 7.5%.
  • T (900): 10%
  • A (1800): 15%
  • M (3000): 25%


Covers: Lockpicks.

  • U: Each pick unlocks 7.5%.
  • T (900): 10%
  • A (1800): 15%
  • M (3000): 25%


Covers: Hacking.

Hacking rework:

  • The initial hacking/breaking in process is unchanged.
  • After the initial hacking process, the player's "time budget" (time before detection) goes into idle mode. When in idle mode, the time budget drains incredibly slowly (base rate of 10% of normal rate).
  • Minor actions like using the cameras (move, rotate, zoom), and reading emails will not disturb idle mode.
  • Major actions like disabling/enabling cameras, unlocking/locking/opening/closing doors, controlling turrets now cost "time".
  • "Time cost" drains off the time budget incredibly fast, the more actions being taken while time cost is being drained off, the faster it drains.
    • A major action will not cost time twice. You can cycle between turret modes and it will only drain the cost once. Does not carry over to future hacking sessions.
  • Time cost is culmulative, amount drained is independent of how fast.
  • Each major action disturbs idle mode, causing it to drain faster (after time cost is paid).
  • Time cost draining rate is not affected by idle draining rate and vice versa.
  • If half of the cost exceeds the remaining time budget, the player is automatically detected (and punished).
  • Time budget requires 15 minutes to recharge from nothing to full, no matter how big.
    • The remaining time budget before logout is saved and regenerated from there.
  • T (1350): Time budget is 15 seconds. 150 in base idle mode.
  • A (2700): Time budget is 30 seconds. 300 in base idle mode.
  • M (4500): Time budget is 60 seconds. 600 in base idle mode.

Time costs:

  • 5 seconds: disabling/enabling cameras, unlocking/locking/opening/closing doors.
  • 7.5 seconds: special options, cycling turret states.


  • You can now install the same augmentation again to upgrade it.

Energy rates are expressed in units of energy / minute.


  • Energy rate from 10 to 6.

Speed Enhancement

  • Energy rate from 40 to 40/60/80/100.
  • Flat fall damage reduction from 15/30/45/60 to 20/40/60/80.
  • Makes noise over a larger area.

Run Silent

  • Energy rate from 40 to 0.
  • Is now always active.
  • Flat fall damage reduction from 0 to 5/10/15/20.

Microfibral Muscle

  • Energy rate from 20 to formula: ( Decoration's Mass / 50 ) * 15.
  • Is now always active, starts draining only when you hold heavy things.
  • Allows powerthrow of decorations (crates, couches,...), dealing damage to enemies.
  • Left-click when holding a decoration to powerthrow. Costs one minute worth of energy rate.

Combat Strength

  • Energy rate from 20 to 40.
  • No longer affects accuracy of melee weapons.

Environmental Resistance

  • Energy rate from 20 to 0.
  • Damage reduction from 25/50/70/90% to 30/45/65/90%.
  • Drains energy dependent on damage taken. Ratio of 1:1 at level one.

Energy Shield

  • Energy rate from 40 to 0.
  • Drains energy dependent on damage taken. Ratio of 1:1 at level one.


  • Energy rate from 10 to 0.
  • Is now always active.
  • Underwater time bonus from 30/60/120/240 seconds to 40/80/240/2560 seconds.
  • Can be affected by Environmental Training scaling.


  • Energy rate from 120 to formula: Amount healed / current level.
  • Only starts healing when you've stood still for at least 2 seconds.

Synthetic Heart

  • Energy rate from 150 to 180.
  • Code rewritten to improve performance.

Power Circulator

  • Energy rate from 5 to 0.
  • Is now always active.
  • Energy drain reduction from 10/20/40/60% to 15/30/45/60%.
  • Affects all forms of energy drain, even damage absorption, powerthrow, or drone detonation.

Ballistic Protection

  • Energy rate from 60 to 30.
  • Damage reduction from 20/35/50/65% to 15/30/50/75%.
  • Drains energy dependent on damage taken. Ratio of 1:1 at level one.

EMP Shield

  • Energy rate from 10 to 0.
  • Is now always active.
  • Does not drain energy on damage taken.

Cloak and Radar Transparency

  • Energy rate from 300/249/198/150 to 300/240/180/120.
  • Cloak (only) now visually cloaks the player.

Vision Enhancement

  • Energy rate from 40 to 10/20/30/40.
  • Vision type from nightvision/infrared/300/800 sonar range to infrared/480/960/1920 sonar range.


  • Energy rate from 40 to 10/20/30/40.
  • No longers gives a hidden damage bonus to weapons.
  • Accuracy bonus rescaled from 2.5/5/7.5/10% to 4/8/12/16%.

Aggressive Defensive System

  • Energy rate from 10 to 15/30/45/60.
  • Detonation range from 160/320/480/640 to 240/480/720/960.
  • Now detonates nearby trace weapons after a 2-second delay. Damage is based on such weapon damage and how much ammo is in the clip. Only affects trace weapons like pistol, assault rifle, shotgun, etc.
  • Can now detonate nearby planted grenades.
  • No longer affects things behind walls. Or weapons the player can't possibly see.

Spy Drone

  • Energy rate from 150 to 30/40/50/60.
  • Drone speed from 60/90/120/150 to 75/100/125/150.
  • Drone EMP damage from ~100/150/200/250 to ~25/50/100/200.
  • Drone detonation requires one minute worth of energy rate.


  • All weapons now have the ability to break doors and lids properly. Previously only trace and explosive weapons.
  • "Backstab" range from 64 to 80. To match melee range.
  • Stunning weapons can now headshot for x4 the damage. Only Prod matters right now.
  • Knockout weapons now deals a more consistent amount of damage to the head.
  • Weapons with laser mod will automatically turn it on when equipped.
  • Laser mod only works when walking. Scope mod only works when standing still.
  • Laser and scope are affected by limb damage. Previously they override all limb damage penalties.
  • Laser and scope now take 0.25/0.375/0.5/1 second (by difficulty) to become fully effective, during this duration, the accuracy will scale up proportionally from your normal accuracy.
  • Assault Rifle base damage from 3 to 5. (MP: from 9 to 10)
    • Fires 3 rounds per burst instead of 5.
  • Assault Shotgun base damage from 4 to 5. (MP: from 5 to 7)
    • Fires 4 pellets per round instead of 5.
  • Pistol base damage from 14 to 10. (MP: same 20)
  • GEP Gun base damage from 300 to 125. (MP: from 300 to 40)
  • LAW base damage from 1000 to 400. (MP: from 400 to 200)
  • LAM base damage from 500 to 250. (MP: from 500 to 250)
  • HE 20mm base damage from 150 to 125. (MP: from 150 to 125)
  • Plasma Bolts no longer explode.
  • Dart base damage from 15 to 25. (MP: from 20 to 30)
  • Flare dart base damage from 5 to 25. (MP: from 10 to 30)
  • Tranquilizing dart base damage from 5 to 8 (affects poison damage). (MP: same 10)
  • Dragon's Tooth Sword base damage reduced from 20x5 to 20x2. (MP: from 15x2 to 20x2)
    • Cannot headshot.
  • Baton base damage from 7 to 5. (MP: from 7 to 5)
    • Does twice as much damage to torso.
  • Prod base damage from 15 to 10. (MP: same 10)
  • Crowbar base damage from 6 to 7. (MP: same 12)
  • MP: Shuriken base damage from 17 to 30.
  • Pistol can no longer have range mods.
  • Grenades can now be placed on floor, break through glass windows.


  • You can now temporarily hold pickups by highlighting them, then left-clicking with empty hands.
    • Left-click to use a temporarily held pickup.
    • Right-clicking when highlighting nothing will attempt to take the item temporarily being held.
    • Trying to loot a pickup (from the ground or a body) with a full inventory will attempt to put the item in temporary holding.
  • Cigarettes now deal 10 damage over 30 seconds instead of instantly. Still serves no purpose.
  • Medkit max stack count from 15 to 10. (MP: same 5)
    • Medkit base heal amount from 30 to 35. (MP: from 30 to 35)
  • Bioelectric cell stack count from 30 to 10. (MP: same 5)
    • Bioelectric cell recharge amount from 25 to 15. (MP: from 25 to 15)
  • Lockpick stack count from 20 to 10. (MP: from 5 to 10)
  • Multitool stack count from 20 to 10. (MP: from 5 to 10)

Charged Pickups

  • All charged pickups are now toggleable.
    • You can't no longer use more than two of the same type.
  • Ballistic Armor only drains when taking damage, can block up to 300/400/600/1200 damage.
  • Rebreather duration from 50 to 30 seconds (now affected by skill).
    • Can now nullify gas damage.
  • Tech Goggles duration from 12.5 to 30 seconds (now affected by skill).
  • Hazmat Suit now protects you from a more consistent range of damage types:
    • Vanilla: All gasses, poison.
    • Vanilla Matters: All gasses, poison, fire, electricity, EMP.
    • Consistent to the vanilla tooltip.


  • Small metal crate mass from 40 to 50. No difference, just to round up for Microfibral Muscle cost.



  • Infinite lockpick and multitool exploit.
  • Remote sec terminal exploit.
  • Ricochet sounds not playing.
  • Stunned enemies not receiving "backstab" damage bonus.
  • Stunned enemies breaking out of stun if they're stunned while trying to open/close doors.
  • Standing accuracy overspill.
  • Drugs and alcohols cancelling out zoomed FOV. From scope or binoculars.
  • Not being able to pick up bodies without enough inventory space.
  • Not being able to loot grenades or ammo properly from corpses.
  • "You don't find anything" message not triggering consistently.
  • Being able to pick up guns whose ammo you're already full of.
  • Not being able to pick up an item stack that exceeds your stack's capacity. Now it will fill your stack to full and stay with the remaining amount. Only a few occasions where this would make a difference.


  • Weapons: Pistol always starting at trained. It doesn't exist anymore so lol.


  • Targeting aug not reporting robot weapons correctly.


  • Scope nullifying laser bonus.
  • Being able to reload with a full clip.
  • Plasma Bolt always dealing MP damage (which is much less).
  • Projectile weapons not displaying correct damage values.


  • Ford Schick not rescued properly. You could rescue him but the outcome wouldn't stick.
  • Grenades and shurikens having their amount reset to 1 when they're taken away in Mission 5.


  1. Extract to your Deus Ex directory. Make sure the extracted folder, "VanillaMatters", is next to another folder called "System".
  2. Use VanillaMatters.exe to play. If you're using a Steam version then it automatically launches through Steam for you.
    • Compatible with any version of the game, with/without kentie's launcher, or any other custom launcher.


1. Is this mod compatible with vanilla saves?

  • Not right now, there's not much I can do to clean up issues regarding converting the vanilla skill system to Vanilla Matters'. But we'll see maybe.

2. Which mod is it compatible with?

  • Vanilla Matters only contains two files: Deusex.u and Deusex.int. Any mod that also modifies those files are incompatible. Any mod that doesn't, shouldn't, but I'll see if anything comes up.
  • From v1.1.0b forward, the mod should work properly with other vanilla-based conversions like TNM or Nihilism, but not entirely perfect.

3. Which mod is it recommended with?

  • kentie's Launcher: Provide various useful features like proper modern resolution, some scaling fixes, borderless windowed mode,... Simply install it as normal and use my launcher to use the mod, if not you can simply use kentie's Launcher built-in override support.
  • Deus Ex Maps Patch: Does not modify any code, pretty much essential.
  • Simply extract this into the VanillaMatters folder, it should then have VanillaMatters/Maps.
  • Confix: Deals with vanilla conversation bugs, does not change much.
  • Confix requires to be installed in Deus Ex/System so make sure to follow its instructions.

4. Will there be addon/modding support?

  • The mod is designed to allow customization:
    • All of the new code is properly commented for new/old modders alike.
    • New properties are in place to allow surface customization from the UnrealEd.
    • Check the official GitHub! A modding guide should also arrive soon.

5. Does multiplayer work?

  • Not fully tested or tested properly. But what's been looked into so far seems to be working. I don't remember making any single-player exclusive feature either so maybe.




Thanks to the Caustic Creative (especially Han) for invaluable knowledge regarding Deus Ex and Unrealscript.

Thanks to my testers for their feedbacks and opinions.

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Vanilla Matters Modding Guide

Starting a mod Tutorial

The official GitHub contains both a guide to setup your modding environment, and documentations specific to Vanilla Matters codebase, also includes various references to helpful resources.

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VanillaMatters v1.1.3

VanillaMatters v1.1.3

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Comments  (0 - 10 of 11)

Just a suggestion, but can you toggle the strength (carry) aug? It is now always active when throwing items. I used to use TNT crates to blow open doors, carry them over, and then shoot them from a distance. Now when I try to place them, even from a crouch, they blow-up, killing me.

I have the same problem with the large explosive barrels, no longer can I place them them in the path of a patrolling bot and then shoot them when the bot comes near.

Lockpicking, and Electronics now require 2 tools for a lot of the early locks if you only have them at trained, this means the rewards for opening crates etc. are less than the cost in tools to open them. Combined with the limited carry capacity of tools, and the power of the crowbar at 500% for doors and crates, you are better off leaving most of the early crates.

On Medium difficultly:

The combat strength aug, plus crowbar is the best "lockpick" in the game now. Even better than than the Nanotech Sword, which means even after you find the sword, you still have to lug the crowbar around to open lockers.

The crowbar is also better at opening the lorry trailer doors and the wire fence near the arcing electricity at the airport (in the corner), than say a GEP rocket, if you haven't spent any points in Weapons:Destructive, a rocket will fail to destroy the wire fence, combat strength level 2 + crowbar is more effective than a rocket against a wire fence?

Latter on the nanotech sword, plus combat strength 4, and Weapons: Low Tech: Advanced will fail to break open a locker at the MJ12 Helibase, but using the crowbar does work.

The same combination of Baton + Weapons: Low Tech:Advanced + Combat Strength: Level 4 does not allow me to knock out a MiB. And since Weapons: Precision: Advanced takes 3 tranq darts to take down a MiB or Commando, it makes the pacifist play style very difficult.

Environmental Training: Trained + Ballistic Armor equipped + Medium Difficulty, and you can still be killed on medium difficulty with a single shot from a MJ12 trooper and a sniper rifle.

Finally can you post a readme of the changes, particularity the augs.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
The_Markie Creator

The documented changes are temporarily removed since a new update is arriving that will obsolete most of it. You can go to the Discord to check the beta out and what it is, but right now all changes and documentation are being moved to its github wiki for better organizing.

I'll review the rest of your suggestions. Thanks for playing!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This looks fun and interesting. I'll install this when I have the time for my next Deus Ex playthrough. I always was looking for simple balancing mods over a total overhaul like gmdx or revision.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
The_Markie Creator

Thanks for being interested!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I want to be the first to say congrats on being back in action! More mods is always a good thing for Deus Ex.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
The_Markie Creator

Thank you :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Yay! Finally a mod that fans critisize more than my old buggy Deus Ex: Frozen Hell, lol. Don't give up, dude. Who knows maybe a few years from now you will make another TNM? Seriously, after DX:FH I moved on to developing DX: Apocalypse Inside! And that's going pretty good)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
The_Markie Creator

Hey thanks, looking forward to see your mod too.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

u followed ur own mod XD good luck with MOTY LOL so funny

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

McFucking Kill Yourself.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes
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