Turmoil Across the Stars is an Star Wars mod based on SWC.

But before else, Credits for SWC Developers, since we owe everything to their efforts

Star Wars Conquest developers (From ModDb, Nexusmods and official credits ingame)











And heres a few addons from Developers shown on Nexus mods

TakiJap - models, textures, rigging

pagan - music
Wookiee Padawan - models, textures

Tyrinius - scene editing

Revan Shan - textures

Here are the ones shown in Credits

Original programming and Development:

Brian Tommasini

Main programming and Coordinator:

Ismael Ferreras

Senior Modeling and Contributors:

Tim Ramsay

Yiyang Cheng

Daniel Harrington

Josh (HappyStormtrooper)

Marosh (Geroj)

Music Composition and performance:

Vladan Zivanovic

Additional Ai programming:

Michael Richter

Additional gameplay programming:

Martin F.

Original Artwork and conceptualization:

Giordano Pranzoni

Benjamin Carre

Scene Editing:

Tim Ramsay

Miguel Angel Centeno

Additional modeling:

Dustin Matthew Blamey






Special Thanks:

Marco Tarini (Openbrf)

Jack (Mechwarrior24) And Alex (Panda666) Dialog Modernization and Proofreading

Luke Challand (IthillienRanger) For the annoying questions

Scott Reismanis(Intense!) ModDb is a better place (? no further explanation)

Creators of the included mods, snippets and enhancements

1866, Gangs of Glasgow, Mount&Shotgun, MAXHARDMAN, Rubik, Gutefiutek, Hapslash

Additional credits for assets used in Clone Wars Conquest and Turmoil Across the Stars

Faradons lightsaber hilts from Bear Force II project (lead-developers permission)

Trandoshan armor we have is a combination of 2 guys work, body is by ANDEWEGET, and head by Darth Shiftee

Dariels OS Star Wars Resource pack

Bear Force II Developer Artturis shields

Bear Force II Developer Highlanders Magnaguards and Electrostaff, also rotatory blaster.

Occasional advice from Bear Force Lead Developer BNS Marko and lead 3d artist Exima

Then to Business. What is this mod?

This module is a further modification of Star Wars Conquest, with its main aim to change the Era mod plays in from Imperial Era to Clone Wars Era. But not just that, our goals are to Enhance the galaxy, to update it visually and to add loads of new content over time and replace some. Much has been added, but the Galaxy is vast, and our numbers in 3d department are lacking.

In this mod you can

-Join Either the forces of Confederacy of Independent systems, Galactic Republic, or Hutt Cartel.

- You can wander the stars gaining wealth, fighting countless battles, conquering everything in your path, or helping a faction to rise to a state of galactic dominance

- Or, you can amass an army of your own and take controll of the galaxy to govern it as you see best fit

Current existant features

Module features:
# Freelancer modification incorporation
# Automatic blasters (Work-in-progress)
# Lightsabers
# Lightsabers deflection
# Force Powers
# Phase I clone armors
# Phase II clone armors
# Tens of civilians outfits & armors
# Re-done equipement slots system allowing use of different equipement across various outfits (Work-in-progress)

List of known issues:
# Invisible hands on some characters.
# Necessity to wear transparent footwear in combination with some armors & outfits if there is no equipement in the footwear slot. Every merchant on any spacestation have this item in their inventory.
# Inconsistency in weapon behaviour, damage values & troop abilities. Current troop trees are incomplete and subject to change.
# Legacy models are used for the player character when playing as aliens while NPCs are using new models.
# Player inventory & campaign starting equipement & items not adjusted for Alien races. It is recommended to play as human characters in this release.
# Ocassional audio & visual issues when firing fully automatic blasters.
# Animation blending issues.
# Obsolete, developement & broken items or weapons may spawn in troops inventories.
# Companions are currently still based on their original SWC version. Our story & lore department is working hard together with our artists to make unique companions and they will be released in the following versions.
# User Interface inconsistencies, native UI used in parts of the module.

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RSS Articles

Exactly a week ago, a decision was made in the development. We decided to make a first release of this module's Warband version. Now, before you get super excited, ill explain whats going on and why is this release being made. First of all, the module is far from completed. Simply fixing the half broken modbase has taken a lot of time, and development is still going on. So consider this as an early version, an alpha.

We decided to push out a version, regardless of the mods state at the time.

We make the release in an attempt to finally give people something, and to also display in what phase the development is, and on top of that to try and get some people possibly intrested of the project and maybe help us, and with that i dont mean these "shows up once promising help and never does anything guys". Its a sad fact how common people like these are, not to blame, they probably just do so in an burst of eagerness and instantly regret, but just saying that would be better.

Anyways, well try and work extra hard on this week to get the mod into an somewhat releaseable state, and since the decision of release was made, we have all been working at it hard.

So, the releas is to be published just a week from now, on the 30th, Sunday.

Finally Warband

Finally Warband

News 2 comments

So we are finally going to make the module for Warband. However, this will be taking a while. As the module has been previously built without Module System...

This Week In Mods: October 14 2018

This Week In Mods: October 14 2018


The biggest mod stories for the week of October 14 2018.

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Turmoil Across the Stars   0.35   Alpha Release

Turmoil Across the Stars 0.35 Alpha Release

Demo 37 comments

We have released now an early version of this project that has been in works in one way or another from 2016, read below for more information.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 549)

I can put female clothes on a Trandoshan, best mod ever. I have one complain though, I cant see the banners of the friendly troops

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I have the same problem, you get used to it xD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

Wot? Images uploaded YESTERDAY, how do you come to the conclusion that the mod is dead? Weird logic mane

Reply Good karma+5 votes

DarthMongolTheUnwise but when the new version comes out!?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

I wish i knew

Reply Good karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

Does this mod uses the shooting mechanic from Bear Force? Or auto shooting atleast? I liked it since it doesn't feel like you're shooting crossbows.
EDIT: It has! Awesome man!

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Great ! it is much better like the original and that already though the bugs! I really like the improved graphics and freelancer is always great fits into any mod. I hope you keep working on it :)! But i do not think the name is so good i found it just by accident i did not recognize it as star wars mod ^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

"Across the Stars" is song from Episode II, by John Williams. When the Warband conversion began, i wanted to rename the mod. I wanted to name it by the song, but a community member suggested "Turmoil Across the Stars" instead, we felt it was better

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Oh ok i dont know that. Then maybe so
"Star Wars: Turmoil Across the Stars"
I think many people do not know the name of the song, like me ^^.

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