Hello and welcome to the American Civil War Mod: Revived! Some of you who have been following modding in Mount and Blade for a while might remember an old civil war mod called, "A House Divided", and I did a bit of work for the team under the same name I am using here, King85. My computer crashed a few years ago, and I lost everything, so for a while I had forgotten about the mod. But recently, I found a working copy of the mod on the internet, and from there, I began working to completely revamp the mod as best as I could, to make it look and feel a bit more in line with the civil war time period, and fix a lot of the old problems the mod had. Not everything is completely perfect, but it really is a significant difference from before. I am not exactly a very skilled or experienced modder, I actually learned a lot through this process of making this new and revived version of the mod. I welcome and encourage the community to provide their experience and help in building a better mod. You can read the changelog below and the one attached to the latest version of the mod to see everything that is different now.

A great deal of thanks is due to all the guys who contributed their work in the past; Hinkel, Poomtang, Azrooh, Tessius, Durnius, Gabrilduro, and Dellivils being just some of those who've made this possible. Thanks to the help from the amazing community here, I have been able to include some new features in the mod, like advanced formations and fire orders, and successfully address many of the major bugs that came with the first release. This has been a fun hobby for me and a work of love for the game, for the history, and for the gaming community, who I hope will enjoy playing this mod as much as I enjoyed improving it and putting it back out there for the world.


  1. Download the mod files to your desktop, or wherever you want.
  2. Extract the mod folder, "The American Civil War Mod Revived", to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules
  3. Start Mount and Blade: Warband and select, "The American Civil War Mod: Revived", from the drop down menu.
  4. That's it, play the game and enjoy!

Tips for Playing the Mod:

  • The gameplay of the mod is best suited to playing as a commander, because there is no option to enlist with a general as a regular soldier. I edited the dialogue of entering into a mercenary contract to instead be enlisting with a general as a lower ranking officer, such as a captain, and you raise a company of soldiers to fight in the war for either the Union or Confederate army. If you do not wish to do that, you can also just recruit soldiers, build an army, and then start fighting whichever side you choose to fight against. Keep attacking enemy parties and eventually you will be offered a "promotion", or you can request one from the highest ranking general.
  • I recommend that you have cheat mode activated. You will most likely need the ability to teleport on the world map, due to the issues with the camera.
  • Some of the randomly generated maps are honestly terrible. If you start a battle and the map is trash, I recommend using the cheat mode to teleport, let the enemy go a little bit, and teleport back to them, so a new map will generate.
  • DO NOT fight in villages. There is a variation of one of the maps that is a fortified village, and the ai cannot navigate this terrain well at all. There is also a gate that you always have to destroy to get access to the outside of the village, where all the enemies are. Some of the village maps are fine, but this one that I'm referring to is so bad to play on, it's virtually unplayable, so I strongly recommend that if you plan to fight in a village, you save beforehand and see if you will be playing on that map. If so, use the cheat mode to teleport away from the village and fight the battle elsewhere.
  • SAVE OFTEN! Especially before combat! When you are knocked out, even if nobody goes down except for yourself, you will see in the casualty report that half the party or more is dead or wounded. Getting knocked out is basically a disaster every time, so you will want those saves to start over your battles when you lose.
  • Combat is deadly! Being shot once is enough to kill you, or take away the vast majority of your health. Be careful with your life.
  • Sometimes there is a bullet with your name on it, and you will be shot seemingly out of nowhere. Sharpshooters can be particularly annoying sometimes, but they wouldn't be sharpshooters if they weren't accurate at a distance. They are not so accurate as to be perfect shots, but if anyone is going to hit you from long range, it will probably be one of them. So once more, I would strongly recommend that you save before combat, just in case you are shot, because it really can be a nuisance to be enjoying the battle and doing well, only to be sniped out of nowhere.
  • Skirmishers, marksmen, and sharpshooters are the most accurate riflemen available to both sides. They are good to have spread out in front of your main battle line as a screening force. They are best suited for long range combat and are vulnerable to cavalry if left unprotected.
  • Survival requires skillful use of soldiers lives. Keep them alive, and use cover. You can have them shoot over a hill and bring them back behind it to reload, for example. Keeping men in the open is generally a bad idea.
  • Do not rush out blindly into combat, you WILL be shot. Strategy has a key role in this mod. Blindly charging enemy lines is not going to work.
  • Maneuver and flanking are highly advantageous. If you can get your battle line close to the enemy, and are able to open fire on them before taking many casualties yourself (preferably none), you will devastate their lines.
  • Ammunition is not unlimited and that goes for both you and the enemy. It might seem like the shooting can go on forever, but watch, eventually the men run out of ammo and will go into melee mode.
  • Do not underestimate the power of cavalry, but do not overestimate them either. A skillful cavalry commander can lead his troopers on the flanks and behind the enemy, to harass their lines with his men's revolvers and carbines. If executed well, a cavalry charge can also wreak havoc on the enemy.
  • Cavalry are highly mobile and versatile, however, they are just as vulnerable to enemy fire as soldiers fighting on foot, and if their horse is killed or wounded under them while they are far from friendly lines, they face a very slim chance of survival.
  • A cavalry charge made head on, directly into enemy lines, will usually end in disaster. Charge from the flanks or behind, and when the enemy's focus is not on you.


  • Dialogue more appropriate to the time period (mostly done)
  • Redo character creation choices (done)
  • Redo troop trees (done)
  • Redo troop equipment (done)
  • Redo outlaw faction to be more in line with the civil war atmosphere. (done, but not completely satisfied)
  • Redo mercenaries (done)
  • Redo mercenary dialogue (done)
  • Replace all music (done)
  • New musket firing sound effects (done)
  • New menu screen pictures for all events and locations (done)
  • Remove medieval items (done. left a few native items that can pass as period appropriate, such as axes, hatchets, bows, arrows, and some clothes)
  • Add civil war items to the marketplace (done)
  • Character creation stories replaced with civil war era stories (done)
  • Give generals clothes in halls (done)
  • Change banners (mostly done, some generals may use the wrong flag though)
  • Force war between all Union and Confederate armies (done)
  • Force friendly relations between armies of the same side. (done)
  • Change NPC companion stories and equipment (done)
  • Change NPC complaints and comments (done)
  • Change NPC king support dialogue to presidential support (done)
  • Change denars to dollars (done. there might still be a few scattered references to denars in the dialogue)
  • Replace all references to marshal, lord, lady, or any other medieval title (done. may still be a few scattered references)
  • All generals names include their rank (done)
  • Fix missing cavalry boots (done)
  • Make sure all infantry have melee (done)
  • Change guild master dialogue (done)
  • Rename towns/cities/forts with outdated or wrong names (done)
  • Edit descriptions for towns/cities/forts (done)
  • Change equipment for farmers and town/village walkers (done)

Current Issues:

  • Some of the places where you start the game are messed up, where you will spawn underwater or in strange places. This won't stop you from doing anything, just move your character to where you need to go. You will also spawn with native clothes and items, but there is always a chest nearby and you can find civil war clothes and weapons in there.
  • British Canada and the Army of the Potomac are always starting off every new game being at war, and I can't seem to get them to start off being at peace. Since there are no assets for the Canadians anyway, I took away all the weapons and armor from their soldiers and the lords, so that way they don't too much damage and are more likely to make peace more quickly. They also will still have Khergit names and dialogue, I didn't bother changing anything.
  • There is a variation of one of the village maps that is a fortified village, and the ai cannot navigate this terrain well at all. There is also a gate that you always have to destroy to get access to the outside of the village.
  • Tournaments are not finished and bugged. It is something left over from the dead mod, and it hasn't been worked on yet. Tournaments can still be played through and won, but it is not a feature anywhere close to being finished. You can still earn a banner through a successful military career, or by choosing to be born into a wealthy family in character creation.
  • Some locations are in possession of the wrong countries/armies. This makes things a bit unbalanced for the Union, as they do not have as many locations as the Confederacy, and the Confederacy is made up of three armies in this mod, as opposed to two Union armies.
  • When recruiting from a captured village, the soldiers do not change to your faction.
  • Generals will sometimes use the flag of the wrong side, or a banner from native. Still working on it.
  • Generals will not wear their uniforms inside halls and castles. That is why I gave them waistcoats, apparently the AI chooses to wear different outfits depending on the location.
  • Some units do not equip their bayonet in melee combat. For some reason the ai will choose to fight with bare hands in melee, even though the melee weapon is in their inventory.
  • I have not figured out how to rename the outlaw parties on the world map, so they still appear as looters, sea raiders, etc., but they are composed of units redone to be partisans, deserters, foragers, etc.
  • The camera on the world map will get stuck as you try to go North of New York City. I have no idea why or how to fix this.
  • When you are knocked out, the party takes enormous losses.
  • AI armies have compositions that can be a bit unbalanced, such as being made up almost entirely of high level troops, or all sharpshooters and marksmen, or almost entirely cavalry that can overwhelm you and your men immediately.
  • I am still not sure what to do with the pretenders that would suit to the time period, so just ignore them for now. I didn't really change much about them.
  • Sometimes all the musket firing sound effects stop in game, but it always comes back after a few seconds. I think maybe all the muskets firing at once may be simply too overwhelming and will occasionally result in the firing sound effects cutting out and coming back.
  • The last thing mountain bandits say before entering battle is broken. I have checked the quick_strings.txt for the problem, but have so far been unable to find where it is.

Possible Future for the Mod:

  • Change the appearance of all generals to match their real life counter parts. I haven't been able to save the changes I made to faces so far, for some reason they always reset, even when the new face code is saved in Morgh's editor.
  • Change the appearance of NPC companions
  • Change army sizes to be larger
  • Replace poems with period appropriate works (I can do this one myself, it's just going to take a while, because it ties into the courtship dialogue and will require a lot research and writing)
  • Replace courtship dialogue (same as above, can do it myself, but it'll be a pain and take a while).
  • Change the composition of ai armies, so they are more balanced and sensible
  • Allow muskets to be reloaded while walking.
  • Battle continuation.
  • Freelancer
  • AI using formations.
  • New weapon models.
  • Make character creation choices more meaningful. For example, being from a poor or common background means you can only enlist as a regular soldier (will need freelancer for this), while being from a wealthier background means you can start the game ready to command.
  • New Fire orders

If you experience any problems with the mod that I haven't listed here already, please leave a comment below or in the forum, and try to explain what you're dealing with. I'll see what I can do to help you out, but I'm not a God, so don't expect any miracles.

~ In solemn memory of all those who gave their lives in the American Civil War, on both sides of the conflict. One of the greatest tragedies of that war is that whether they were fighting for the Union or for the Confederacy, they were all Americans, and we should not soon forget the lessons of that bloody and brutal war. We honor the sacrifice of those brave men who gave their lives for what they so strongly believed in, when we ourselves attempt to catch a glimpse of our past and step into their shoes, even in such small ways as this. Let us strive to keep our history alive and carry the lessons with us always. May they rest in everlasting peace and may we all look toward a better future for ourselves and for those who will come after us. ~

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acwmr preview patch v1 1

An important message for all those engaged in the war between the states!

The first patch for the American Civil War Mod: Revived is ready for release!

With this patch comes the fix for the map camera, new advanced formation and fire orders, important fixes to new game scenes, trenches added to siege scenes, numerous fixes to the dialogue, redone musket sounds (they are way better now), changes to some of the music, and much more. See the changelog below for installation instructions and a more detailed breakdown of everything that has changed.

Here is a link to the patch download (PATCH IS BROKEN, USE FULL VERSION INSTEAD):

The American Civil War Mod: Revived! Patch #1

Here is a link to the new full version of the mod:

The American Civil War Mod: Revived! v1.1

Patch Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the winrar package containing the patch files.
  2. Open the package, open the "ACWMR Patch #1" folder, and extract the "American Civil War Mod Revived" folder to your modules folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules).
  3. Overwrite all existing files inside the old mod folder with the files from the patch.
  4. Start the mod and play! This patch is save game compatible.

Full Version Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the winrar package called, "The American Civil War Mod Revived v1.1", to your desktop or wherever you want.
  2. Open the package and extract the folder inside called, "The American Civil War Mod Revived", to your modules folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules).
  3. Start Mount & Blade: Warband, select the mod from the drop down menu, and play!


  • New advanced formation and fire orders. Much thanks to DoDoCat!
  • Map camera issue fixed. A big thank you to DarthKiller!
  • Issue with soldiers using fists instead of melee weapons fixed. Thank you very much eawtan!
  • Trench warfare is being introduced to siege scenes.
  • Siege scenes without trenches have been tweaked to at least be more survivable for attackers. The only exceptions are siege scenes that require the use of siege towers, these remain unfinished for now.
  • New game entry points fixed and the starting scenes are cleaned up a bit.
  • Tournament scenes with strange buildings are being fixed. For now, I am just removing the buildings, so most arenas will just be a wilderness map. I am still not sure what to do with tournaments. I have one idea I am considering, to make them into fist fights that can be bet on, and you can of course participate in them and bet on yourself. I am going to keep thinking about it and if anyone out there has any good ideas, I'm open to your suggestions.
  • Village scenes edited, all scenes with game breaking mistakes and invalid objects have been fixed.
  • Made the musket firing sound effects quieter, and replaced two of the sound effects with higher quality recordings.
  • Changed the sound effect for incoming bullets, they should feel a little more threatening now.
  • Changed the sound effect of bullets hitting dirt.
  • Changed references to "ransom" to "parole" to be more accurate to history, except for quests that involve criminal kidnappings where a ransom is demanded.
  • Army of the Pensacola recruits changed from "Confederate Volunteer Infantry Recruit(s)" to "Confederate Home Guard(s).
  • Confederate Experienced Volunteers upgrade changed from marksmen to skirmishers until they reach veteran tier.
  • Tweaked dialogue for entering into a mercenary contract, to be more suitable to the concept of enlisting as a low ranking officer, leading a small company of volunteers you raise yourself. Becoming a "commissioned officer" with commanding generals changed to requesting or being offered a promotion to a senior officer's rank. If you or the commanding general accept, you will be "promoted to general". So basically, you start off as a lower ranking officer, such as a captain, you decide to become involved in the war and raise a company of soldiers. Pick your side, and you can either enlist with the contract, or just keep fighting until you are offered a promotion to general or can successfully request one.
  • Changed references to your party being a "regiment" to a "company". The size of the player's party is not large enough to be considered a regiment. Reaching regimental strength (300 - 400 men) would take a long time to level up your character to reach that leadership skill.
  • The player's starting leadership skill changed to 9, and charisma to 25 in order to accommodate 100+ soldiers, bringing the player's party up to company strength. (If reaching regimental numbers becomes common among players, I will change references to companies back to regiments again).
  • Recruiting soldiers in "denars" changed to "dollars", along with multiple other references to denars.
  • Lingering references to "marshal" replaced with "chief of staff".
  • Changed dialogue option, "sneak into castle/town", changed to "sneak into fort/city".
  • Changed dialogue option, "sneak through gates" to "sneak through picket lines".
  • Changed dialogue option, "besiege castle/town" to "besiege fort/city".
  • Updated character info screen. Replaced references to vassal, lord, fiefs, etc.
  • Fixed grammar errors when joining battle.
  • Numerous other small tweaks and fixes to dialogue.
  • Whitworth rifle melee added to markets.
  • Union and Confederate Lancers are now equipped with revolvers as secondary weapons.
  • All cavalry units now only use horses with saddle bags.
  • Added Morgan horses with saddlebags to markets and gave them to all cavalry units.
  • All cavalry units now use several different horse breeds.
  • Removed most of the Morgan horses without without saddlebags from markets. They will still appear in marketplaces but they shouldn't be as abundant. If you are loading a saved game, the markets will adjust over time, and the Morgan horses without saddlebags will still be common for a while.
  • Removed the broken cannons and cannon balls from markets.
  • "Defeated_by_neutral 2" music track and the "escape" track were the same song, so now the escape song is the same track, but cut shorter, and the defeat song is entirely new, and more appropriate.
  • "Defeated_by_neutral 3" music track was too long, and has been shortened to less than a minute and a half.
  • "Town_nord" music track replaced. This was a left over native track that I missed.
  • "Town_rhodok" music track replaced.
  • "Fight_as_rhodok music track trimmed.
  • Main menu and launcher screen picture have received a small update, they look much better now.

Highlights of Some of the New Features:

With the addition of advanced fire orders, the ability for the player to order their soldiers to use fire orders that were used in the civil war has now become possible!

The most impressive example of this is firing by file. For those who do not know, firing by file is a drill whereby the line keeps up a continuous fire, by having one end of the line fire first and reload, while the men next to them fire and reload, and so on down the line. When the soldier who first shot must fire again, they will be finished reloading and ready to fire. A real life demonstration, along with a more detailed explanation of firing drills and their practical uses can be seen below in the following video. The end of the video is where you can see fire by file in practice.


And here you can see how it works in game:

fire by file 2

This is actually a very good tactic in game and works exactly as you would expect it to. If you need a continuous fire on the enemy, then now you have the ability to do so. Or, if you don't want everyone to shoot at a few scattered soldiers, or one guy close to your lines, having the ability to order only one part of the line to fire is very good for that. Of course, all fire orders have a time and a place for their proper use, and the player will still find the orders to fire at will and fire all at once to be helpful.

Siege Warfare is Getting a Big Change:

20200105162207 1

Trench warfare is coming to the mod!

Not all the scenes are done, but the majority have seen a big change so far, and they are much more survivable for the attackers. The only exceptions are sieges that require the use of siege towers, because I do not know how to remove them and then what to do instead. When I tried to edit the walls and siege towers, the mod crashed, so I still need to experiment and figure out what is the best way to move forward. I had the idea to remove the choice of building of siege towers entirely and change it to digging trenches, but since sieges with ladders already have trenches as well, it wouldn't make sense to have to wait what could be days for something that is exactly the same and takes only a few hours at other locations.

Players should be aware that there are also a few locations, such as Natchez for example, where the scenes are so terrible, I will most likely need to completely replace them with new scenes made from scratch.

Some scenes, such as Fort Wagner, are mostly finished already and do not need much more work. I have made it look more like it did in reality, being a fort made mostly of sand and earth. The trenches are also accurate, as this was the only way the Union forces were able to finally reach the fort, after numerous failed assaults, including the famous attack of the 54th Massachusetts regiment.

20191231002102 1

You will also find Napoleon cannons on many of the maps, and sometimes inside fortresses, waiting behind the gates.

20200107220847 1

Unfortunately, these are props only, but they do certainly add to the atmosphere. Standing behind walls with some good artillery behind it certainly makes things feel a bit more in line with the time period.

20200107220630 1

I also want to make a more formal announcement about the future of the mod, in terms of where it is currently headed, and what I would like to see happen.

The mod, for the time being, will continue to see small progress with dialogue changes and further refining of all the in-game scenes, especially addressing the worst ones. The trench warfare aspect of siege gameplay is going to be a major focus in terms of the scene editing. The next goal for the dialogue is to research period appropriate poetry for the wandering entertainers and poets to teach you, and ensure those works can seamlessly tie into the courtship dialogue, which itself will need to be redone. I will also work on redoing the pretenders dialogue, but I am still not quite sure what to do with them. If you are reading this and you think you have a good idea about what to make with the pretenders that will fit with the American Civil War time period, please let me know in the comments or post about it in the forums.

Now, there are some large issues with the mod that need to be addressed, however I lack the current knowledge and skills to get the job done. If you are someone who likes this mod and knows how to get some of the things done that are needed, the help would be very appreciated. You would be helping out not just me, but the mod itself and all the people that enjoy playing it. Just providing instructions would be huge. The things that really require the most attention are:

  • British Canada (Khergits) and the Army of the Potomac (Vaegirs) start every new game being at war. Changes made to relations in Morgh's editor seem to have no effect.
  • The player is unable to recruit their own faction's troops from captured villages.
  • Musket fire sound effects randomly cut out.
  • Some scenes need to be overhauled or replaced entirely.
  • Some locations are in the possession of the wrong faction.
  • Outlaw parties use their native names (Sea Raiders, Mountain Bandits, Looters, etc.)
  • The last thing mountain bandits say before entering battle is broken. I have checked the quick_strings.txt for the problem, but have so far been unable to find where it is.
  • The starting year is wrong.
  • Generals will sometimes use the flag of the wrong side, or a banner from native.
  • Generals will not wear their uniforms inside halls and castles, only waistcoats.
  • Unbalanced AI army compositions.
  • Disproportional casualties when battles are auto-resolved or the player is knocked unconscious.

One solution the community has suggested is to open source the mod, and I would like to allow the community to discuss this topic in the forums before I make a final decision. You can find a post there on the "Frontlines" board, made by myself to gather your feedback. I also put up a poll to get a more general idea of what everyone thinks about open sourcing the mod.

The community has many suggestions and features they would like to see in the mod, and I would like to see them one day as well. In the interest of keeping all of our ideas organized, below is essentially a wish list of what we would all like to see included in the mod in the future:

  • Battle continuation.
  • Freelancer
  • Reloading muskets while walking.
  • AI using formations.
  • New weapon models.
  • New faces for generals and NPC's. I haven't been able to save the changes I made to faces so far, for some reason they always reset, even when the new face code is saved in Morgh's editor.
  • Make character creation choices more meaningful. For example, being from a poor or common background means you can only enlist as a regular soldier (will need freelancer for this), while being from a wealthier background means you can start the game ready to command.

20191222221538 1

That's all for now! Have fun with the mod, and please report any problems that you experience. I very much appreciate all of your feedback, both good and bad, it's all immensely helpful and I look forward to the future of this project. Godspeed good soldiers, keep your powder dry and your heads down out there.

Ever your obedient servant,


The American Civil War Mod: Revived! First Public Release

The American Civil War Mod: Revived! First Public Release


Welcome to the first public release of the American Civil War Mod: Revived! See the description or summary for installation instructions and full credits...

Map Camera Issue Resolved!

Map Camera Issue Resolved!


Good news everyone! DarthKiller has done a great service for the ACWM:R project, and has provided information that has allowed us to be able to fix the...

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The American Civil War Mod: Revived! v1.1

The American Civil War Mod: Revived! v1.1

Full Version 5 comments

This is the full version of the mod with the new patch applied. Unfortunately, the patch file is broken, so please only use this download to get the new...

The American Civil War Mod: Revived! Patch #1 (BROKEN, USE FULL VERSION)

The American Civil War Mod: Revived! Patch #1 (BROKEN, USE FULL VERSION)


THIS PATCH IS BROKEN, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE NEW FULL VERSION INSTEAD! The first patch for the American Civil War Mod: Revived is ready for release! With...

The American Civil War Mod: Revived! First Public Release (OUTDATED)

The American Civil War Mod: Revived! First Public Release (OUTDATED)

Full Version 44 comments

OUTDATED, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE NEW FULL VERSION! This will be the first public release of The American Civil War Mod: Revived! Please read the front page...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 131)

your making great progres and the update was much needed!! thanks agin for picking up this project and bringing ti back to life, a few ears ago it was one of my favorite mods (well any mod with muskets, gunfire and good ole fashion bayonet charges are my favorite!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
King85 Creator

Thank you for playing the mod! Always a pleasure to hear that people out there are enjoying it and having a lot of fun. Especially when those people have been around since the old mod, I am glad to bring it back for you guys. There's more coming down the pipeline as well, including one major new feature that nobody will expect but I think everybody will love. (Don't worry in case you are one of those who ends up not liking the new feature, it's optional. But I don't think you'll want to opt out of this...)

I will reveal this much about it right now: the feature is fully operational on my version of the mod, but I haven't tested it yet with a fresh patch/full install. I don't want to release another broken patch, so I am going to quality test this a lot before release. If this thing works, then... I'll just say this... brace yourselves, gentlemen. ;)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

how can i message you like a PM so i can report if theres a problem with the mod or some issue's and ahm suggestion for unit troop tree many of us have morgh's editor so i can create a troop tree for a mod if its okay for you only one problem i dont know how to sent pictures on moddb or to you 😁😁😁

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
King85 Creator

You can post bug reports in the forum, and before you go ahead and modify your troop tree, I'd recommend you make a draft in a word document or something of your ideas for the troop tree so you don't have to go through all that work right away. Unless, of course, you want to make those changes to the mod for yourself regardless, then by all means go ahead and you can share your changes with me. I think in the forum you can attach photos to your posts and comments. If not, let me know and we'll work something else out.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Unless I'm stupid and I missed this, can we get the ability to join leaders as a soldier in their unit? I don't have much interest in leading my own army

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
King85 Creator

I'm sorry, freelancer is not included in the mod. Hopefully I can get this mod working with the modsys and then you will see freelancer, and likely much more than that. But unfortunately, for right now, it does not seem to be possible to do that because I do not have the original source files from the cancelled project that this mod is built upon. The other problem would then be that the ai doesn't use advanced formations, so it might not be very fun or immersive to play as a regular soldier.

I'd love to add freelancer because I know there are players out there such as yourself that prefer to fight as regular soldiers, it's simply not possible right now. I hope you can still enjoy the mod regardless, but if it's not for you, that's totally fine and I completely understand.

Take care now, thanks for trying the mod out and sharing your thoughts on it with me. :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Man if u want play like that in mount and blade GET YOUR *** MOVE TO WWII TIME to see Hitler and tell him you want join

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Can you change the player skill "Crossbow" to "Rifle" and "Firearms" to "Pistol". Is one able to purchase pistols from the arms merchant? Don't see it for sale during my brief test. Also is it possible to have different font sizes for villages, castles, towns so they can be easily identified? Keep up the good work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
King85 Creator

I actually tried to do that before, and it ended up crashing the mod. No idea why, it would just crash to desktop when I would start up the game, half way through the load screen. I reverted the changes I made to the weapons, and then the mod worked again. Something about the weapons in the mod, I guess, maybe when they were first made and implemented, they were tied to crossbows and now changing that makes the game crash. That is my best guess.

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well i dont have major problem bro only a bit lacking of unit yeah just like you said the unit i will wait for that and may i suggest a cool feature and yes the artelliry pls make this mod beat the other era mod like this i really hope for the update soon and big thumbs up again bro

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King85 Creator

I'm glad that you're not experiencing any major problems, I was curious if maybe you had found a bug I didn't know about. But yes, in terms of the units, the more I think about it, I will most likely be expanding the cavalry tree with tiers of veterancy because that is a solid addition to the mod, and then maybe add some other famous units that would suit, if I can find any.

If you have a suggestion for a cool feature, I'm more than happy to hear it. Please do let me know! I can't promise to implement it right away, but I am very much open to new ideas and suggestions.

I really want to see working artillery as well, but it is not my priority at the moment. I have seen artillery working in mods like L'aigle, so I know it is possible, I just don't know how. I need to address the mod's few major problems first before I start to add new features and the like.

Thanks again for your feedback and your suggestions, I always appreciate it. Enjoy the mod!

Edit: I had to fix up my comment a lot, I thought eawtan's comment was yours as well. Now everything should make sense lol.

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