Tiberium wars Birth.

The sky turned darkgreen, and the world is covered with green lightning. That is the result of tiberium mutation. 90% of the planet is covered with tiberium crystals. Population is critical, yellow zones are unpopulated. no one can live there. So the final war has begon. a war between man and the world. Even though it might be the final war, it is not the end. because every end --

--has a birth.

Tiberium wars - Birth will introduce 2 new factions. the first faction is Legion the powerfull AI of the Brotherhood of Nod. He is able to construct cyborg infantry, all nod and gdi units.
Kane gave Legion access to all Nod structures and technology. And since NOD and Gdi are working together, Gdi gave Legion access to construct all gdi units, structures and weapons.
They will need it. They will need it to survive. Not only tiberium is the greatest enemy, there is one more enemy. Planet earth will never be the same again, because there is something born.
Born to eliminate all tiberium in the universe. Born to eliminate all tiberium related beings.

That is what Legion saw, when he was sended.
And its your job LEGION to prevent this from happening. and that is a order of Kane.

This is a birth of a new world. its a birth of a new order.

Tiberium Wars Birth Main faction > The Enforcers

Background - reference.
The Enforcers are based on the main enemy of Star ocean 3. most of the units looks like dragons or other unknown entities.
Their technology is far more advanced then the technology on earth or the scrin planet.

background story-
The scrin and the Enforcers are at war. Tiberium weapons against anti matter.
Both races had great losses but it were the enforcers who won.
And one day the planet turned into green because of tiberium. And the enforces had no choice and had to find a new planet. Since that day, they seek revenge for those who has tiberium.

Slowly they went into space and attacked every planet with tiberium.
one of those attacks are found on earth. where they call it a meteorite. but infact, its a remaining piece of a planet that was ones called SCRIN.

Since that day, earth is changing into a tiberium planet.
and so, for planet earth

a new enemy is born, This is a birth of a new enemy for earth.

Tiberium Wars Birth Main faction > Legion.

Legion, The powerfull AI of the Brotherhood of Nod, Enemy of GDI, friend and enemy of Scrin. Is now asked to safe mankind from what is about to come.

And deep within the program of Legion, Cabal is online.

Tiberium wars Birth > Goals.

Birth is a combination of RPG and RTS.

Meaning that the player has to make choices in the single player campaign and multiplayer.

In every mission there is a choice, the soft way or the hard way. And based on that, the player may pick between 5 upgrades, ones the player made his/her choice you will take that upgrade to the next levels. So after each mission there is a new level based on that upgrade you pick.

However, in multiplayer it has a different role. You cant pick between upgrades but you can pick how your style is.

After building the basic structures ( power, money, infantry and tank) the fifth upgrade is available. From then you can pick what your style is. ( Stealth, crushing, superweapons)

You can only pick ONE upgrade.

Tiberium wars > Birth extra info.

Birth is one of the most unique mods for tiberium wars.

I combined two of my favourite genres, RPG and RTS with a combined story of Command and conquer : 4 and Star ocean 3.

So this will bring a lot of new experiences within command and conquer. Not only because of the new RPG faction but also the skill that is brought into this mod.

So say goodbye to GDI, NOD, Scrin, mutants or any other command and conquer related object, and say Hello to RpSG Role playing Strategy Game.

Tiberium wars Birth > Legion demo.
this contains the prototype version of the legion faction. however , no new models are placed.

Tiberium wars Birth > Legion demo 2. (coming soon)
This is the remade version of legion demo 1 meaning that most of the bugs are fixed. And new particles/weapon fx are placed aswell. some units are deleted and overall damage is redone.

Tiberium wars Kanes revenge 1.0/1.5 Source code (Coming soon)
This is the complete remake of kanes revenge(my old mod) everything is placed in folders.
and all subfactions are deleted. exept for slavick, cabal and eva.
This is all redone so its user friendly.

Models in progress:
Legion tiberium reaper.
The reaper has 6 cyborg spider legs and 2 cyborg arms with cannons.

Legion Redeemer.
(Not the redeemer from kanes wrath)
the redeemer has 4 cyborg legs, and 2 arms with 6 cannons attached. ( epic unit)

Enforcer Bahamut.
a dragon like creature with 3 different attacks. (Ground, air and superweapon)

screenshots of those models will be posted when they are done in MAX.

Main features:
- Upgrade tab. - All upgrades are displayed within that tab.
- Style play. - Structures are available in STYLE level. if you pick stealth you can only build stealth related units and structures.
- Single player campaign (rpg/rts style)
- Multiplayer

below a video between earth and the enforcers. This movie is in the skirmish screen.
(The music is not in the game btw)

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The release of Legion demo 3.0 is very close. and it will be more different then the other previous demo's. Demo 3.0 will introduce a new faction, its a subfaction for the Enforcers.
And the first 5 missions for the Legion campaign.

Also im happy to say that Total pc games magazine has released issue number 26.
it includes new games but also 2 pages about mods.
And Command and conquer Tiberium wars : Birth is in the magazine ! Together with 7 other mods for games. So buy the magazine or go to their website.

This was the update of this week. next week i will show everyone new models and all new developments for this mod.

C&C Birth Legion source code

C&C Birth Legion source code

News 1 comment

Yes the command and conquer Birth LEGION source code will be available for download. so read the content for more info.

Legion demo 3.0 update

Legion demo 3.0 update

News 1 comment

Some progressions are made for Legion demo 3.0 but read the content for more info. Also the first 5 missions for the single player are done, so i will...

Legion demo 3.0

Legion demo 3.0

News 2 comments

The development for the legion demo 3.0 is in progress. And its going to be much different then the other demo's so far. so read the content for more...

Tiberium wars Birth> Legion demo 2

Tiberium wars Birth> Legion demo 2


The countdown to the second release of Tiberium wars Birth can begin.

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C&C Birth LEgion sorce code

C&C Birth LEgion sorce code

Source Code

The legion source code is now available for download ! The readme file is inside the rarfile.

Weapon FX

Weapon FX

Models Pack

FX textures ready for making mods. place in modsdk/ART and make a new folder called FX, all FX related texture/xml file goes in the FX folder.

Legion Demo 2.0

Legion Demo 2.0

Demo 1 comment

Introducing the second faction of Tiberium wars Birth. installation> go to your tiberium wars mod folder and paste the folder(Birth2.0) inside mods. for...

Kanes revenge 1.0 / 1.5 Source code

Kanes revenge 1.0 / 1.5 Source code

Source Code 6 comments

The complete remake of kanes revenge my old mod. its now made to be user friendly, meaning that its not a mess like it was on kanes revenge 2.0.

Tiberium wars- Birth Legion demo

Tiberium wars- Birth Legion demo

Demo 11 comments

This demo contains one faction : Legion. The powerfull AI of the brotherhood of nod. installation > extract Birth.rar and copy the folder (Birth) into...

Tiberium wars: Birth soundtrack

Tiberium wars: Birth soundtrack


this is the multiplayer screen background music. its made by LADATEK. LDK. for more info about them. go to myspace !

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Can someone please help me. How do i install this mod on my windows 7 computer???.... like where do i put the files

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The tiberium cannon is powerful, very very powerful! So powerful in fact that it crashes the game upon use

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

i tried it out and its pretty but there's a lot fix dude...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

this is what westwood wouldve released if EA never took over
Cabal might wouldve become his own faction army

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Im a huge fan of CABAL/Legion! ive had a go on this mod and so far its really great! what i like the most is the main menu's music with the new background and legion having his own faction! its EPIC! the only thing i dont like is that legion faction gets WAY far too many buildings and units. when i finished kanes wrath and see legion accses the tacitus.. i had in mind that if there was a 2nd expanstion pack that takes place after kanes wrath Legion would have technoligyies from tiberian sun like having obelisk of darkness and the core defender. things like blue laser weapons, blue shields, cyborgs, robots and plasma weapons too.

i was thinking as Legions army should have
ascended from C&C4
Reaper cyborg
Tiberium trooper
Elightened cyborg
Cyborg commando

green laser
blue laser
plasma cannons
EMP cannons

obelisk of darkness base defence
Banshee air craft from tiberian sun

vehicles im not sure of

what do you think of them ideas?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is this mod canceled, put on hold or still in development?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Already the middle of December, and the new version all is not present. Where she?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Coreangel Creator

hopefully im done this week with the mayor injustments i made. so for now i say somewhere this week

Reply Good karma+1 vote

i'm so ready for the next release. when will that be exactly?

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Coreangel Creator

Totalpc gaming magazine Issue 26 now available.
it includes all new games that are about to come and 2 pages about mods. And Birth is in that magazine ! the magazine comes with a disk, with demos and all the mods that are displayed in the magazine.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Cool. Now I wonder what the others would say.

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