May the Force be with you, Commander.


Star Wars: Command & Conquer - Tiberium Empire is a total conversion mod for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars that aims to adapt the popular space fantasy franchise to the gameplay and graphical atmosphere of C&C3. Its story takes place in an AU continuity so as to avoid any discrepancies with pre-established Star Wars lore and spans across three different eras: the Aftermath War, the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War.


Fifty years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, the galaxy suffered a catastrophe of unprecedented scale. In the span of a few days, every single world in every single star system was struck with massive meteor showers carrying a strange green substance of crystalline composition, killing trillions of living beings across the entire galaxy. This event is now remembered as the Tiberium Cataclysm.

After the fallout settled, analysis revealed that the substance had been previously discovered in a system near the edge of the galactic ring in Wild Space, and was called "Tiberium". The person who discovered the system, explorer and xenobiologist Tiber Thorne, had apparently named the green crystal and star system after his own first name, ironically convinced that his discovery would change the face of the galaxy when he found a way to turn it into a reliable power source. Around the time of the Cataclysm, however, Thorne mysteriously vanished, which places great suspicion on his involvement in the catastrophe.

Twenty years later, the galaxy is still licking its wounds and feeling the effects of the spread of Tiberium. The Core Worlds, Inner Rim, Mid Rim and Outer Rim have been divided into Blue, Yellow and Red Sectors based on the severity of Tiberium infestation while Wild Space and the Unknown Regions remain a mystery. The Republic placed emphasis on repairing the damage in the Blue Sectors and funding research to find a means to eradicate Tiberium as quickly as possible, but ended up neglecting the rest of the galaxy as a result. Feeling abandoned by the Republic when they needed it most in the aftermath of the Cataclysm, a majority of the people of the Yellow and Red Sectors turned to criminal syndicates out of anger against the galactic government.

In an effort to quell the growing dissention, the Republic has assembled a token task force called the Peacekeepers and deployed it in the most sensitive regions of the galaxy. One young but talented commander is headed to the Outer Rim to rescue a Republic scientist whose knowledge of Tiberium may very well determine the fate of the galaxy, but has been captured by the dissidents for unknown purposes....


For the moment, the "team" only consists of yours truly, Quinn-G. I'm confident I'll be able to handle the modeling, texturing and animation of in-game assets by myself just fine and have assembled a few tutorials on modding C&C3 to help me get started. I also intend to contact the creators of other C&C3 mods such as Tiberium Essence or The Forgotten for additional pointers. I'm a very self-taught kind of guy. :)

That said, even with all the enthusiasm in the world, programming just isn't my forte and I find it a lot less intuitive than the more artistic side of the project. My programming teacher in art school always said that coding was like building stuff with LEGO, but all I ever saw whenever I coded something was a bowl of spaghetti. >< As such, programmers are welcome to take part in the project if they are interested. ^^


  • Programmers (preferably experienced with the C&C3 SDK)
  • Concept artists (to have a basis on which to create the in-game models and textures)
  • Composer (someone who'll basically be able to "Klepacki-fy" the classic Star Wars themes)


Star Wars: Command & Conquer - Tiberium Empire is a non-profit video game modification fan project. It is not endorsed by the legal owners of either the Star Wars or Command & Conquer IPs and the makers of this mod are not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or Electronic Arts in any way.

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We're now at the Galactic Empire, the final in the series of blog entries detailing each faction's structures and units! Specific units' abilities, research and support powers will be detailed later.


  • Name (#) = Tier #
  • Name = Heroic Unit/Unique Structure

Unscrupulous in their drive to impose their iron rule across the galaxy, the Galactic Empire didn't hesitate to pick up on the Mandalorians' technological breakthroughs with Tiberium and invent new sinister applications of their own. Imperial tactics usually rely on intimidation through terrifying demonstrations of military power to convince their enemy that submission is their only available option of survival. Should that fail, they show no remorse in striking down a defeated enemy to serve as an example to all who would dare question the Empire's supremacy.

Main structures:

  • Construction Yard (0) - Base construction
  • Geothermal Plant (1) - Base power
  • Refinery (1) - Processes collected Tiberium, adds 5000 to max. income
  • Garrison (1) - Infantry production
  • Walker Bay (1) - Vehicle production
  • Comm Station (1) - Unlocks map display and Tier 2 structures
  • Air Tower (2) - Aircraft production
  • Armory (2) - Infantry research, unlocks Tier 2 infantry
  • Cybernetic Laboratory (2) - Advanced research, unlocks Tier 3 units and structures, produces Terror Trooper Pack and Dark Trooper
  • Inquisitorius Sanctum (3) - Advanced research, produces Inquisitor
  • Crane (1) - Additional construction queue, cannot construct Tier 3 base defenses or other cranes

Support structures:

  • Blaster Cannon (1) - Anti-infantry
  • Heavy Laser Cannon (2) - Anti-vehicle
  • AA Laser Cannon (2) - Anti-aircraft base defense
  • Silo (1) - Tiberium containment structure, adds 2000 to max. income
  • Turbolaser Tower (3) - Advanced anti-vehicle/aircraft base defense
  • Tiberium Superlaser Control Center (3) - Superweapon, fires a prototype Tiberium-based superlaser cannon located in orbit that destroys all but the biggest vehicles, aircraft and structures in a single blast; the sudden energy discharge triggers a localized ion storm that strikes the targeted area with lightning for 10 seconds and disables all radars for 20 seconds
  • Occupier (1) - Base expansion vehicle, deploys into a Monitoring Station


  • Stormtrooper Squad (1) - Anti-infantry
  • Demolition Trooper Squad (1) - Anti-vehicle/aircraft
  • Engineer (1) - Captures and repairs structures and bridges
  • Flame Trooper Squad (2) - Anti-infantry, can clear garrison
  • Scout Trooper Squad (2) - Anti-infantry
  • Death Trooper Squad (3) - Can switch between anti-infantry and anti-vehicle with either a blaster rifle or a grenade launcher
  • EVO Trooper Squad (3) - Anti-infantry, airborne
  • Imperial Navy Commando (3) - Anti-infantry, stealth unit, can instantly destroy an enemy structure
  • Terror Trooper Pack (3) - Anti-infantry, stealth unit, can use a pounce attack that covers a lot of ground fast or immediately kills enemy infantry
  • Dark Trooper (3) - Anti-infantry/vehicle/aircraft, can use a shockwave attack that deals shock damage to all nearby enemy units
  • Inquisitor (3) - Melee, can repel enemy blaster fire with his lightsaber, choke enemy infantry to death and crush vehicles, aircraft and structures with the Force, which leaves him vulnerable to attack as he focuses


  • All Terrain Personal Transport (1) - Anti-infantry
  • All Terrain Scout Transport (1) - Anti-infantry/vehicle
  • All Terrain Missile Platform (2) - Anti-vehicle/aircraft
  • Harvester (1) - Unarmed, collects Tiberium
  • All Terrain Mobile Sensor (2) - Unarmed, deploys into a stationary structure that reveals nearby enemy stealth units
  • All Terrain Mobile Artillery (3) - Anti-vehicle/structure, can bombard a location in the field of vision of a Scout Trooper Squad from anywhere on the battlefield
  • All Terrain Assault Transport (3) - Anti-vehicle/aircraft/structure, only four may be deployed at a time


  • TIE Fighter (2) - Anti-infantry/aircraft
  • TIE Bomber (2) - Anti-vehicle/structure
  • TIE Interceptor (2) - Anti-aircraft
  • Sentinel-class Transport Shuttle (2) - Anti-aircraft, transports infantry
  • Zeta-class Carrier Shuttle (3) - Anti-aircraft, transports vehicles except AT-ATs
  • TIE Scimitar (3) - Advanced anti-vehicle/structure, only four may be deployed at a time
  • Planetary Deployment Vehicle (2) - Deploys into a Construction Yard

(Note: At first, I was kind of divided between the Zeta-class shuttle from Rogue One and the Y-45 hauler from Solo: A Star Wars Story to use as the Empire's vehicle carrier craft, but felt that the Zeta-class was more distinctly "imperial" in its design than the Y-45.)

And that was the final structure/unit roster.

So what's going to happen to the mod from now on?

As I mentioned in the mod's summary, as a beginner modder, I currently lack most of the technical know-how to properly transform my imagination into reality. ModDB user Fandore, whom you might know from the mod Tiberium Secrets, has kindly proposed me to teach me everything related to in-game assets from folder organization to models and animation. I also have IRL stuff to worry about such as my current unemployment, which I won't go into detail here, and I trust you'll understand that I will place emphasis on that rather than the mod, at least in the near future.

Stay tuned and May the Force be with you! :D

Rebel Alliance Structure & Unit List

Rebel Alliance Structure & Unit List

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An exhaustive list of all structures and units the player will have access to when playing with the Rebel Alliance.

Separatists Structure & Unit List

Separatists Structure & Unit List


An exhaustive list of all structures and units the player will have access to when playing with the Confederacy of Independant Systems.

Clone Army Structure & Unit List

Clone Army Structure & Unit List


An exhaustive list of all structures and units the player will have access to when playing with the Grand Army of the Republic.

Mandalorian Raiders Structure & Unit List

Mandalorian Raiders Structure & Unit List

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An exhaustive list of all structures and units the player will have access to when playing with the Mandalorian Raiders.

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C&CFanGamer - - 2 comments

I hope that the creator is doing fine in life and is settling their IRL situation, I do hope to see this mod being published/released some time in the near future.

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Guest - - 699,671 comments

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einsteintesla - - 14 comments

Is this abandoned?

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Quinn-G Creator
Quinn-G - - 360 comments

Hi, sorry for the very late reply. I really need to check back here more often than I do if only to quell any rumors about TibEmp being dead.

It's on indefinite hiatus while I prioritize fixing my currently-hectic professional situation IRL. It's taking a long time, but I WILL get back to it.

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Mr.Juann - - 4 comments

Looking forward for update, take your time awesome Author!

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Vooooo - - 57 comments

Still alive?

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Nord_Licht - - 426 comments

Take your time my friend. I'll consider making an RA3 starwars mod too...

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LordMaus - - 1,270 comments

Any news for this mod at 2021? thank you.

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darkyuri - - 1,367 comments

any news?

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Kaischi - - 1 comments

I neeed to know the realise date, Im want to play that masterpiece pls

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