Project overview: Tiberium Secrets is a total overhaul mod set in a parallel universe to the Command and Conquer canon. It introduces three new factions that can stand in conjunction and potentially independent from the others within the Command and Conquer Tiberium universe. These new factions come complete with diverse units, structures, mechanics, and lore. Players will take command of a shadowy human faction intent on ensuring the survival of its species without concern for red tape or ideologies, a biological experiment turned hunter of their creators, and an artificial intelligence believing itself to be the next evolution of humanity. Comparatively minor, but fundamental changes will also be made to the original factions.

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The canceled but planned series arc is given in this update;m

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Plans for ending the mod are given in this update

By: Eric Chou (Jist) 7/9/16

For the sake of clarity and standard organizational practice, we’ll be referring to the stories in terms to TV seasons and Episodes.

This is to lay out the Macro of what the story is about,and the key characters, actions, and reveals for each story, season, and the overall series.

We're based off 7 episodes a season, with 8 seasons, as of now, we can write S1-S4, S7, S8

8 episodes a season will allow us to develop each new character, and exploring interactions before adding new core characters, we may also get to S5 once Colony development begins, we need to get ahead of development, but not too far.

Episode 0’s serve as world setting, as needed, to help indicate divergence from original official canon. .

ARC WIP- undergoing changes

Events take place during, and after our Canon:

Macro objectives:

  1. Immerse team & community in continued future developments
  2. Adding depth, backstory, and life to faction units, structures, and technologies
  3. Inspiring concept art development
  4. Reinforcing & exploring faction doctrine
  5. Pathfinding potential futures
  6. Uncovering or twisting arcs to sell new factions

Micro Objectives:

  1. present, reveal, and propose what Tiberium actually is.
    1. Functions
    2. Chemical Structure
  2. Reinforce faction & Character relationships with Tiberium
    1. Faction specific uses
    2. Character perspectives on its effects
    3. Psychology of being infected, and having friends/ families infected.
    4. Perspective on living in a world overrun by the substance
  3. Give perspectives:
    1. of new factions from GDI, Nod, Idris, and civilians
    2. on Scrin & their technologies
    3. on GDI civil war, martial law, and police states
    4. on 15 years of alliance after more than half a century of war between GDI & Nod
    5. Give perspective on Kane’s Ascension (before and after)
  4. Time jumps may occur between seasons to allow the characters to make progress

Season 0: Prologue 2077 - Completed

  1. Introduce Main Characters. Foreshadow impending downfall (signs of decay) of GDI/Nod.
  2. Conflicts betwixt scientists and their struggle with Tiberium/Goals with Tiberium
  3. More of the 2, but FORESHADOW ASI
  4. 1
  5. 1
  6. Boyd exists in some kind of waking coma, veers toward ASI; Neuman (TBD: Hive mind, perhaps son); Chin & Goodlander (TBD51); Lostumo (connected to Neuman, at least tangentially)
  7. Kane and thousands of his Nod - Ascend through threshold 19 in Italy (Not all) (Mayhap we include this in Season 7)

Note: all following “faction seasons” will have three conflicts:

  1. Faction’s conflict with another faction(s)
  2. Scientist (or scientists) have their own conflicts, either ideologically or in some other respect.
  3. Faction is having its own internal issues.

Season 1: 2077 New Adana - ASI Rises from Egypt.

Theme: When you turn against who you are to survive, do you really survive? E8 reveal

  1. World setting, zone designations, state of the world.
  1. Hidden Away -Richard Newman
  2. For The Good Of The Zone -Bratson
  3. Intel & orders -Bratson
  4. TBD -Bratson (Getting Bratson and Reynolds to E6)
  5. D51 Riot Report- Malcom
  6. Loustomo’s intro- Bratson
  7. TBD-TBD Gets Reynolds, Loustomo, and Bratson? To Richard,they get access to E8
  8. WIP Who we used to be 2062- GDI Councilman Bratson’s relative (Season Finale reveals terms of Kane’s deal with GDI for the STCN in using mutants and tib infected humans as power sources, alive and dead?)

Season 2: Colony Intro

Colony encountered in a Black Zone

  1. TBD-TBD (Richard, Loustomo, Reynolds+Bratson, react to E8, or Not all characters aware of E8? Only specific characters? Explore interaction of characters and trust?
  2. TBD-TBD
  3. TBD-TBD

Season 3: D51 Rises from meh Ashes! Moon base.

  1. TBD-TBD ??(Bratson has been fighting, seen some shit O.O And this covers the Civil War. He and Reynolds are on opposite sides: Reynolds on Bratson’s Relatives side, Bratson opposing)??
  2. TBD-TBD
  3. TBD-TBD

Season 4: Colony is growing vastly out of proportion (for some reason.), ASI & D51 are friends now and build a portal to another dimension (somehow).

Jason: Idea: Newman’s son becomes the new Hivemind for the Colony, and he works with Newman to find a cure for the Colony, but Newman’s son is merged in the process, losing his identity/sense of self, and turns on his father. Newman must kill his son, sending the Colony into disarray (Like how the Flood from Halo would act without a Gravemind to coordinate it). We can have the process of Newman Jr.s loss of self having progressed faster the closer the Scrin got, and they arrive at the moment Newman Jr. loses his sense of self. So the Invasion is kicked off by the Colony going berserk. I don’t know what happens with Newman after this.

Additionally, Lostumo has been in contact with him during all of this, so perhaps she manages to swoop in with a team of Soldiers and they collect Newman as the Colony units are confused having been so abruptly severed from their Hivemind.

Season 5: : Full Scrin Invasion

  1. TBD- TBD (Charged with defending the Scrin Tower and Research Station (STaRS) designation Mobius, the RAID forces are the last organized military unit of the GDI. Unaware of D51, they must fight their way out of the barricade that Nod has constructed around the area. Somewhere they, or D51 find out about Scrin origins perhaps a from Colony?
    -Colony is their Feral Cousins, so to speak? Or Ancestors.

-Perhaps Colony were Scrin that crossed Dimensions, and since the Scrin are basically made of the stuff, and the tech was made from Tiberium (of course) they got corrupted in the process, resulting in the Colony. The reason the Colony has come back is that they were forced out of the new dimension as there was no Tiberium in it, and it created a paradox. Or perhaps there’s some kind of Anti-Tiberium (kinda like Anti-Matter) instead of Tiberium itself. The Anti-Tiberium is much easier to control, and is not infectious, but reacts violently with any Tiberium based materials.

-Revised: Colony origins:

Scrin Dimension Hopped, bringing a bacteria from Dimension H (Current one) to Dimension F (New One). This bacteria assimilated Anti-Tiberium, thus causing them to grow while consuming Tiberium and Tiberium-based life forms (like Scrin, Mutants, etc…) back in Dimension H, leading to their Awakening as a Hive Mind.

Colony sees itself as an awakening of Nature. Starts making targets attacks on Factions.

Unit Idea: Ameoba. Divides to replicate into more of them. How: Unknown.

Season 6: Final Season: Evacuation of Earth to a universe without Tiberium by D51 & ASI


What were you guys smoking when you wrote this stuff?

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tiberium probably

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Emperors_Fist Online


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I would be very careful with what's being planned at the moment, including this GDI "Civil War."

Since they're an organisation that's fueled by the UN, NATO and what not, it makes that very difficult to manage. Especially when it falls just allying with NOD shortly after. There's where you have C&C Fan Fiction and then you have things that go way out of the blue zone for storytelling in C&C.

I wish the writers luck but seriously just by looking at a few bits off this actually gives of a negative vibe. Still look forward to the mod though in the future.

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Actually, after reading this without being awake for roughly five minutes, I just realised this was actually cancelled. My bad. Carry on.

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We have a civil war within Nato right now. Its about time the world unites to give FR and GER what they deserve.

GDI and Nod formed alliances in both Firestorm and C&C4;.

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INtense! Staff

I’m incredibly saddened to hear this news but thankful for the incredible effort and dedication you have put into TS for a long time. Keep your head up and I look forward to what is next.

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