Project overview: Tiberium Secrets is a total overhaul mod set in a parallel universe to the Command and Conquer canon. It introduces three new factions that can stand in conjunction and potentially independent from the others within the Command and Conquer Tiberium universe. These new factions come complete with diverse units, structures, mechanics, and lore. Players will take command of a shadowy human faction intent on ensuring the survival of its species without concern for red tape or ideologies, a biological experiment turned hunter of their creators, and an artificial intelligence believing itself to be the next evolution of humanity. Comparatively minor, but fundamental changes will also be made to the original factions.

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The origins of the scin are revealed in this update (This is a fan origin story not official C&C cannon)

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The Scrin Origins are given in this update

The Gods Themselves

By Eric (GeneralJist)
Rev 2: 12/111/14
Rev 1: 9/5/2011

In the beginning of Time there was nothing, and then there were the Edonians, they were the
1 st intelligent species to arise from the universe.
They became so advanced they revealed the nature of the universe and their home planet that
they thought themselves Gods.
They were complacent in their role as masters of the universe, traveling through rips in space
and time.
But as they grew in their technological prowess they grew in wisdom. They saw that as the “1 st
people” they had a sacred duty to preserve the sanctity of the universe and insure any other
intelligent entities would be ready to face the challenges of space time and the wonders of the
So their Scientists developed a test they could perform on any species that would definitively
determine the worth of the species. The wager was over the survival of the civilization, passing
the test would signify that the indigenous population was ready for the marvels of the cosmos
and the Edonians would let the species join their empire. On the other hand, failing the Test
would ensure the civilizations’ doom and prove they were not ready.
So, naturally, in order to test their own worth, and the validity of the test, they exposed their
civilization to it. The results were unforeseen…... The Edonians realized the true power of the
Test they had created and saw its potential and saw their hubris, but by then it was too late……
The Entire Race became enslaved by the Substance and it permutated their genetics, causing
them to be biologically and technologically dependent on the substance. The Edonians
became a shadow of what they once were, forever doomed to inflict the test on others in an
effort to find a cure to restore their civilization to its former glory.
Thus in shame they call themselves Scrin, which meant “Fallen Divinity” in their original
They must now be humble harvesters & recyclers at heart, if they ever hope to return to their
former status.

In attempting to ensure the survival of the fittest and security of the cosmos ,they corrupted
their empire and are doomed to corrupt the universe with Tiberium.
Did the greatest harm come from the best intensions?
Now The Scrin:
The Irony was, where the Edonians had once dared to be the guardians of the universe, the
Scrin were now reduced to glorified galactic waste technicians, perpetually cleaning up the
messes they had made.
Upon a natural Liquid Tiberium eruption, it signals the harvesting force, if left unchecked the
planet will be ripped apart over time, and will return all the elements back into the universe in
a chaotic and dispersed fashion.
In sending the harvesting forces, they intend to harvest all valuable metals in an organized
fashion, leaving the planet intact, but devoid of all valuable elements. (a desert wasteland)
Refer to "The events of tiberium:" Section in Motivations Timeline and and how factions act
and react GOLANXs version for inspiration.


I dunno, that's pretty charitable an interpretation given the language in the scrin campaign about how it's an "invasion" and ichor collection as "harvesting" not waste collection. Why would the Scrin need an initial blitz and pre-invasion infiltration campaign if they were just humble scrap collectors?

I'll grant these, though;
Ichor originally meant blood of the gods.
Tiberium being a test of viability goes along with how the scrin only seem to be harvesting Earth in TW.

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An interesting take on things, a promising concept but it doesn't really work for me in the C&C universe. Its also quite nonsensical. I mean, the pleight in advancing as a civilization is so hard and then to throw Tiberium at them.

Its also a bit of a cheap plot device to get the world to unite against a common enemy.

A bit of a Frankenstein as well, them falling prey to their own creation.

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And it's worth note EALA deliberately drew comparisons thematically with the Martians from War of the Worlds with their use of tripods and seeming unpreparedness, albeit that was a planned unpreparedness on Kane's part.

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