Project overview: Tiberium Secrets is a total overhaul mod set in a parallel universe to the Command and Conquer canon. It introduces three new factions that can stand in conjunction and potentially independent from the others within the Command and Conquer Tiberium universe. These new factions come complete with diverse units, structures, mechanics, and lore. Players will take command of a shadowy human faction intent on ensuring the survival of its species without concern for red tape or ideologies, a biological experiment turned hunter of their creators, and an artificial intelligence believing itself to be the next evolution of humanity. Comparatively minor, but fundamental changes will also be made to the original factions.

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The outline of season 1 are given in this update.

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The outline of season 1 are given in this update.

Read Season 0:

Tiberium Secrets Main Narrative Canon Season 0

Season 1 outline

Origin: scientists have split up to go their separate ways. Boyd is heading to ASI in one way or another, Goodlander and Chin are D51 goons, Neuman is Colony neuron, and Lostumo is something else. ASI guys have been seen around the city where the first season takes place, however they haven’t done a whole lot. One kick-started Boyd’s heart and that’s about it. Boyd is thrashed and 75% dead when this all kicks off.

What we want to establish: ASI’s origin, what they’ve been up to, what they’re like. Nod and GDI are falling apart, there’s a new power vacuum and it needs filling.

Larger conflict: ASI is now a super-power and has to deal with the associated logistics.

-Boyd’s wife is ex-Nod but hates ASI, is working against them every step of the way until she instigates the exploding thing at the end of the season.

Smaller issues:

-Non-converting cities

-Power issues, haven’t necessarily discovered Dark Energy?

-People are now robotic consciousnesses and have to deal with that

-Interpersonal conflicts between newly joined ASI and their loved ones

-Forced impressment vs. free will

-D51 does something sneaky towards the end of the season which kicks the larger conflict into high gear.

- ASI foot soldiers realize that their consciousnesses don’t actually get permanently preserved if they are killed

1) Boyd is introduced as a new recruit to ASI, he’s thrashed and knows it but is still a little hesitant about dying (being terminated). As the episode goes on he gradually warms to the idea, because of ____. His wife is introduced and lacking in interest or horrified at something in particular about it, which Boyd doesn’t pick up on; maybe she was exposed to radiation by Cabal, which gave her her cancer. ASI guys talk to Boyd about all the benefits of being a robot, but he isn’t won over until they tell him that they can convert his wife too, which he hasn’t considered prior to this point. At the end, womp womp: can’t force your wife to convert.

2) Opens on Boyd with a new robot body arguing with his wife. Turns out that by entering the Nephalae he’s exposed his every memory to hundreds of thousands. She doesn’t like that idea because:

Mrs. Boyd was Nod Officer and she had committed atrocious acts, killing many (She came up with the plan for Temple Prime to be hit by the Ion Cannon. She’s essentially a think-tank). Her hubby dont no tho.

Boyd is sent to a nearby ASI-controlled city filled with Tiberium-infected people just to cure lower-tier diseases to try to convince them to join ASI. He’s saddled with another Conscriptor who maybe sells a little too hard, and the population becomes disgruntled. Turns out the entire place was run by Nod in the past and is still staffed by Nod remnants; as Boyd and the others are leaving underground Nod remnants ambush them (with Bikes and Buggies, one rundown Scorpion Tank).

Boyd sees a member of the team visiting his wife?

3) Continue Ep. 2 Battle here, and its conclusion. ASI is weaker than it looks, but it’s revealed that dead ASI units can come back as people.

Boyd enjoys prestige/rank. ASI Controlled City visit.


  1. F) ASI are hit by ‘unknown’ group (D51) who blows up a Dark Energy Generator that Wipes/Corrupts the Data of People, thus killing/maiming (mentally) them.

Convincing Wife why.

Just before Boyd Converts, he takes off his wedding ring, stares at it for a moment, then throws it away or asks for it to be melted into his new body.

ASI Entertainment/PSA: ASI Noir

The dame walked in for the second time, her whispering gears familiar as she stepped forwards. Her metal plates reflected the dim lights in my office back at me, smooth and unmarred. I couldn’t help but admire her chassis as she leaned forward in earnest, her hands clasped tightly before her. I noticed her pneumatic tubes, the tops of which were revealed between her breastplate and collar pipe. I was snapped back to reality by my assistant; she was a much older model. Her gears grinded with every move. The dame was saying something about her missing husband. What kind of an idiot would cheat on this woman? I tell her the truth.

“I’m sorry doll. He’s gone, and he ain’t coming back.”

Her motors freeze up, unmoving.

“Was I that bad of a wife?”

I console her.

“Listen, Doll. He’d have to be missing a few lines of binary to leave a dame like you. But I think I know what happened to him. You remember that Dark Energy Generator that blew a month ago?”

She nods.

“Well, when that blew, it wiped a number of entities. But it turns out that it also corrupts people's’ files. Your husband must have been corrupted, and so he ran. I’m sorry, doll, but that’s the consequence of a Dark Energy Generator Explosion.”

I turn and wink to the audience.


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