Project overview: Tiberium Secrets is a total overhaul mod set in a parallel universe to the Command and Conquer canon. It introduces three new factions that can stand in conjunction and potentially independent from the others within the Command and Conquer Tiberium universe. These new factions come complete with diverse units, structures, mechanics, and lore. Players will take command of a shadowy human faction intent on ensuring the survival of its species without concern for red tape or ideologies, a biological experiment turned hunter of their creators, and an artificial intelligence believing itself to be the next evolution of humanity. Comparatively minor, but fundamental changes will also be made to the original factions.

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A character profile is given in this update. Further insight into Boyd's back story and motivation are also given.

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A character profile is gen in this update.

Coltan Boyd's original description:

Coltan Boyd - M.D. General Practitioner. Wanted to have most widely available skills to ensure job security. Grew up poor, and did not want to live that harsh reality ever again. He wanted to live in comfort with his wife, by any means.”

Colton Boyd: He was a doctor helping Tiberium patients in the border lands. He's seen more lost lives than those he could save. After his wife fell ill - unrelated to Tiberium - he was offered a job and healthcare in a penthouse in the blue zone as a scientist. Now, he's here to collect a paycheck and will do whatever the employer asks to keep his wife healthy in the blue zone.”


  • Character’s Name: Coltan Boyd
  • Age: 38
  • General description:
    • An MD general practitioner, is one of the top doctors for all blue zones. His skill is so renowned, that many places vie for him to stay only for a day or two for large sums of money. He is a wanderer, traveling from place to place, finding the next patient to treat and check to earn. Those who have seen him work say that he works so diligently that he forgets to eat for days to treat and diagnose the patient, entering almost a trance to finish the job. His home life is unknown to the public, but he rarely socializes outside of work, even during his weekly visits to his favorite bar [].
  • Back Story
    • Was fortunate enough to be born in a blue zone [TBD on heritage/culture, but either indian/irish/english works well for his role]. Though confined to safety, his family was poor, and had to work for many hours, include his 3 older brothers and 1 older sister farming. As the youngest, he had the most opportunity and got the best education. He eventually went to study medicine at the age of 16, as he was confined at home to focus on his studies. He was the ridiculed picked on by his older brothers, jealous of freedom and cushy life (this lead to his angry and serious personality). While away at school, a sudden dust bowl came into the blue zone, killing his Father, Mother, and older Brothers. Worse, the dust bowl carried Tiberium particles and infected his older sister. By the time he made it back, he saw his sister dying in the hospital. She simply said “Live on” before passing. Fraught with grief, he vowed to put an end to this Tiberium chaos. He focused on studying (and drinking when no one was looking) and passed as valedictorian at the age of 19 in general practitioning. He spent the next 4 years seeking to spread his name and learn from other areas how they eased the pain of Tiberium poisoning [how he became so knowledgeable].
    • He was fortunate enough to find a job in a Nod outpost, where there was little in the way of money, but they were wealthy in technology. He was able to stabilize a patient that was afflicted with the 2072 version of pneumonia. The family that contracted him gave them their life savings, including upgrading his [Multi-tool], which helps Boyd with both surgery and/or diagnosis of sick patients.
    • After 4 years, he found a cushy job, and began practicing on many richer folks who desired the best practitioner. He spent 3 years doing this and eventually found Christine, a young nurse intern who had been fortunate enough to land this position. They both fell in love, and eventually got married. He had a girl, and was finally doing what his sister requested many years ago: living.

Until another dust bowl came.

Fortunately, he was out of town when it struck for a house call, and the family was in the well protected area reserved for the wealthy families. However, the Tiberium poisoning still came and infected his family. He ended up seeking an old fellow doctor, who was now part of a GDI research team, and pleaded/sought his assistance. Eventually he agreed after some arguing, and his family got put on the program for experimentation, as long as he aided when called upon by the GDI and paid the cost for the experimentation [how he joined the Tiberium team initially]

He now contracts for the GDI forces, doing high end jobs and seeking the highest paying customer to keep his girls alive at home.

  • Training/special skills:
    • Top Harvard practitioner (or top medical university at the time)
    • Experience in Voodoo, chinese herbs, and other arcane/ritualistic healing arts from his early years.
  • Goals:
    • To maintain enough financial stability to pay for the treatment he diagnosed for his wife and daughter, which have been infected by Tiberium (he begins to lose hope in later seasons, as he loses his wife and is in danger of losing his daughter)
  • Relationships:
    • Christine Boyd, 36 (wife)
    • Lara Boyd, 9 (daughter)
  • Character role to fill:
    • Traveling doctor, who fills in worldly exposition as the stories move on. He appears randomly.
    • Wild Card function for the core team.
  • Analogous to:
    • The Doctor from Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi version, serious and yet can still hold the audience's attention).
  • Purpose in story:
    • Combination deus ex machina for certain NIP (Non-Important Characters), as well as worldly exposition

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