Equestrian Sun is a brony total conversion mod for Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Firestorm, and is set in the magical world of Equestria, except, this is an alternate universe in which the world is being destroyed by an alien crystal, known to ponykind as Equum.

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initial lore upload


Equestrian Sun Lore Spreadsheet

Equestrian Sun's lore assumes all events in MLP G4 canon is true up to the events of Equestria Girls: Friendship Games, but the timeline splits at the returning of the Elements of Harmony to the Tree of Harmony due to a space-time discontinuity incident.


After Starlight's time travel spell introduced multiple timelines to the multiple alternate universes that Human Twilight Sparkle opened into the main continuum, 2 universes intersected at 2 very different points of time. leading to the tiberium universe of the human world meeting a version of the pony world.

Pre-Equum Lore:

After the Elements of Harmony are returned to the Tree of Harmony (6 years after Princess Luna's return in 2094), Princess Celestia and Princess Luna decide to rule separately, Celestia claimed Canterlot Castle as her seat, and Luna claimed the Everfree Castle as her seat, founding the city of Lullaby, to which hundreds of the cave-dwelling Thestral ponies quickly migrated.

Three years after the founding of Lullaby, a small company, called Thanasis Mechanical Institute, in the town of Ponyville, publicly released it's first major product: the internal combustion engine. a number of companies immediately sprang up across Equestria, designing numerous vehicles to make use of these new engines, making things from tractors, to automobiles, to locomotives. Aircraft, which had previously run on Unicorn magic, were now publicly accessible to all races because of the new invention. Technology advanced quickly, and within 10 years, almost everypony had access to a motor vehicle. it wasn't long before even portable computation devices became accessible to the public.

Unbeknownst to Ponykind, a rift between Equestria and another world had briefly opened somewhere in the Equestrian Badlands, and through it came an alien device.

The Icon, Interpreter, and Origins of Equum:

15 years have passed after the rift opened; a Badlands local discovers a basketball-sized crystalline orb in a cave just across a patch of orange, meaty, vein-like, creeping vines, spreading out from a mouth in the earth.

when the pony returned to his village 3 days later with the orb, he had orange, vein-y tentacles growing through his nostrils, mouth, ears, and other openings in his body, and seemed to be moving aimlessly without a purpose, the villagers took the orb to the village elder, and the pony was quarantined to a hut on the edge of the village. The village elder began hearing the orb whisper to him in his sleep, but could not understand what it told him, and the vein pony became more aggressive, attacking other ponies who came to the hut to visit him, including his family, all ponies who were whipped with the vein-y tentacles which protruded from his swelling body began turning into vein ponies themselves. 2 Weeks went by, and the now crazed village elder had murdered his entire family and fled his village to live in exile, taking the orb, which he called "the Icon," with him. the vein ponies destroyed the quarantine hut, infecting many of the remaining villagers, and the Progenitor Vein Bloat took the other vein ponies with him to wander the badlands, each eventually becoming rooted to the earth and becoming vein creatures like the one outside the "Cave of the Icon" as it came to be called.

The crazed elder, who now called himself Mortimer, travelled to the northwestern edge of the Badlands in search of an artifact the Icon had directed him to, that it called the "Interpreter." The Interpreter was housed in a dome-like structure surrounded by cliffs. it was an alien neuro computer that had laid dormant for years, and there Mortimer stayed for several years, eating rats and other animals until he threw himself off of the cliffs surrounding the Interpreter's Dome.

Equum Viridi was first discovered just outside the city of Lullaby in the year 2130 (20 years after the rift in the Badlands had opened). Nopony knew what it was or how it had gotten there, but it was definitely changing the wildlife, the Timber Wolves were growing crystals along their branches, trees were growing fleshy pods, and much of the other wildlife was mutating in other ways. Even Princess Luna and some of her advisers began to mutate when they were exposed to the crystals.

The Events Leading up to the First War:

After the discovery of Equum Viridi, the Flim Flam Brothers jumped on the scene and quickly acquired rights to remove the Equum crystals from Lullaby. After rushing development of a harvester to get the job done as quickly and cheaply as possible, the Flim Flam Brothers' Equum harvesting venture turned into a disaster for Lullaby, Equum was not properly contained within the harvester's on-board storage container, and was able to grow within the city, mutating almost every Thestral pony in Lullaby, Luna personally terminated Flim and Flam's contract and negotiated a new contract with a company calling themselves UniCorporation.

UniCorp had originally been founded after hearing the stories of the Icon and Interpreter from Badlands villagers who survived the vein pony scourge years earlier, and had invested significant time and resources into researching these artifacts; making them perhaps the most knowledgeable group to take the cleanup job. However, UniCorp required that the majority of Lullaby be vacated before they could begin cleanup of the city. Only a small few stayed, Princess Luna included, and for almost a year, very little communication left Lullaby. The area became mysteriously quiet, so quiet, in fact, that Princess Celestia sent a squad of her guards to check the area. It was relayed after the guards' return to Celestia herself that the whole area was guarded by a mercenary force of mainly Unicorns, and attempts to investigate further into the area were met with immediate hostility. Hearing this news, Celestia began planting spies amongst the mercenary army, and learned that the entire city had become some sort of high security research facility, where all the remaining Lullaby residents and a multitude of mutated monstrosities were held captive in labs and holding cells. Princess Luna was also amongst the captive mutants there.

Princess Celestia immediately set about gathering representatives of Cloudsdale, Ponyville, and Appleoosa. After learning of the fate of Lullaby and Princess Luna, Appleoosans formed a militia called the Equestrian Defense Force (EDF), talking Manehattan and Fillydelphia leaders into providing industrial and manufacturing support. the Cloudsdale pegassi also geared up for the coming fight, forming the Pegasus Air Force (PAF), promising aerial support. Ponyville, however, opted to stay neutral in whatever conflict was bound to happen, and the Royal Canterlot Guard (RCG) stationed in Ponyville to provide security, logistics support, and rapidly develop the infrastructure in the neutral area.

The First Equum War:

At dawn of March 13, 2132, nearly 38 years after Princess Luna returned from her banishment, the EDF and RCG jointly led their first strike on the UniCorp-occupied Lullaby, but were surprised by powerful laser turrets and laser fencing being used to defend the perimeter of the compound. The first strike on the perimeter turned into a massacre, as the PAF forces arrived much later than scheduled. This event became known as the Lullaby Massacre, though the joint forces managed to push through into the city compound, the PAF's reputation was already blemished so badly that this blunder would not be forgotten, even into the onset of the Second Equum War.

Once the joint forces had fought their way into the UniCorp command bunker in Lullaby, they discovered all the horrible experiments they were conducting, not only that, they also discovered UniCorp had operations across Equestria. The Coalition of Forces liberated Lullaby by March 26, and moved on to tackle as many UniCorp operations as they could, the RCG securing many of the sites and devoting an entire division of their scientists to extract data from UniCorp's many Data Archives scattered across Equestria. The first war finally came to a close in 2139 after UniCorporation made a final stand in the Badlands.

Post War Equestria and Events Leading to the Second Equum War:

After the First War, Lullaby's population returned, and the city, once again, went silent to the rest of Equestria. The surviving red laser technology that was once used to keep the mutants locked within Lullaby, was reverse-engineered, upgraded, and now kept others out of the city. Behind the blue laser fencing, in 2140, Luna announced to Equestria the discovery of a new type of Equum: Caeruleo.

Meanwhile, in Cloudsdale, the clouds were found to be rapidly ionizing, and in 2144, thousands of pegasi were forced to abandon their cloud cities due to the increasing numbers of electrocution-related injuries. The PAF was renamed the Pegasus Air Command, and began organizing operations to attempt total erradication of all forms of Equum, sometimes killing mutants, and even going so far as to attempt an assassination on Luna in 2146, sparking a series of military skirmishes between the PAC and Luna's Guard, occasionally aided by the RCG. the RCG's involvement in protecting LG assets also increased tensions between the PAC and RCG.

While the RCG, LG, and PAC were fighting small skirmishes within the more central areas of Equestria, the EDF and UniCorp were still fighting, sometimes outside of Equestria proper, as if the First War had never ended, occasionally getting the RCG involved, especially during the Canterlot Insurrection in June 2141, and the First Ponyville Assault in September 2147.

On January 23, 2148, the PAC staged a 2 part covert operation within the Canterlot area. Part 1 involved intercepting an LG diplomatic convoy en route to Canterlot Castle with the help of a Changeling Mercenary group, known as "the Hive." The second part of the op consisted of escorting the "diplomatic convoy" to Canterlot Castle with an assassin, posing as the LG diplomat, along with the disguised Changeling "delegates" in the convoy. After successfully reaching Canterlot Castle, the assassin attempted to kill Princess Celestia, but his shot barely missed her heart. The assassination attempt failed, but did manage to put Celestia into a 3 week long coma. It is debated whether this event was what led Equestria into the Second War, or if it was the Second Ponyville Assault, during Celestia's coma, which was also enacted by the PAC.

The Second Equum War:

February 2, 2148 is generally regarded as the day the Second War officially began. The PAC had just been forced to retreat from Ponyville only 5 days into their siege due to the deployment of 3 of the RCG's brand new "Super Tanks."

Luna's Guard discovered an abandoned UniCorp outpost guarding the Icon and Interpreter (in the Badlands) on February 18, 2148. As is normal for LG operations, the outpost went silent, however, in March, LG command lost all contact with the outpost, and logistically were unable to spare troops to investigate until late June of that year. Those troops discovered that the ponies in the outpost appeared to be "walking machines, all moving with a single purpose." The Interpreter also appeared to be activated, possibly by accident. 2 towers and a pyramidal structure were also observed being built around the Interpreter. Worried about the events unfolding around the Interpreter, the LG called for aid from the EDF, which had a more active presence in the region. The EDF, which was running a small campaign against UniCorp in the Badlands region, initially authorized only small scouting parties to observe what was going on.

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Equestrian Sun v1.5.1.3 Demo

Equestrian Sun v1.5.1.3 Demo

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the first public demo release, featuring basic units and (mostly placeholder) infantry


Why is it that bronys have so much dedication, but at the same timeare made out to be the but of some cruel joke?

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sweet. post a vid on yt

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needs more work..

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