This mod aims to offer something different, adding more visual mechanics and gameplay changes. This mod is made with the help of assets created by the community and I do not take credit for there work.

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Very interesting mod.


I love this mod so much because of the graphical improvements and the new units, but I did have some problems when playing the campaign, like crashes and that I cant load my saves.
If you manage to fix those problems Il be rating this 10 stars. I also have a question, will you add new factions later into development?


This is the best mod ive seen for this game , had there not been issues with saving games i would have give this 10 out of 10 , but for how the mod changes the game itself , i am very impressed with , the attention to detail that has gone into the sfx makes the game very immersive to play , and the gore / blood effects are on point , which is always going a winner for me. Looking forward to next update.


one of my favorite mods for TS ever. it's an absolute visual treat, and doesn't stray too far from vanilla gameplay. definitely recommend it!

Good Gameplay
Good Ai
Nice units

sad that the campain is bugged

note 10

good mod note 10

Probably the best TS mod I've ever played...
The content and the feel I get when playing this mod is just nostalgic, for me it feels like this is the way the original game was meant to be.

What I would like to see in future updates is

*The light tower and sandbags for NOD and GDI
*Some mutant soldiers or GDI's side
*Orca Transport
*Montauk for Nod(Acts like warfactory) ?can pack up and go underground?


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