Tiberian Sun Retro Tiberian Sun Retro makes Tiberian Sun as it should have been. -New Articial Intelligence that should put even experienced players of Tiberian Sun to a new challenge. -Over 15 high quality new maps with many new features (of which are not in standard WW maps) that let you explore the tiberium world. -Fans of original C&C should feel being home with classic units like the Mammoth Tank and Mobile Artillery. -New technologies and abilities allowing players to create new destructive tactics -Mutant commandos consist of members of the Forgotten, who tend to support the people who gives what they want. They specialize in guerilla tactics and warfare. -Spy on enemies with Nod's stealthy Chameleon Spy infantry. -Spread the message of Kane and call storms of Tiberium Meteors to Earth with the Pyramid of Nod. Dropship Reinforcements Loadout in Single Player Mode Mutant Commandos: Umagon, Ghost Stalker, Tratos Meteor Storm Well over 350 new Sound Effects Painstaiking amounts...

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A nice mod bringing Tiberian Sun back to roots. The custom cameos give it a nice feel and new superweapons are quite unique. Cameo quality and unit balance could be improved but overall its a fun experience.

Being the first "Real" Tiberian Sun mod, you have to give this props. It was well done, and very great. In fact, I thought it was so good I fixed the Single Player Campaigns for it. ;p


A truly classic mod. Really enjoyed it. It really improved the balance the replayability of tiberian sun. And as a bonus, u can also play the singleplayer after applying the campaign fix (though it has some bugs).

Its a great mod!

Can someone please help me? I have downloaded this mod and infact several others i.e ts fallon, ts 3, The latest TS/FS patch (v2.03) and cannot seem to get any of them to working. As instucted i have extracted all the files into the ts directory but the only change ther is to my game is that i can now build mobile constuction yards. This happens when i either paste retro, fallon or ts3 into my ts directory. i no strange right? And when i try update to TS/FS patch (v2.03) i get the same problem (i think) as SGboy99 earlyer mentioned wher im told just told to insert a ts disk into drive. If anyone has any help please reply to this cause these mods look so cool id literally kill to play lol thanks

This mod is very nice, it picks up where westwood left off and gives this game that cutting edge that just wasnt there in the original game, it has some missing units put in and given some new units. the mod has re-moddeled most of the units and even some of the structures, they have even made new audio transcripts for most of the units, it follows its name with retro cameos and icons. however this mod is quite glitch and often crashes, on the other hand it fits in very nicely and when you get a good session it is very fun and brings in thoughs few features that westwood missed. overall i belive it is a very good mod and has alot of potential, once the crashes are fixed this mod should work flawlessly.

Great mod alltogether. couple minor bugs, but nothing severe. one of the best mod's I've played


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