This is a collection of all multiplayer co-op, towerdefense and all fun maps created by map makers over the years since Tiberian Sun. Each map is converted into a campaign map and modded for Single player.

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Mini Games is just a small open project, there has been so many good multiplayer specialty maps, that i thought it would be cool to have them all together and playable as single player. Campaign mode has the advantage to use Easy, Normal and Difficult, so its more easy to find a good balance. For example, some co-op maps meant for 8-players are modded with faster buildtime, stronger weapons or weaker AI units, all depends on the map. And since maps could always use improvement and addons, i keep this open for everyone to edit or add, whatever you want.

And here a little tutorial for if you wanna add your map. You can also ask me to do it for you, but please first try it yourself and pm me or add me on discord #0142 Holland and send your files

how to add your map

Inside the Maps/Missions folder there is an empty .map file, if your map file has an .mpr extension, copy the content of it inside this empty .map file, save.

Then, open Final sun (Disable beginners mode) > Load your map > Ini Editing > click "Insert INI content", and add the INI file named "CONVERT TO MISSION" (located in same folder)
Save map.
This ini file added a starting mcv, change the Taskforce if you used different units.

Next, open the file battle.ini located in the INI folder, and add your map:

[Battles]40=yourmap, and make an entry [yourmap]. Easily copy paste from an existing one and make edits. Save battle.ini.

How to balance

Dont be tricked, depending on the rules under the tags [Easy] and [Difficult], sometimes [Easy] is difficult and vise versa, so always test this.

I believe these settings count for all houses, so depending on your map, change these

ROF=0.9 ; Lower is faster Rate of Fire, use lower for Easy setting with tower defenses
Cost=1 ; just a multiplyer
Armor=1 ; same
BuildTime=0.5 ; this is twice as fast, which is also recommended for Easy
Groundspeed=1.0 ; could also used for difficulty for towerdefense

Other things

The ini you used, it put Player=GDI under [Basic]. Change to Nod if you want it to be Nod, Also if you used the spawn hacks, turn all Spawn1 into GDI or Nod. or ofcourse select the area under [Events] and or [Actions], and replace all ,50, with ,0, or ,1, with notepad++

(0=GDI, 1=Nod)

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MiniGames files v1 03

MiniGames files v1 03


Fixed art.ini (forgot to merge with art file from ts-client) ^ this repaired all firestorm animations. Turned some missed units into single player Added...

Mini Games files v1 02

Mini Games files v1 02


Extract in existing folder or in TS_client. Each update will come in a package like this, always includes the full version unless it gets too big, ofcourse...

Mini games including TS_client

Mini games including TS_client

Full Version

First release, its an open project so this will always improve. If you have a map you like to share, please let me know.

Danku - - 12 comments

Hey - would you be interested in participating your mod in the TS Anniversary Celebrations this year at the end of August? You can join the anniversary Discord server @ if you would like more information - last year we highlighted and showcased a number of different mods - it would be great to feature Tiberian Sun Mini Games as well! Be sure to get in contact if interested.

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