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BagaturKhan - - 7,910 comments

Glad to see Unification is going! Keep it up, broh!

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BagaturKhan - - 7,910 comments

You`re the first my good friend here! Happy New Year!

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Tryedge2715 - - 160 comments

Hail Brother Gambit_1 what do you mean edit the unification race mod module.ini how do i edit it? what i need to use notepad? because it turns into a .txt

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Gambit_1 Creator
Gambit_1 - - 2,537 comments

Well, you can simply use the Notepad [Save] feature direly, after making the changes.
Or even use [Save As], but make sure that it is saved as a .module file.

It the problem persists, use Wordpad.
Honestly, I use Notepad++ !!
It is free, and EXCELLENT for coding in general.

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Guest - - 692,157 comments

Man, be strong! this year will finish soon, and happiness will come!

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DefauIt - - 15 comments

TY for your work, Dawn of War wouldn't be the same without you.

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Guest - - 692,157 comments


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Gambit_1 Creator
Gambit_1 - - 2,537 comments

Well... I am very close into doing it!

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mrjuanit010 - - 70 comments

idea for researches of alienhunters:
the idea will be instead of using their technology as is. use an aspect of their technology to exploit their weakness.

research: hydraulic boots
after studying the lower limbs of the kroot, the magi biologis aided the design of a hydraulic powered boots.
adds leaping ability to assault marines.

race: necron
research:necrontyr technology
by studying the power core of a necron exoskeleton, the techpriests developed a method to hasten production by harnessing nuclear radiation to power machines.
hastens unit production and researches.

race: eldar
research:calibrated focusing
by studying eldar laser weapons, the techpriests calibrated all standard las weapon design to focus more energy when firing.
add more damage to lasguns and lascannons.

research:corruption resistance
by studying the nature of the dark gods through different markings on corpses of chaos forces and residual warp energy, the inquisitors harness the aspect weaknesses of each dark god to their advantage.
grants resistance to damage.

research: anatomical expertise
by studying the anatomy and biochemistry of tyranids, the magi biologis taught the weak spots of the bioformes and designed weapons to exploit their biochemistry.
adds extra damage to all weapons.

research: confusion tactics
by researching ork behavior, the inquisitors exploit the weaknesses in ork chain of command throwing them in disarray.
leader unit of the squad are first to die except for commanders and adds more morale damage.

race: imperial forces
research:imperial purge
by tolerance of alien infestation of imperial ranks in question, the Ordo Xenos approved the inquisitor to purge imperial ranks.
lowers all requisition and power costs.

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BranBranMan - - 2 comments

Good Morning/Afternoon Gambit_1!!
I recently commented on a mod called 'Eldar Craftworld mod' for DoW:SS and you replied saying that the mod is in need of some BETA Testers. If you want to, i'm up to it, sadly i'm no coder so i can't help you with that. I'm very new to the ModDB side of messages, so i hope this is a PM of some sort, but I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Kind Regards

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Gambit_1 Creator
Gambit_1 - - 2,537 comments

Sorry man, I SELDOM look into my profile page, and I was your message JUST NOW :(
If you read this, please PM me and we will discuss this :)

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