The Adventures of gorgon freemis is an unofficial Half-Life Map pack

Even this is only one adventure, the name sounded stupid and shitpos-y enough for the inevitably mediocre "mod" this will probably be.


  • Probably going to be awful.
  • Made by a 14 Year old.
  • Made by a (mostly) inexperienced mapper.
  • Using bullet points for no determinable reason.
  • Made for Half-Life fans.

TAGF Takes place in an alternate universe where Gordon, thinking that the lambda teams plan of "Go to Xen and shoot up the place lol!" was complete bullcrap, especially considering that the being he was sent to kill was most likely a space god with near limitless power.

So he rigged the teleporter to instead go to... well the middle of nowhere. changed his name to Gorgon Freemis (Look, he was in a hurry give him a break) to avoid being pursued by the H.E.C.U.

But... one day he received a message from an old colleague, Professor Birdwell asking for help... and thought:

"Well i have nothing better to do... why not?"

He dawned his H.E.V Suit, grabbed his Crowbar, and got to work.

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Minor Fracture Detected


I litteraly broke my ulna (Part of your arm) It hurts like hell, but its nothing too bad

Demo on Jan 15th

Progress on TAGF

Progress on TAGF

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Progress is slow. Thankfully i have plenty of ideas. and i have no idea how to make a level load transition actually work

Ashtimus Creator

I was browsing signed out
and accidentally reported my own poll...

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when is this coming out? I wanna play this!

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the maps don't look a half bad! nice job, don't know why you're calling them crap tho

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