This mod is my effort to expand on the Starcraft 2 Melee maps. I've experimented a lot in the earlier map designs and I'm currently looking closely at popular and official Melee maps to create the most professional quality designs possible.

I hope you have fun playing the maps and if you have any map layout suggestions or feedback please leave them in the comments.

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1 of the old maps has been updated and re-released since the Blizzard map format changed removing most older maps from the online roster. I have also created two new maps.

The map re-released is Overgrowth, renamed to Aiur Overgrowth due to Blizzards HoTS maps also named Overgrowth.

2v2 - Aiur Overgrowth (Click to Play)

1v1 - Bel'Shir Grove (Click to Play)

2v2 - The Booty Bay (Click to Play)

Thanks for reading

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