Red Alert 3:Corona is a MOD of the original Red Alert 3 by Chinese modders.
It adds a new faction called Celestial Empire, which base on ancient China.
Also, it reforms naval battle, adds new sub-faction, anti-missile system and new units.
The MOD started in 2017 and it's still in development.

You can watch more videos of Corona mod in Youtube or in Bilibili.

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Corona MOD Overview

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Hello. I am Ostwind, the lead developer of Corona, a Red Alert 3 modification. This article aims to provide an overview of the mod.


  • A new faction: the Celestial Empire, with unique structures, units, Top Secret Protocols, and a brand new build mechanism.
  • New units for all three vanilla factions, including several returning units from Red Alert 2.
  • Unit statistics (hit points, speed, rate of fire, etc.) have been readjusted for both balance and realism.
  • Naval battle overhaul. Larger vessels now have more realistic sizes, as well as additional weapons, making them more powerful, but also more costly, allowing for spectacular naval battles.

  • The tech tree has been extended to four tiers, and each faction will be able to construct an Epic Unit at T4, with a build limit of one. Epic Units will be armed with modular weapons that can be destroyed individually. Dominate the battlefield with your armored behemoth!
  • Four sub-factions are planned, one for each of the four main factions, with new units, new tactics, and different visual styles. We will start working on them when all of the main factions are feature complete.


The Celestial Empire is China in a different timeline. In the world of Corona, due to certain factors (which we will go into in a future article), China maintained its technological advantage over the west for thousands of years. It was less influenced by western ideologies, and stayed on its own path.

The Celestial Empire specializes in controlled nuclear fusion and quantum technology. Its military employs advanced electromagnetics in the form of railguns and deflection shields, as well as plasma weapons. Quantum communication is used for encrypted transmission and the construction of military structures.

The Empire of the Rising Sun remains a powerful nation in Asia, having learned much from the Celestial Empire over its history.


We are trying to achieve a certain level balance to make every part of this mod enjoyable. The Celestial Empire will not be an overpowered faction in-game. We have a dedicated team working on balancing. Also, there are beta test players proving feedback, many of whom are top level PvP players.

For any RTS game with multiple factions, achieving absolute balance is impossible. From my point of view, “balanced” is not a single point, but a range that the majority of players can approve.


We have already finished:

  • All Celestial structures and defensive structures (except super weapons).
  • All Celestial T1 to T3 units (except commando unit).
  • Celestial Epic Unit.
  • Most Celestial Top Secret Protocols (some visual effects to be done).
  • Some new units for Allies, Soviet and Empire.

  • Some visual effect upgrades and data adjustment on units from the original RA3 game.
  • Newly designed models for some original units to keep a consistent art style.
  • Newly designed air battle system.
  • Newly designed anti-missile system.
  • Newly designed anti-submarine system.

Currently working on:

  • Eating bugs.
  • Improving all the newly added elements (air battle system, anti-missile, anti-submarine, etc.), integrating them into the original game system, increasing the playability.

Coming soon:

  • Soviet Epic Unit (model already finished).
  • Celestial Empire super weapons (already have concepts).


Corona is still under development. It is currently undergoing closed beta test. There are still plenty we can improve on, and debugging is also a long-term project. (If you look carefully enough, you might even notice some bugs in the promotion videos.)

It will be released for open beta test when the PvP system achieves a certain level of balance and most of the bugs are fixed.

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Is the tesla tank available to be produced, because they exist in RA2 and RA3? Or will they be replaced with something else?

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When you gonna post Playable Demo?

when v1.0?

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When we can download this ?

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Well, the game would be more enjoyable if this new faction has a storyline like after the empire of the rising sun arc. Games give great value to players because of storyline

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This is beautiful! QwQ Blessings upon the mod creators for this great new mod, it will be worth the wait for the full version! My QQ on my laptop has been experiencing technical difficulties with updating the software so I haven't been up to date with this mod's development.

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Damn it, I was logged out.

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This mod looks amazing, I was wondering when you guys were going to make a moddb account. Great stuff guys, it looks amazing

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this mod is very beautiful. I have already seen another mod always made by Chinese, which was already good, but I must say that this is definitely better! compliment all Chinese modders that I can do these things that no one else seems to be able or willing to do. I remember there was the mod paradox which was the biggest project we could see, and maybe too big and when the project was canceled I was very disappointed. now instead I see that it looks like an expander of red alert 3! I hope one day there may be a similar project with this graphic and other new factions and maybe the return of yuri and other historical units. however I am very curious to know more about this mod, for example how do you want to do with the base? how will things be built? and how will the defenses be? you said there will be mini factions, what will they be? I hope I didn't go overboard with my questions! good job and I hope that it comes out soon!

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RA3CoronaDevelopers Creator

We have not yet finalized the base-build part, but we have some interesting plans now.
And for the other questions, we are still in discussing and testing, we might release some more video about those.

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