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Hello, i've recently been given access to this moddb-page by Puvvy, the guy behind this moddb-page and the "A Struggle for the Old World" idea as seen here - i have full access and control and can now update the page at will.

As written above i have created a submod for BotET originally called "Expanded Elves Edition" and based on the idea to port Sundering models to Beginning of the End Times - i then realized i could instead aim at recreating "A Struggle for the Old World" with all the available rosters in the Sundering.

- The end-game would be to replace the Skaven, the Orcs & Goblins, the Karaz Ankor Dwarves, the Tomb Kings, the Chaos faction and Reikland with Sundering units as well.

Using BotET as a base, and working from there - then i would already have the Old World, all the factions in BotET etc - and the work would be to replace what i can with Sundering stuff and change gameplay.

- I have finished a first version using the full rosters of the High Elves and the Dark Elves - plus additional units for the Wood Elves and Bretonnia as seen in 1.1 of BotET.

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- BotET leaders Tomdoof and WhiffOfGrapeshot has already given me permission to create a submod out of their mod Beginning of the End Times. WhiffOfGrapeshot, as an earlier developer and member of the "A Struggle for the Old World" sundering-team - also said if his permission is enough i have permission to use Sundering assets/models in BotET as well.

- Not only that, but BotET and CoW (Call of Warhammer) is already using lots of Sundering assets - even though i believe they use mostly parts or settlement textures and not the full rosters.

- The problem is that Kolwen, who riged the Sundering models borrowed with permission from Warhammer Online and the GW - is not active anymore. So it's hard to ask permissions from him directly as he riged the Sundering models for the Med II engine.

- According to WhiffOfGrapeshot Kolwen would probably not be against this use of the models he riged. And as far as the GW is concerned their permissions were for anyone who is working on warhammer mods to use them i've heard. Like CoW, Sundering or any submods of those.

In order to release my submod i will first need to lessen it's size as it's at 9gb and needs to be under 8gb in size. I do also need to fix some issues with recruitment as the AI spams militia units - at least the High Elven AI.

- Many unused assets will be removed from the files. In the worst case certain old units used as officers will also be removed if i can't lower the size of the mod otherwise.

As i've now gotten access to the MODDB-page, i feel i have enough permissions, both from the moddb-page creator, WhiffOfGrapeshot (old member of the Sundering team and current head of BotET together with Tomdoof) to release the submod in it's current shape.

I have uploaded two videos playing battles between the changed factions. Chaos have been slightly affected too. It will be BotET with Sundering rosters for the factions mentioned currently - but the end-goal is to have all the rosters of the Sundering and then we could possibly replace the menu etc too.

The BotET mod version 1.1 is using a different map compared to version 1.5 of that mod. Which is good because then we will have a different map.

PS: I have recently started a Let's Play just for testing the mod as the Dark Elves. I will link the videos down below.

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I have some questions if allowed.

So what does the faction list look like?

Because it looks like the factions are on the title of this mod probably no longer up to date.

So will the Skaven and Lizardmen come along?

I still read that imperium should still be divided into subfraction.

It is of course your decision what you do with it but once the Empire to play as a whole and sometimes more to create a West Roman (similar scenario) would be quite nice.

Would also save a lot of factions slots for something else.

Last ask, who is still working on this mod?

(sry my english is not very good hope anyway you understand what i mean ^^ ')

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This mod is amazing and I love the fact it's STILL ALIVE!! With that, I've played the Rise of the Witchking mod and was amazed it was compatible with Mac, but the campaign seemed to crash. My first question is will this Mod be compatible with Mac both Campaign and Battles?

The second question is, Will this mod keep the different Imperial provinces such as Nordland, Hochland and so forth or will it be amalgamated into just the Empire altogether? (As a fun question, will the Halflings of Moot be included as a separate faction or just units in the Imperial army)

The third question is, will there be siege battles? Because of the Rise of the Witch King mod, I couldn't do them in custom and in the campaign, it crashed.

The final question is, Will Dogs of War and mercenaries be included?

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Mr_Nygren Creator

There may be some issues with releasing due to uncertain permissions for some units. One thinks it is a waste creating units like the Dark Elves for custom battles only - and because of this it would be a positive thing if someone added them to a grand campaign such as this one - the problem is the guy who riged the units disappeared. And another guy is kinda negative on people using the units, and demands one should re-rig them from Warhammer Online - and i do not have skills to do that.

- I basically create submods using models created by others - not my intention or will to take credit for being creator of any models. My goal is to use awesome rosters from Sundering in a grand Old World campaign. If they do not want the units in a grand campaign i think it's a big waste.

- Now, i have the permissions above - but a guy at TWC who knew Kolwen says without his written permission i'd need to rig them myself - for them to be "mine". Well, the point isn't to have them as mine - the point is to have a grand campaign using the awesome rosters - of course all credit would be given to Kolwen and the GW.

- Anyway, due to this guy giving negative opinions i am hesitating on the release.

To answer your questions:

1. I am not sure if it's compatible with MAC.

2. Yes, all the Empire factions would be included still.

3. Halflings would be in the faction they are currently at. Only Reikland would probably get a new roster in the future - but that would mean room is needed as the mod already is using up the limit of 500 units. So to answer your final question:

Many rebel units and Dogs of War would probably need to go.

3. Yes, siege battles worked fine in Sundering: Rise of the Witch King in the campaign too. Not sure why it didn't work for you.

In custom battles that depends.

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Well, it's good to hear that the developers have begun retexturing the old mod, I'm excited to hear about the Halflings. I use a Mac instead of a PC to run Medieval 2 Total War. So you can see why I asked if it was Mac compatible and my sieges in the Rise of the Witch King campaign were crashing. I was really hoping this mod would work on Mac, but if it can't well then that's fine, but if it does; exciting times are ahead.

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Puvy Creator

Well you are on the Sundering team so I believe that there won't be any problems with the permissions. I basically did the same thing when I started this. I was looking for past developers everywhere and when I wanted to stop developing I got in contact with one of the developers that is still developing "The Rise of The Witch King", Pyrosh.

I haven't been in contact with him for a while now. He was making a lot of new units and retexturing the old ones for the ROTWK version of the mod. We uploaded some on the mod page for you guys to see.

Also a lot of other dudes joined us in our mod making journey. Currently 9 members in the Sundering team but maybe a half or less is working on the mod.

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Mr_Nygren Creator

The issue is that Pyrosh told me that without Kolwen's written permissions i cannot use Kolwen's units.

- However, he also did tell me he himself were given permissions to use Kolwen's units - if you know Pyrosh could you possibly try to convince him then to let this submod use them?

- Pyrosh has the rights to use the models, and that means if he agrees then his permissions would be enough. Because he has the right to use the models, and if he says he wants them to be used in this submod - then i believe the permissions are enough.

Maybe if he would join and be part of this project - i wanna release whatever i have currently finished - based on BotET - but if he so wishes he could take it over from there.

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Good to see an update on this mods progress, been waiting to see this go up cuz I love warhammer fantasy lore and everything about it, especially the sundering. I've read all the sundering books, can't wait to see you release this mod keep up the good work.

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Puvy Creator

Good morning folks! :)

Say hello to Mr_Nygren

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You Back !

The Mod Master ~

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Good to see you guys are still working on this mod good luck. (:

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